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The real estate market in Turkey is entering the world of technology to look at smart apartments and starting from Istanbul, it is clear that Istanbul is starting to make its way to be one of the most important cities in the world and the features of the future are clear in its real estate, and the beginning was with smart apartments that entered the real estate investment market strongly, what are the results?

Our article today to talk about everything you want to know about the smart apartments that have spread recently in Istanbul and about the success of real estate investment in those apartments.

What are smart apartments?

The concept of smart apartments has spread dramatically to conquer the media and become the most common conversation, but few are accurate information about those apartments and why they are called smart apartments.

The smart apartments are called the modern type of apartments that depend on technology in its various facilities, all parts of the house are automated so that any of them can be controlled by buttons in installed screens or by mobile phone or any type of device that can be networked with the apartment systems, such as curtain control, lighting, air conditioning, switching on and off various electrical devices and many other control systems.

Smart apartments are designed to achieve the highest levels of luxury for the residents of this apartment, as it is one of the most important means of modern technology to  serve human beings.

Advantages of Smart Apartments:

Smart apartments have many advantages that make them smart in every sense of the word, the most important of which are:

  • Lighting control:

The smart apartments have an apartment lighting control system that allows them to be programmed to automatically close the lighting immediately after leaving the apartment and return it automatically also when entering again, and it is equipped with a special lighting system for parties and cinema shows that make the apartment uniquely suited to the atmosphere and can be controlled and choose any type of it by means of custom buttons.

  • Apartment Door Control:

In smart apartments, there is a control system for locking the door of the apartment by using a fingerprint or by means of a dedicated card, and this system is characterized by a high degree of security for its residents.

  • air conditioning control:

The smart apartment is also equipped with air conditioning control within the apartment, it is possible to control the temperature inside the apartment by using, for example, the mobile phone.

  • Security Systems:

Smart apartments are provided with special protection systems that issue alerts to the apartment owner in the event of any perimeter danger or any strange attempt to enter the apartment.

  • Emergency Alerts:

Smart apartments are characterized by the presence of alarm systems in the event of any emergency inside the apartment, such as a gas leak or in the event of a fire or other possible danger, and they are programmed to call the police and firefighters automatically.

  • Programmed windows:

Windows inside the apartment can be programmed to open during the day and close at night automatically, or can be self-controlled by remote control systems.

  • Programmed Curtains:

The curtains also have the feature of closing and opening between night and day automatically or according to the time programmed by the user of the apartment, and can be controlled remotely by remote controls.

  • Speakers :

The smart apartment is equipped with loudspeakers distributed throughout it on a regular basis that achieves the optimal shape of the sound in a balanced manner.

  • Water control systems:

The water temperature of smart apartment kitchens and bathrooms can be controlled by dedicated control systems.

  • Systems for the Elderly:

Smart apartments are very suitable for the presence of the elderly and dispense with the need for a nurse to take care of them or the need to send them to homes for the elderly, through monitoring systems within the apartment that provide them with care within the apartment in a comfortable and safe manner.

  • Pump Control:

The smart apartments on the ground floors have pumps control systems in the garden of the apartment, in order to control the pumping power of fountains or waterfalls or to stop or restart them, and they are equipped with dew levels control systems for garden plants, and warning systems if watering plants is necessary.

  • Control of electrical appliances:

Smart apartments are equipped with remote control systems, even from places far away from the apartment, with the possibility of turning on or off most of the electrical devices within the apartment, such as air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator and the rest of the devices.

  • Feeding Animals:

Your choice to have a pet is pleasant in smart apartments, as these apartments are equipped with automation systems that allow for the possibility of feeding animals by serving them food through specialized devices and at predetermined times, with the possibility of determining the necessary quantity in each meal also in advance by the owner of the apartment.

  • Energy provision:

The smart system in the apartments ensures maximum energy savings by minimizing energy consumption by adjusting all appliances and systems in the apartment to operate only in a time of need.

  • Security cameras:

The possibility of installing surveillance cameras in children’s rooms can be used to check on them on an ongoing basis.

  • refrigerator alerts:

The smart apartment has alarm systems that send alerts if there is any spoiled food in the refrigerator or if there is food that is about to spoil.

  • Smart Bells:

Smart apartments are equipped with bells that have the feature of taking photos of each person who knocks on the door or uses the bell, so the owner of the apartment can verify the identity of all persons coming to the apartment in the event of his presence or absence from the apartment by referring to the pictures that were previously taken and stored through smart bell systems.

  • Cleaning Appliances:

The cleaning process inside the smart apartment can be controlled by systems that determine the mechanism of using cleaning devices that clean automatically and at specified times and predefined places by the owner of the apartment.

It is clear that smart apartments give their residents a full and luxurious life as well as the highest levels of comfort.

Types of smart systems in apartments:

The smart apartments differ among themselves in the types of controlled systems, where the fully automated apartments are located, which includes full smart control of the various devices within the house without exception.

There is also a semi-complete system, which refers to the smart control of some specific devices within the apartment, and there are security control systems for the apartment only.

Those looking for a smart apartment can choose the smart system they want to control the various facilities of their apartment.

The necessity of smart apartments in Istanbul:

Istanbul is the most distinguished city in Turkey in various fields. It is the economic capital of Turkey because it controls a large part of the Turkish economy. It is the most important city for tourism and receives the largest number of tourists annually. Tourism in Turkey is considered a strong supporter of the Turkish economy, in addition to the huge projects established by the Turkish government in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Canal, which will contribute to the flourishing of trade in Istanbul and the rise in the importance of markets in Turkey. It will also contribute to the rise of real estate shares in various areas of Istanbul and more in the areas near Istanbul Canal, in addition to third Airport, which is the third largest airport in Istanbul, which is characterized by its great absorptive capacity that will achieve great activity in air traffic within the areas of Istanbul. This in turn contributes to the flourishing of trade and tourism in various areas of Istanbul and more in the areas near Istanbul third Airport, which leads to the increase in the importance of real estate in these areas and the increase in its value in real estate investment, which will achieve great profits in these areas.

These projects will also provide job opportunities for large numbers of workers and employees of different nationalities that will ensure a flourishing of investment of various types, which will encourage investors to go to different areas of Istanbul.

It is clear that Istanbul will become a city for foreigners in Turkey as a result of the great importance that will push them to invest in it, and the largest number of foreign investors will be among the real estate investors who will find in Istanbul real estate in response to a number of ambitions and objectives, especially after government decisions that grant foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey the right to benefit from many advantages as an incentive for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship throughout buying a property in Turkey worth 400 thousand dollars, in addition to the foreigner’s obtaining real estate residence permit in Turkey in exchange for purchasing a property worth 75 thousand dollars. Therefore, foreigners find in Istanbul the best city to benefit from these advantages, because it is the city that they are more familiar to them than the rest of the cities as a result of the great fame that Istanbul enjoys, in addition to the investment future that its features have started to appear completely visible and promises a lot of profits.

Therefore, they see the real estate of Istanbul real estate that achieves their guaranteed investment return. On the other hand, it is possible to easily find a real estate in Istanbul that achieves the value required to obtain Turkish citizenship, such as tourist villas or smart apartments at high prices.

Therefore, this large foreign presence requires the presence of smart apartments in Istanbul, if it is the presence of foreign investors or tourists, those apartments are compatible with their desire for modernity, protection and the profitable investment they aspire to.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul smart apartments:

Smart apartments have many advantages that make them very important in real estate investment, and make them the most desirable by foreign investors, such as:

  • The high security of smart apartments and desired by the investor:

Smart apartments have a protection and warning system for the various types of possible risks of apartments through surveillance cameras and alarms. They are among the apartments that bring peace to their residents, especially those who have children. They give them the freedom to do their external work while checking on their children in the apartment, in addition to the importance of the protection system in apartments located in tourist areas, which are active in tourist seasons and empty at other times of the year. Therefore, the investor will be reassured about his apartment at the time it is empty.

This security granted by smart apartments made them one of the most demanding properties in the real estate market in Istanbul and thus their value in the real estate investment market increased.

  • Control of all apartment facilities:

Automated systems for smart apartments allow remote control of all the devices within them, such as closing blinds and windows in addition to controlling various electrical devices in addition to various other means of control desired by tourists because they want their vacations to have the highest level of luxury.

  • Emergency Alarm Systems:

Smart apartments have emergency warning systems such as fires and natural gas emission and automatically request police and firefighters with sending the location to them, which also increases their importance significantly in real estate investment, especially by foreign investors who do not stay permanently in Turkey.

  • Remote control capability:

Whoever owns the smart apartment and wants to ventilate it during the period of being outside Turkey or wants to open the door to allow a visitor to stay in it for several days, for example, the possibility of remote control of doors and windows through special applications on his mobile phone.

This is one of the most important and attractive points for foreign investors.

  • Increasing demand for smart apartments:

Smart apartments in Turkey have received a large demand from those wishing to benefit from modern technology services, and enjoy a very comfortable life. This growing demand increases the value of apartments in the real estate investment market.

  • High prices of smart apartments:

The prices of smart apartments in Istanbul are high compared to the prices of other properties and thus they fulfill the requirement of the value required to obtain Turkish citizenship easily.

The demand for smart apartments is constantly increasing and it is expected that this will significantly affect the increase in their prices more in the near future and therefore owning the smart apartment at the moment will be an opportunity for doubled profits in the future.

The most important areas in Istanbul that include smart apartments:

Smart apartments have spread in many areas of Istanbul, including:

  • Buyukcekmece:

Buyukcekmece is one of the first areas in Istanbul where smart apartments appeared, a coastal area located in the European part of Istanbul and overlooking the Marmara Sea, characterized by its great tourist importance and the large number of tourists. Several residential complexes projects have been established that include fully automated smart apartments. Smart apartments in this area vary in their areas and patterns ranging from 1 +1 to 1 +5.


It is one of the vital areas in Istanbul, which is characterized by its strong infrastructure with its integrated services of education, health and recreation, as it includes many schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, in addition to many recreational facilities such as parks and others.

One of the important areas of Istanbul in real estate investment, which has recently become the focus of foreign investors and has spread many modern construction projects that have been built with the aim of meeting the increasing demand for real estate in it, and the real estate of that area has been built in an advanced and modern way, the most important of which are residential complexes that include smart apartments.

  • Zeytinburnu:

One of the areas of the European part of Istanbul, which includes the most luxurious residential complexes that have been characterized by smart apartments.

  • Esenyurt:

One of the most popular areas in Istanbul and it is considered one of the preferred areas for real estate investment, which has a high foreign demand, this area combines the old and modern and the residential complexes have been spread recently as a result of the increasing demand for its properties and most of those complexes have included smart apartments.

  • basin Express:

basin express The wealthy city that money owners and businessmen go to from the very luxurious areas of Istanbul, and it is characterized by very high property prices and high return on investment as well, and from the areas of Istanbul to the smart apartments that have spread significantly in this region.

The technological revolution is invading the world in its various forms and it will be very important to keep pace with that global civilization, which considers smart apartments one of its forms that will be able to occupy the first places as the most important types of real estate in real estate investment.

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