The areas most affected by the new Istanbul Airport

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Istanbul is one of the world’s most popular cities for tourism. The climate, archaeological and tourist areas, prompted thousands around the world to visit cities with the intention of tourism or investment, and because of the increasing demand to visit this city, the Turkish government headed to the opening of one of the largest airports in the world, Turkey today has become a destination for most tourists and investors, this airport has a major role in supporting the tourism and investment sector, thus affecting the real estate market, especially the Istanbul real estate market.

The impact of Istanbul’s new airport on the neighboring regions..

Istanbul New Airport is one of the largest Turkish real estate projects in Istanbul, Where the new Istanbul airport is located in the European part, specifically in the northwestern part of Istanbul, it is located in the Arnavutkoy area, where the airport is 54 km from the center of Istanbul.

It is considered one of the largest airports in the world. It is characterized by modernity and a wonderful and unique architectural design that makes it one of the most important airports in Europe. It is more crowded due to the great tourist demand for the Turkish regions and its geographical location that connects the three continents of the world (Asia – Africa – Europe).

This real estate project (Istanbul New Airport) has had a significant impact on the Istanbul real estate market. As it was expected, it will have an impact on all investment and real estate projects. Its positive impact on the Turkish real estate market in general and on Istanbul real estate in particular has been noted.

The increase in the number of real estate investors led to a rise in the prices of neighboring properties and residential projects near it and the areas located on the way to the airport, which was reflected in the positive and active movement of the Istanbul real estate market and rebounded to include the Turkish real estate market in general.

The impact of Istanbul’s new airport for the neighboring areas was not limited to buying and selling prices, but also to the rental prices of homes and real estate in general, and from here we can say that Istanbul’s new airport had a clear impact on the real estate market, especially the nearby and neighboring areas in terms of real estate prices, whether buying and selling or real estate rent.

The impact of Istanbul Airport on Esenyurt

This area is one of the most important areas affected by the Istanbul New Airport construction project, It is one of the areas through which the airport is reached, as it is one of the easiest ways for travelers and expatriates, and the impact of the airport on the Esenyurt area has had a positive impact, as soon as flights launched from the new Istanbul airport to this day, the effects appeared on various sectors in Esenyurt, especially the real estate sector as the prices of houses, apartments and houses, whether for sale or rent, have risen significantly.

Reflection of the presence of the new airport on the Eyup Sultan area

Eyup Sultan is one of Istanbul’s regions that is characterized by diversity in real estate, where you can find old and modern apartments, as it is located near several tourist and lively areas, which has made it important in the Istanbul real estate market.

Many people come to live, reside and buy real estate. You are residing in an area near government centers and near the new Istanbul Airport, so it can be reached easily as it does not take about an hour to reach it. This location of this city has increased the demand for the real estate market in it.

Despite the location of this area and how close it is to Istanbul Airport, its impact on real estate in this area was limited compared to other areas close to it.

As for the reasons that made real estate prices in Eyup Sultan, it is the spread of ordinary popular housing more than modern housing and apartments in them.

The impact of Istanbul Airport on the Basaksehir area

This area is considered one of the largest areas in Istanbul, as it is located near the new Istanbul Airport. It is only about half an hour’s drive to reach the airport. The area has witnessed an increase in real estate investment projects, as its location near Istanbul Airport made it a target for businessmen and Arab and foreign investors.

The impact of the new Istanbul airport was positive on all sectors in Basaksehir, especially the movement of real estate in it, as it is the region most affected by the construction and opening of the new airport, as real estate prices rose significantly, especially the prices of residential apartments in addition to the prices of land on the outskirts of Basaksehir, which received a share of price hike, this is due to the increased demand and the desire of investors to build real estate projects such as villas, apartments and houses on them. The attractiveness of the location to the area and its proximity to the city centers made it a target for many.

Real estate investment near Istanbul’s new airport:

There is absolute importance to this airport and a clear impact on all sectors of all the surrounding areas. If you want to build a real estate investment in Istanbul, you must choose a suitable location for your project. You want to make a profit and achieve success through it for sure, and the first step is to choose a distinguished location.

Here, we can say that one of the most desirable areas for investors is the areas near the new Istanbul Airport because of its impact on the investment movement and the real estate market in Istanbul, these areas are witnessing a turnout by investors, whether they want to buy or sell or want to live and reside

From here, we can say that real estate investment in these areas, especially near the new Istanbul Airport, and within the distinguished projects in it, gives you an opportunity to obtain high returns.

The most profitable investment opportunities can be obtained by communicating with our real estate advisor, who in turn will provide you with the most important, finest and best available options suitable for you.

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