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Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Posted by SEO_editor on 10 February، 2022

In the recent years, attention has turned to Turkey because of the economic, social and scientific power it has demonstrated under the difficult conditions the whole world is experiencing, so Turkish citizenship has become a coveted one for many people.

Turkey is one of the countries that has attracted large numbers of such people.

This situation makes Turkish citizenship a dream for many who strive for a stable situation financially, socially or even in every respect.

Of course, Turkish citizenship is not an easy requirement but contains several conditions and clauses that must be done by anyone who wishes to apply for Turkish citizenship.

In this article, we will navigate the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, both public and private.

First: General conditions

-Be legally qualified in terms of age and mental knowledge.

-To demonstrate his intention to live in Turkey, stating the cause, details and evidence of the situation. On this point of proof of intent to live on Turkish territory is not specified in the law, and there are some examples of how this can be achieved by transferring business activity to Turkey, for example buying a property or applying for the whole family, or for example completing studies in Turkey, there may also be a first – class relative who acquired Turkish citizenship previously.

-Good manners and good behaviour and be a person of trust and responsibility

Of course, it is the authorities who assess the situation. For example, if there are problems or harmful crimes such as prostitution or the drug trade, the application for Turkish citizenship is considered to be cancelled.

-Be able to develop Turkish in a manner sufficient to enable him to exercise his life normally and to meet all his needs.

This condition is made by an interview with the supervisors of Turkish citizenship.

-Have a fixed income or a job that allows him to support himself or herself and those who, if any, take care of him.

The authorities do not request additional documentation if the applicant holds a work permit or owns his or her own business in Turkey, and the applicant can enhance his or her chances by disclosing bank accounts if he or she owns the money in his or her balance. If the applicant has an income from a business outside Turkey, the presentation of a bank check becomes necessary. If the applicant does not hold a work permit and does not own his own business in Turkey or any legally proven fixed income in his bank account, the authorities expect a letter of guarantee from a Turkish person exclusively for the benefit of the applicant.

-Do not suffer from an infectious disease that poses a risk to public health.

Of course, this condition is assessed by submission of a medical report from a Turkish public hospital exclusively where private or foreign hospitals are not accepted.

-He should not be a threat to national security and public order, should not have a dangerous criminal record and have never been subject to criminal prosecution.

-Legal residence in Turkey for 5 consecutive years prior to the date of application.

There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the requirement to stay in Turkey. The Turkish Citizenship Law states that “living in a duly resident capacity and the law in Turkey for 5 consecutive years” means that the applicant has lived in Turkey with a valid residence permit for five years, and even after this period has been completed he should remain in possession of a valid residence permit until the application for citizenship.

It should be noted that short-term visas, such as tourist, therapeutic or study visas, and diplomatic or asylum visas, are all excluded from the list of residence permits that can be relied upon to meet the eighth requirement, but there is still another exception for these types of residence except for the tourist residence permit.

If a candidate can obtain another residence permit (such as a work permit or a short-term residence permit based on the ownership of a property) during the final year of the five-year period, the previous residence permit (excluding the tourist residence permit) may be taken into account. This means that the tourist residence permit is never taken into account, but that other short-term stays are considered a side method that can grant the right to apply for Turkish citizenship if only the appropriate conditions are met.

Those who apply for Turkish citizenship must not have spent a total of 12 months outside Turkey during the five years, and here we deny that, unfortunately, many sources promote that stay outside Turkey must not exceed 6 months.

This rule as it stands applies to some of the exceptional cases that have to do with serious health problems.

Second: Conditions relating to the methods of submission for Turkish citizenship

In case the application for Turkish citizenship through real estate :

The value of the property or real estate must be at least US $ 250.000 or the equivalent in Turkish currency.

However, the obligation not to sell and deal in the property is strictly required for at least three years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by bank deposit:

The amount of US $500,000  or its equivalent in Turkish or other currency must be deposited in a Turkish bank.

Keeping the deposit for at least three years without disposal.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by founding a company or business investment in a Turkish company:

In this case, a factory or business must be established exclusively within Turkish territory regardless of the amount required for such a project.

Employment of at least 50 Turkish workers, registration in social insurance and periodic monitoring.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through employment:

Living in Turkey for five consecutive renewed years with a view to working

Not to leave Turkey in five years for a maximum of 12 months.

Be registered in social insurance for the duration of his residence.

obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage:

A marriage contract of three years at least is required for the application.

If the Turkish partner dies before obtaining citizenship, the true cause of the marriage is ignored and the applicant is given citizenship if the application is before the Turkish partner dies.

The application for Turkish citizenship through marriage should not start until at least three years after the marriage contract has been signed.

Turkish citizenship through assets:

Requires proof or identity confirming Turkish or Ottoman assets.

The appointment of a competent lawyer for due process of law.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship “in exceptional cases”:

Multi-domain, which involves many cases and is specific to migrants or those with high qualifications that make them proactive in the broad spheres of life, and the conditions are identical to the general conditions we mentioned earlier.

We have thus spoken in detail about the conditions for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, whether public or private. All you have to do now is to apply the necessary conditions in such situations if you are one of the many people who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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