Types of properties Turkey real estate and their many advantages

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One of the most important properties things for which the infrastructure in Turkey is famous is its progress, development and integration.

The Turkish economy acts as a wheel that always moves forward and does not back down. Despite all the economic tribulations or twists that may occur…

Industry, commerce, agriculture, tourism, education, health. And real estate investment are all important sectors. And basic pillars of the Turkish national economy. One of the most important of these activities and sectors is real estate investment in Turkey!

The infrastructure in Turkey is fundamentally dependent on the real estate investment sector in Turkey with all the real estate options and offers within it.

In this article. We will discuss the property diversity that distinguishes Turkey’s various properties and attracts investments from all over the world! Types of Turkey real estate and its many advantages.

Residential real estate in Turkey properties

Turkey is considered an ideal home and a place suitable for life at a sophisticated, developed and luxurious level! In Turkey. You can find all the facilities and services you want. Where people come to Turkey. With various and different purposes to seek education, work, tourism, housing and stability.

In the following, we remind you of the most important residential properties that people coming to Turkey are looking for!

Apartments for sale in Turkey properties

The offers of apartments for sale in Turkey within the various states. And cities have a large level of diversity to meet all tastes and desires. Diversity comes in terms of spaces. There are apartments for sale in Turkey with large. Small or medium areas. The apartments vary in terms of their location and there are apartments For sale in Istanbul or apartments for sale in Trabzon, Ankara or all other Turkish states…

And in terms of purpose . There are hotel apartments for sale suitable for tourists, apartments for student housing for university students. And apartments suitable for large families.

There are offers of apartments for sale in Turkey independently within any place in Turkey, and they may also be found within residential complexes and are linked to many services in the residential complexes such as security facilities, hygiene, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gardens, bathrooms, saunas and other facilities.

also There are offers in Turkey that include houses for sale in Turkey. That work according to smart systems where you can control your home. And various operations such as opening and closing windows and controlling the temperature from a distance!

Villas for sale in Turkey

There are villas for sale in Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Antalya or the rest of the other states. There are also villas for sale in Turkey with sea views that are very attractive and tempting. Villas in Turkey are among the most real estate offers that intersect between the world of real estate investment and tourism in Istanbul. And One of the most important options that can be purchased in order to obtain a Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey!

Commercial real estate in Turkey

There are many real estate offers in Turkey of a commercial nature suitable for investment. Sale and purchase. Such as general commercial shops and shops within malls and so on.

What about real estate prices in Turkey?

Real estate prices in Turkey vary according to many factors and variables… and the statistics indicate that real estate prices have gradually increased over time…

Among the most important factors that affect real estate prices in Turkey, we mention to you:

– location of the property.

– view of the property.

–  The area of ​​the property.

-Interior and exterior decorations and designs in the property.

– Real estate title deed and finishes.

-The techniques used in modern real estate, technology and the quality of the raw materials used!

We cannot definitively decide on a specific value for the price of the property in Turkey due to the fact that the prices change according to the time and the above-mentioned elements.

In general, real estate prices in Turkey of all kinds are classified as competitive real estate prices in European countries. And this is what makes them attract many foreign investors…

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey

Many ask: Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate and buying real estate in Turkey?

The Turkish government issued the law granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment to foreign investors,

aware of the importance of promoting real estate investment in Turkey and developing it continuously in order to advance the rest of the other sectors. Therefore,

the Turkish government enacted many decisions and facilities. That would attract investment forces and Pushing it towards establishing real estate investment projects in Turkey with its huge capital!

The Turkish Naturalization Law. Which was issued in 2010 AD and has been amended in 2018 AD, stipulates the following:
In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment,

you must buy a property in Turkey with a value of (250) thousand US dollars. Or the equivalent according to the currency exchange rate, and there are no restrictions or specific conditions regarding the property whether it is a commercial property or Residential property…

apartment, villa, land, or house…You can also buy one or more properties in different regions of Turkey,

provided that the total value of these properties is (250) thousand US dollars,

and the amount must also be paid through an official bank transfer and official receipts for payment.

Obtaining a Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey is considered one of the most prominent advantages of real estate investment and buying real estate in Turkey due to the many components that the Turkish passport enjoys inside and outside Turkey!

Real estate companies in Turkey properties are the perfect place for anyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey!

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Our team is distinguished by its rich and long experience in the real estate investment sector in Turkey and its rich network of relations with all real estate agencies inside and outside Turkey, with embassies,

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