How to obtain Turkish passport by investment

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Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important economic activities in the country which is considered a basic corner stone and pillar of the Turkish economy. Many investors visit Turkey from all over the world to invest in real estate. Some if them come to settle and live here. Other visit Turkey as tourists.

Due to the importance of the real estate sector in Turkey and its direct influence on the other economic sectors, the Turkish government is working on exploiting the available natural elements and advantages and putting them in service for the good of the people. This can be done by attracting huge capitals, especially foreign ones, and encouraging them to invest in the country. The Turkish government had many procedures in this domain. Giving foreign investors the opportunity to claim citizenship was one of these procedures. This article is about Turkish citizenship by investing in the country. To be more specific, we are going to answer the following question:
How can we obtain the Turkish passport by investment in the country?

If you are interested in obtaining Turkish passport by investment, you have to read the following article.

And now, if you are in the process of obtaining a Turkish passport… How can you obtain a Turkish passport through investment? What are the necessary steps to obtain a Turkish passport? What are the documents required to obtain a Turkish passport?

How to obtain Turkish passport by investment?

The investor has to buy real estate in Turkey, regardless of what they are. The real estate bought should be worth at least 250000 $ or equivalent. You can buy one or

more real estate units in the country with a worth of 250000 $ or equivalent and apply for the Turkish passport with all its advantages. You must make sure you meet all the legal conditions and claim all the needed paperwork.

Necessary steps to follow in order to obtain the Turkish passport by investment

First, you have to book for an appointment online on the Personal Status Department official website. Make sure you write down the time precisely. After that you have to pay all the fees and taxes by transferring them to one of the Turkish post offices. keep the receipt with you.

Visit the Personal Status Department for the interview. Don’t forget to take all the needed papers with you.

What are the needed paperwork to claim the Turkish passport by investing?

  • A copy of the personal ID. It should be a duplicate copy to avoid any miscopying errors.
  • Personal photo with white background 5 copies.
  • Filling in the e-form with your own personal data, communication means and all the other columns.
  • The receipt that proves you have payed all the fees.
  • Documentation of your address by tenancy agreement copy.

How much does the Turkish passport cost you?

It costs about 147 $ (1000 TL). The passport will be valid for 10 years.

What are the advantages of the Turkish passport?

The importance of the Turkish passport inside and outside Turkey comes from many factors. These factors include:

  • The power of the Turkish passport.
  • The advanced global ranking of the Turkish passport.
  • The easy, smooth way in applying for and claiming the passport.

You can do many phases online to claim the passport online by contacting the official and non- official offices, booking appointments and uploading documents as mentioned before.

  • The Turkish passport gains its importance from the global accreditation and vast authorizations locally and globally.

In addition to the global authorizations of the Turkish passport, there are also local ones. The moment you claim the passport, you will benefit from many rights, reductions, activities, events and services such as health care, education, ownership, election, voting and tax reduction.

 Real estate companies are the best choice you make to obtain Turkish passport by investment 

They help you claim the passport in a relatively short time. They also help you keep up with the latest legal updates concerning the Turkish citizenship law and investment legislations. They keep you up with the latest real estate offers in the Turkish cities which are appropriate for claiming the Turkish passport and making use of its advantages.

These companies also help you obtain the temporary real estate or touristic visas and in ownership transfer. They help you and protect you from spam and fraud. These companies are a source of legal protection in all your investment projects.

Our company offers you many services and informs you of the latest real estate offers for your projects in Turkey.

We can also help you with the paperwork needed to transfer the real estate items to your own name. We can help you get the visa in all its forms whether for investment or tourism. We can offer you apartments or houses suitable for applying for the Turkish citizenship through investment in a very short time.

Our staff members are well experienced in the real estate sector in Turkey. They also have a large range of public affairs in all the real estate agencies inside and outside Turkey and with the different embassies, touristic facilities and governmental establishments in the country. This makes your investment in easier, simpler and faster.

Visit our company or its online site and ask for real estate general and legal consultation. You are welcome any time.

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