Why HANA company?

Hana Real Estate was established in 2014, and is considered one of the oldest Turkish real estate companies in Istanbul.
With a cadre of engineers, consultants and lawyers specialized in the field, as well as extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market.
We provide our clients with the right real estate consultancy for their request and the best investment opportunities to ensure a successful buying journey.

We are distinguished by our unique services for your benefit, which mainly focus on:
– We study and analyze the market and its fluctuations to provide our clients with the best prices and investment opportunities.
– We put in your hands carefully studied options to help you reach the best option..
– We give full focus on legal matters by documenting contracts legally in state centers with the help of a team of experienced lawyers.
We work according to modern and flexible management systems and mechanisms capable of meeting all your real estate requests.
– We Investment time into our huge project base, and stay in touch with our our networks in the Turkish market
– After completing the purchase of your property, our team will accompany you with any after-sales services, including home furnishing, property management, as well as other tailored services.

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