Customer opinions

Issam Shaker

Dentist - Iraq, Najaf
A solid, reliable, and upscale company. I was very pleased to deal with them.

Yaqzan Hadi

Businessman - Iraq, Erbil
A wonderful and distinguished company in every sense of the word. We wish them every success. I dealt with them and have been one of their clients since 2019, and until now they advise me with complete honesty. He has not abandoned my service throughout this period until now.

Muhammad Al-Aqra'

My family and I dealt with Hana Real Estate Company to own a property in Istanbul, and the process of owning real estate and completing citizenship procedures was an enjoyable and easy journey. We gained loyal friends in Istanbul, Mr. Mahmoud and Mr. Rami, who supported us and helped us in everything.

Ramzi Ayad

Businessman - Libya
God bless you. I was pleased to deal with your company in 2014 and again in 2017. You were the best guide for my investments in Turkey, and God willing, we will have permanent work with you.

Hamid Al-Mamouri

Businessman - Iraq, Najaf
I dealt with Hana Real Estate Company, and we found them to be extremely honest and safe in their financial cooperation, punctuality, and speed of conducting transactions. A company that deserves all thanks and appreciation.

Muhammad al-Harbi

Businessman - Saudi Arabia
Hana Real Estate Company is honestly one of the best real estate companies in Istanbul. I have dealt with them for nearly five years, but God knows that they are trustworthy and distinguished by their insightful and in-depth real estate insight. They also provide us with free real estate consultations. Knowing that I bought a residential property in 2019, and the value of the property doubled, thanks to God and His success, and then their good and honest dealings.

Shaker Badri

Engineer - Iraq, Najaf
I consider Hana Real Estate Company to be one of the best real estate companies in Turkey in terms of credibility, good dealing, honesty, and the ability to provide the best options for the buyer in terms of the type of property and its price. The company is distinguished by a distinctive economic and real estate vision in Istanbul. The company has the ability to provide everything its client wants, including real estate offers, requests, and unique opportunities. My greetings to all members of the Hana Company, especially the honorable brother, Mr. Mahmoud Tamer, the company’s director.

Dr. Ahmed Nour

Orthopedic doctor - Russia, Somalia
Through my experience with Hana Real Estate Company, I found deep experience in the real estate field in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. Which enabled them to complete the transactions professionally and professionally, in the shortest time and provide me with the best prices according to my request. They also have full knowledge of Turkish laws and procedures related to the real estate field. The company’s managers, Engineer Mahmoud and Engineer Rami, deal with their customers, each according to their own requirements, in order to satisfy their customers’ desires according to their requirements and privacy. Thanks to Engineer Mahmoud, and thanks also to Engineer Rami for helping us obtain the appropriate property for us in Istanbul.

Qusay Darwish

Assistant Undersecretary, Retired - Kuwa
I dealt with Hana Real Estate Company at the end of 2020, and God is my witness that I found from them complete honesty, credibility, high professionalism, sophisticated dealings, clarity and accuracy in all steps. Their advice on the decision and timing of purchase, their evaluation of the property, and their future expectations for the market were the main reason that the price of the property I purchased increased by 60% – 65% within several months. Even after the end of dealing with them, I felt a brotherly spirit, constant advice, and assistance in meeting needs and other tasks outside their field of work. Therefore, at the beginning of the year 2022, I dealt with them again by purchasing another property for investment, and they were also of good faith in all matters. I can only extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Mahmoud, the company director, Mr. Firas, Mr. Rami, and Mr. Ismail for everything they have provided, and I ask God Almighty to grant them success and expand their livelihoods. I will not hesitate to deal with them in other real estate opportunities in the future.

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