Frequently asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship

1 – How can I obtain Turkish citizenship?

There are a few ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship, namely:

Real Estate Investment.

Commercial investment.

Bank deposit.

Marriage to a holder of Turkish citizenship.

Adoption of a foreigner under the age of eighteen.

Proof of Turkish origins.

Exceptional nationality.


2 – What are the best ways to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Real estate investment is the best and fastest option for obtaining Turkish citizenship, as it needs a period of time ranging from 3 to 6 months, and according to a report issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, more than 40% of real estate buyers in Turkey aim to obtain that citizenship.


3 – What are the conditions for a suitable real estate investment to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The property price must be at least $400,000.

You must not to sell the property before the end of three years.

The property must not have been used previously in order to obtain it.

Buying the property from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company.

Pay for the property through a Turkish bank and receive a receipt.

Receive a real estate appraisal report.


4 – To obtain citizenship through real estate investment, must the price condition be met in one property?

No, not at all, as you can own more than one property and apply for it, but the total price together should not be less than 400,000 US dollars.


5 – Who gets Turkish citizenship?

All family members can obtain it, but if the foreigner is married to more than one woman, only one can obtain it after the second’s wife’s permission. As for children, only children under the age of eighteen can apply for it.


6 – Is it possible to keep the first citizenship in addition to Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish Nationality Law does not stipulate that the mother’s citizenship must be renounced, both can be retained and thus benefit from their advantages.


7 – Can all foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

In 2012, the Turkish government issued a decision to abolish the reciprocity law, and all foreigners around the world could buy real estate in Turkey and then obtain Turkish citizenship, except for five nationalities that were not covered by the decision:

– Syria.

– Armenia.

– Greek Cyprus.

– North Korea.

– Cuba.


8 – What are the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Participation in political life and voting in elections.

Obtaining a job opportunity in both the public and private sectors.

Work in professions that are prohibited on the side, such as pharmacy and law.

– Benefit from the retirement law for the elderly.

– Take advantage of service and recreational facilities without any restrictions.

Obtaining a Turkish passport, which is one of the most important and powerful passports in the orld.


9 – What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage?

It is not possible to apply immediately after marriage to obtain Turkish citizenship, as it must wait at least three years, in order to ensure that the purpose of marriage is to establish a family and not only obtain citizenship. It will also be ensured that the foreigner does not pose any threat to public security in Turkey.


10 – Can the property be sold after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

This is not possible until three years have passed since the date of its purchase. During those years the property can be used to rent, to obtain a fixed return, and after the end of that period the property can be sold. A good profit can be obtained as a result of the difference that will result between the buying and selling currencies, because real estate prices are constantly rising.

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