Hana Real Estate Services

Providing thoughtful real estate advice:

Hana provides real estate consultation to its clients after studying and analyzing the market and its fluctuations, the best prices and investment opportunities. Offering an estimate of the real estate price and advice about the future of investing in the desired property, as well asit clearly explains tanypotential issues that it is good to be prepared for.

Real estate tour service:

We pay great attention to this service by accompanying our client from the first arrival at the airport, to receive comfortable cars in a sophisticated style and a distinguished welcome worthy of customers, in addition to translation and securing hotel reservations.

After our client ahs a chance to rest, we organize a visit to the company’s headquarters to see the plan for visiting the real estate projects set up by the marketing department according to the client’s request. The visit plan outlines the daily schedule that includes visiting important projects to get an idea of prices, areas and projects to incite the selection of the best offers, and the dates. The real estate tours are thoughtful because we are keen to preserve our client’s time from the time of leaving the hotel to returning to it.

Legal services for ownership, real estate residence and Turkish citizenship transactions:

As a result of not knowing the Turkish laws and language, most customers face problems when buying a property. Here comes our role, to protect our customers with our legal team by following standard legal procedures; from ratifying and documenting contracts with Turkish government departments, and ensuring the completion of the transfer of ownership process to the customer.
The company also provides the service of extracting the Turkish real estate residence permit for customers who wish to obtain it.

For businessmen and investors, we provide them with the necessary transactions to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for their purchase of a property with the required specifications according to the laws recently issued by the Turkish government.

Investor services:

Investors have special advantages with a company here, as the company provides them with all facilities to invest in Turkey. This includes securing projects with feasibility studies, real estate management and follow-up, to ensure an increase in capital and a high investment return while ensuring the resale of the property in the future without any losses. Hana company secures the licenses necessary, taking into account the legality of all procedures.

Home decoration and furnishing service:

After you receive your dream home, then the home furnishing needs to happen. Here we provide our client with a service for furnishing and decoration through the most skilled designers and decoration companies in line with the taste and budget of each client. The interior design of the house is a magical world full of creativity, beauty, ideas and artistic touches that will add a new dimension to the house. We are also keen to follow the procedures for initiating water, electricity and internet meters, and here we have prepared all the facilities for you to receive your home without any problems.

Property management for investors:

The rental and property management department of Hana company periodically follows up on all the details related to your property from following up with the tenant and submitting semi-annual reports to the client on the property’s status and rent value. With specialists in the Turkish real estate market we can reassure our client that their property is well taken care of. Our company’s services do not stop when finding a tenant for the property, it extends to maintaining the property to maintain its value, documenting lease contracts, and following up on all details with the tenant.

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