Encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey

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Encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important and prominent investment and economic activities that investors from all over the world flock to because they find encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey, which are rich and diverse. In this article, we will discuss the most important and most prominent encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey! If you are in the process of initiating and establishing investment projects in Turkey, read the following words with us… 

Learn about the encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey:

Developed infrastructure in Turkey: 

You can find in Turkey all what you are looking for in terms of reputable and highly competitive educational institutions, health facilities, companies, job opportunities, resorts, schools, universities, institutes, hospitals, clinics, and more.. These combined facilities come out with an integrated and constantly developing infrastructure that guarantees residents and investors a very sophisticated and advanced level of life and living in Turkey. 

Real estate prices in Turkey are competitive and cheap: 

Cheap real estate prices in Turkey are one of the most important factors encouraging real estate investment in Turkey. The real estate prices are commensurate with the characteristics that real estate enjoys and are competitive, especially when compared with similar and comparable real estate prices in European or foreign countries…

The possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and buying real estate in Turkey: 

The Turkish government presents an honor to real estate investors in an effort to encourage them to buy real estate in Turkey and invest in real estate in order to attract large foreign capital and push it towards investing in Turkey in order to develop the infrastructure and raise the country and the real estate sector in Turkey to the highest levels. The Turkish government allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey with a value of 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent, according to the exchange rate of the currency at the time! The decision to grant Turkish naturalization through real estate investment is one of the most important factors encouraging real estate investment in Turkey due to the many advantages of the Turkish passport that will be available to investors inside and outside Turkey!


Diversity of real estate are encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey! 

Local and foreign investors can find various real estate offers that they dream of in Turkey, whether apartments for sale in Turkey, villas for sale in Turkey, houses for sale in Turkey, student housing apartments in Turkey, studios, hotel apartments, and so on… 

Rich tourism activities are encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey: 

Tourism in Turkey is one of the most important and prominent sectors of the economy in Turkey, and this is due to the influx of Arab and foreign tourists to the Turkish states and regions in all seasons and times of the year, due to the ancient Turkey and its enjoyment of a strategic and rich location extending over the two continents of Asia and Europe, which makes it teeming with natural, historical, cultural and archaeological tourist places and a rich heritage… We add to this the presence of many resorts, advanced tourist facilities, malls and shopping centers… Tourism and the developed tourism activities are directly related to the renaissance of the investment sectors in Turkey in its various forms…

The government’s continuous work to establish many huge vital projects in Turkey 

The Turkish government seeks to create more projects and work to establish them in a record and short time in order to develop the country, keep pace with the country and encourage real estate investment in Turkey.. New Istanbul Water Canal, Istanbul Third Bridge, New Istanbul Airport and various new airports and modern transportation methods such as metro lines that connect the European and Asian regions of Istanbul and between Istanbul and other Turkish states in a short time and relatively high speed! These huge projects and modern ways of transportation that facilitate movement between the cities and states of Turkey increase the demand of investors to buy a variety of real estate in Turkey. These projects increase the prosperity of the areas near these projects and make them herald strong, successful and increasingly profitable investments in the present and in the future! 

These are the most important encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey… Do not forget in this the presence of companies and real estate offices that facilitate access and access to modern and emerging real estate offers in other cities and regions of Turkey! 

Do not hesitate to invest and buy real estate in Turkey, as it is profitable and prosperous real estate, and Turkey’s solid economy makes it a destination for various tourism, scientific, health and real estate investments.. So, do not hesitate to book your investment opportunity and buy a property in Turkey within this encouraging and competitive investment environment!

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