Types of Title deeds in Turkey

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Types of Title deeds in Turkey

The real estate investment world in Turkey is intense and diverse, benefits of buying a property in Turkey 2022 and it is located on many treasures and rich investment projects that formed a qualitative leap for the most important investors in the world! Each field has its own terminology, peculiarities, and vocabulary. Also, the real estate investment sector in Turkey is an economic field and one of the main pillars on which the Turkish economy is based. The pioneers of this sector deal with terms, methods and steps that are known to each other… And one of the most important things about real estate from buying, selling and investing in Turkey is one of the most popular topics is the types of 

Title deed in Turkey!

What are the types of Title deed in Turkey? An important question that many are looking for, and it is what we will address and discuss within the following words…

What is the title deed?

The Title deed is that official and legal document that proves the property owner’s ownership of the property through clear, documented and proven information. The title deed contains information about the property, real estate survey numbers, and the location and details of the property in particular. And this document is organized in the Directorate of Land Registry and this directorate in turn belongs to the Ministry of Environment and Cities in Turkey!

What are the types of title deeds in Turkey?

The types of title deed in Turkey vary according to the type of property, which are:

Agricultural title deed in Turkey:

This type of title deed in Turkey is known as the blue title deed to distinguish it from the title deed in Turkey, such as the red title deed for residential properties such as houses, apartments, villas, real estate and land in the organizational chart of the city or region in Turkey. It is dedicated to real estate or agricultural land in Turkey, which is the land designated for agricultural work, whatever it is, such as farming or raising animals and poultry, establishing farms, etc.. There are real estate or lands with a blue title, but they were recently entered into the organizational chart, and then we must inquire and ask about the status of these properties in private!

Construction bonds:

One of the most important types of title deed in Turkey is construction or building bonds. Within these bonds, all general property information and details are mentioned without addressing the information and data of the independent sections of it! For example, the house is registered as an independent property and as a single block, regardless of the annexes of the property such as the store, barn, warehouse, or.. , etc.

Real estate easement:

The real estate easement is the bonds or documents that record each section of the property and its annexes in detail… where it is planned to establish the project in an area or property designated for construction… and after approval of the construction is taken, the urban project is divided into sections like apartments in architecture… and it is mentioned in these bonds, whether the property is residential or agricultural… After the completion of construction, apartments or plots are allocated with title deeds.

Floor easements are types of title deeds in Turkey:

Obtaining a floor easement or a floor ownership record is a mandatory process in order to guarantee the rights of the property owner. Under this document, the right of ownership of the floor assigned to its owner is determined! And it is considered proof of the correctness of the construction of the property or building in accordance with the law and legislation!

Full title deeds!

These bonds are registered after the completion of the construction of real estate completely and the designation of the sections within it and the privacy of each section and obtaining approvals … whereby a dedicated title deed is organized for each section. Within these bonds, the number of the apartment or partition in question, its classification, its location in the building, and the share of the land on which it is built shall be mentioned. If this specific information is not mentioned in the title deed, this means that the property has not yet obtained the full title deed!

Transitional title deeds:

A document that proves the owner’s ownership of the property during a specific time period of the year! This type of title deed in Turkey is common and well-known for its use in tourist real estate or vacation real estate… and according to this type of title deed, the owner has the right to usufruct and control the real estate from renting or using…

Shared Land Registry:

This is a relatively recent procedure of its kind, as the property is registered under the ownership of more than one owner at the same time. It is a modern and useful procedure that supports investment and partnership, where the property is divided and registered in equal or varying proportions according to the desire to purchase and their contributions…

Housing approval:

The housing approval is obtained by the municipality, which is an approval that states that the project that has been constructed matches the plan, with an emphasis on compliance with all stipulated standards!

Commercial real estate registry:

This type of title deed is obtained in Turkey if the property is intended for commercial activities such as offices, shops, malls, stores, supermarkets and…

Those are the types of Title deeds in Turkey!

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