Types of residence permits in Turkey and the advantages of each

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If you want to come to Turkey legally, you are welcome! But you will need an official document proving your legal residence according to your purpose of residence or the length of your stay in Turkey! Residences in Turkey vary from a legal and administrative point of view, and the advantages associated with each type of residence in Turkey vary. Our topic in these words revolves around the types of residence permits in Turkey and the advantages of each… If you are thinking of coming to Turkey, regardless of your goal of the trip and residence.. Get to know all kinds of residences in Turkey! 

Tourist residence: 

Tourist residence is granted, at the request of the tourist coming to Turkey, when booking a plane ticket online, and the duration of this residence is usually one year at most… As for the papers required to obtain tourist residence in Turkey, you must bring four personal photos, paying the value of the taxes incurred, translating the passport into Turkish, notarizing and attesting it, health insurance, proof of the place of residence through the rental contract of the house or apartment or any document that proves it!


Real estate residence: 

Real estate residency is given to foreign real estate owners in Turkey and all those who are planning to invest in real estate in Turkey. However, to obtain Turkish citizenship, the value of the property must be 250 thousand US dollars. Turkish citizenship should not be confused with real estate residency, as they are two completely separate and different things!


Student permit: 

Study residence is granted to students coming to Turkey for the purpose of studying and seeking knowledge in Turkish public or private universities, schools and institutes. Among the most prominent official documents and papers required in order to obtain study residence in Turkey, is the registration paper at the Turkish university or any educational institution in Turkey … provided that it is certified by the competent official authorities, in addition to personal photos, and the translation of the passport into Turkish language and attestation! 

Humanitarian Residency in Turkey: 

Humanitarian residency in Turkey is intended for refugees from other countries due to wars, famines, or various emergencies… Statistics indicate that a large percentage of Syrians have obtained humanitarian residency in Turkey!


Family residence: 

According to the Immigration and Residence Law in Turkey, family residence is granted if the applicant is married or married to a person of Turkish nationality, that is, of Turkish origin! The duration of this citizenship varies between one, two or three years, and Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who obtain family residence, after three years have passed. 

Work permit: 

A work permit is granted to foreign employees in one of the registered Turkish companies or institutions, and the company in Turkey applies for a work permit to the employee, after obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for the foreigner. And it is possible to grant residency to family members of the employee, for the same period of his basic work residency!

Turkish companies are required to employ 5 Turkish employees for every foreign employee. As for the required papers and documents, all the aforementioned personal photos must be prepared, the passport should be translated and certified by the notary. 

Note: The employee must obtain a tourist residence permit before applying for a work permit at the Ministry of Labor.


These are the types of residence permits in Turkey and the features of each of them and the most important papers, documents and conditions necessary for each of them… Residency in Turkey is a step that must be taken… Today, the process of issuing and obtaining residency in Turkey for foreigners is much easier than before, thanks to the technical development and keeping pace with all Turkish public and private companies and facilities concerned with issuing residency in Turkey. Since many official papers, documents and registration for obtaining residence in Turkey are issued online through the official websites of the relevant companies… You will not need much time if all legal and general security conditions are met… Real estate offices and companies in Turkey help real estate investors, tourists and investors in the tourism sector to apply and obtain real estate and tourism residency and various types of residency in Turkey… 

If we want to speak from a real estate point of view, the terms Turkish citizenship or Turkish passport and real estate residence should not be confused… Real estate residency enables you to live and settle in Turkey with a specific purpose and an agreed period. As for Turkish citizenship, it is a completely different issue, and it is the document that allows you to enter Turkish territory and enjoy all the rights and duties that any other Turkish citizen enjoys!

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