How to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022

جدول المحتويات

How to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022

The advantages of the Turkish passport are many and varied, and they are not limited to Turkey, but there are many powers and advantages that belong to the Turkish passport, and this explains why investors and people are getting Turkish citizenship! Everyone is looking for ways to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022, which we will discuss in the following…

First: Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

Awareness of the Turkish government and its awareness of the importance of advancing the reality of real estate investment and the need to attract large capital and foreign investors in Turkey and push them to invest in Turkey has provided a lot of facilities through the issuance of laws and legislation that guarantee the reduction of fees and taxes on foreign investors and their investment projects!
One of the most important laws issued by the government also in order to pay real estate investment in Turkey is to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors by investing and buying real estate in Turkey
Foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey in one of these ways: Learn about the details of the law to grant Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.
• A foreign investor whose nationality is among the nationalities that are allowed to own and buy real estate in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship 2022 by buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent according to the exchange rate of the currency at the time..
• Investors can buy more than one property within more than one place in Turkey, provided that the total sum of these properties is 250 thousand US dollars.
• Real estate companies in Turkey help you obtain Turkish citizenship by securing suitable properties to obtain Turkish citizenship and help you obtain a Turkish passport within a short and record period of time that does not exceed ninety days!

More ways to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022!

You can also obtain Turkish citizenship in one of the following ways:
• Deposit an amount of 500 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in currencies according to the US dollar exchange rate.
• Employing one hundred or more employees in a project within Turkey.
• Marriage to a person who holds Turkish citizenship.
• Residence in Turkey for five consecutive years without interruption under a work permit!

How to actually obtain Turkish citizenship 2022!

  • Once you meet the legal requirements and decide to apply for Turkish citizenship, there are a set of official papers that must be submitted after authentication and translation, such as the Turkish passport, personal photos, title deed, residence document, etc.
    Learn about the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:
    Obtaining Turkish citizenship means that you will enjoy many advantages and ingredients, which are:
    • Anyone who holds a Turkish passport can enter more than seventy-seven countries without the need to issue an entry visa or a visa!
    • There are also many countries that allow Turkish passport holders to enter their territories through a visa that is issued routinely and smoothly.
    • The Turkish passport is ranked among the top thirty passports in the world!
    • The Turkish passport accepts dual citizenship, which means that you can keep your mother’s two genders along with Turkish citizenship and its wide advantages locally and internationally!
    • Holders of Turkish citizenship enjoy all the rights and duties that Turks enjoy, such as discounts on medical services, education, health, transportation and others…
    • Anyone who enjoys Turkish citizenship can give it to his sons and daughters who are less than 18 years old!
    • Turkish passport holders enjoy all the political and civil rights enjoyed by the original Turkish citizens!

How to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022:

The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment was issued in 2010 and was amended in 2018. Since that time, investors have been in a constant rush to buy real estate in Turkey and establish investment projects! Once the conditional papers are fulfilled and all legal conditions apply to you, you can apply for Turkish citizenship directly and enjoy all the benefits and ingredients…
Do not hesitate to apply for Turkish citizenship in all the ways you want and find it easy! Real estate offices in Turkey help you to apply and obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and to find suitable properties for obtaining Turkish citizenship… and to submit official papers and documents based on its strong and rich network of relationships.. which ensures speed, ease and reliability complete!
There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in 2022, and even despite the spread of the Corona epidemic, the application processes for obtaining Turkish citizenship are still ongoing, and many steps have been adopted online from a distance!

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