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What is a villa?

Residential buildings are usually built around towns and villages. But in some countries, building codes allow citizens to build villas within the city and residential homes are built in villas. In general, a duplex house that has a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle is considered a villa.

What is different between villa and house?

The feature and features that separate the villas from the house are the luxury, amenities, and large spaces. The villas are defined by sprawling lawns, elegant living rooms, large balconies, modular kitchen spaces, abundant parking spaces, and other thriving amenities. The most important thing that residents of villas enjoy is privacy and tranquility, but the house does not have all these features

The house is something comfortable for a standard living but the villa is for luxury living.

In the house, you will find only the basic amenities and in the villa, you can find special amenities like the swimming pool.

In the villa, you will find special amenities like gardens, and in the house, you have to make your own. The main difference is that you will have more luxury and privacy in the villa compared to the house, of course, the villa is more expensive than the house.

Villas For sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is a big city where the type of real estate available can vary according to each region, so you must first determine the size of the budget and the type of house. Although the apartment occupies a prominent position in the real estate market in Istanbul but if the wealth is more enough, one of the best offers will be a villa in Istanbul and this is amazing, of course, most of the luxury villas in Istanbul have a lot of special amenities like a swimming pool and more much.

This decision is a very reasonable selection, because in addition to the fact that property prices in Istanbul increased by an average of 15% to 20% every year in past years and a significant amount of money about 7% annually will be received from renting a villa in Istanbul. As a result, if there is money as much as buying a villa in Istanbul, it’s a fantastic decision because it’s suitable for investment and living together.

We all have our own tastes, certain preferences and when it comes to real estate in Turkey and villas in Istanbul, there is a variety of all styles and purposes. Buying a villa in Istanbul is definitely an important purchase. Istanbul is the city that everyone is looking to buy in, so we will highlight the options for buying a villa in Istanbul through the important factors that determine the value of the property in any region of the world, namely location, price, and space.

By the end of this article, you will have an overview of the features and prices of the most important villa locations in Istanbul. But before going into the factors and prices

This question might come to your mind:

Why buy a villa in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a high-quality investment attraction city, especially for those looking for sophistication, modernity, and nobility. Which presents the ideal environment to do business and buy your villa to live in peace and spend beautiful times with your family under the charm of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea views. That explains why villas in Istanbul are often located in coastal or tourist areas. The reason why you won’t have to spend the next vacation in Istanbul searching for a hotel or furnished apartments is that your villa will be located near the city center.

Here are the most important factors to pay attention to in order to get such a villa:

Important factors to consider when buying a villa in Istanbul

Many people who want to buy a villa in Istanbul are confused about where to buy a villa. They have a lot of options. In order to determine the best choice, let’s ask the following questions:

How much is my budget for buying a villa in Istanbul?

Why do I want a villa in Istanbul? For investment, accommodation or holiday.

How do I choose the best area in Istanbul within my budget?

These questions may seem obvious but the answers are not easy. That is why I recommend you to take a look at the prices and locations of villas in Istanbul so that you are closer to the right option

What you should know before buying a villa in Istanbul?

The price of villas in Istanbul increases as we get closer to the coast of Istanbul on the Bosphorus, knowing that you can find affordable luxury villas and homes for sale in Istanbul a little far from the city center with larger areas and larger gardens.

Remember that you should also consider the age of the property and the build quality when evaluating a villa before you buy it.

There are many things that you should know before buying a villa in Istanbul. There are unlimited options with different locations and sizes. So first, you should try to determine the right size and location for you. It will help you to determine the available budget range and the required facilities such as a swimming pool, garden, maid’s room, etc.


Specifications of villas in Istanbul

Of course, every place in Turkey has special features, but Istanbul has a special character that is unique to it, so where you find villas, istanbul villas may be similar to other regions, but they still have distinctive qualities that you can only find in Istanbul.

  •       Location

Due to the area of Istanbul, it has several geographical features, including tourist areas, rural areas and each area has its own features, of course, the further away we are from the city centre, the cheaper the villas and, of course, the cheaper the villas in the countryside than the villas overlooking the coast.


  •       Styles

There are many styles of villas in Istanbul, both in terms of the number of rooms starting from at least four rooms as well as the number of bathrooms that are usually a bathroom or two on the other hand there are multiple styles related to the number of floors in the villa but in general the floors of villas in Istanbul are usually two, three or four floors at most.


  •       Area

Villas are divided in terms of area in Istanbul into three types

Small villas have an area of between 250 and 350 square meters.

The medium villa is between 350 and 500 square meters.

The big villas have an area of more than 500 square meters.


  •       Services

If you want to buy a property, apartment or villa first and the most important thing you should look for is services so if you want good services you should go to the residential complexes because you will get the best services provided by the Turkish reality where the residential complexes have sports clubs, playgrounds, schools, shops and places for children and also be more safe.


Features of villas in Istanbul

Villas often have features not contained in the regular apartment, where villas generally have more green spaces and stunning views, a swimming pool, a parking garage, a playground and sometimes more than a playground, beautiful views that may be free, mountainous and may be rural.

Villas are independent in nature where you can live with your family away from everyone and if you really like to calm is the best option for you and do not forget also that with this development in Turkish real estate there are now villas working in the smart home system where you can manage a lot of things at home through electronic technologies and you can manage your home remotely and the most important characteristic of the villa is that it is suitable for large families with more than 6 people.

Types of villas for sale in Istanbul

  • Villas of the normal type are located on the outskirts of the cities of Istanbul and are far from the tourist places in Istanbul and the huge and vital projects in Turkey. As for the prices of villas in Istanbul of the normal type, their prices are much cheaper than the rest of the types of villas in Istanbul.
  • The historical villas in Istanbul, or the so-called historical palaces, are very expensive, and the richest investors tend to buy them, and the price of these palaces may reach 100 million dollars
  • Tourist villas: The most prominent characteristic of these villas is their view of the sea and other villas overlooking the green areas. As for the prices of tourist villas in Istanbul, they are considered high when compared to the villas that were mentioned a while ago (normal villas in Istanbul)


Villas and real estate investment

Villas are the destination of many investors.

The investor buys a cheap villa and then sells it at a much higher price.

Investors are currently looking for cheap villas in Turkey, especially in natural tourist places or near monuments, where these villas achieve huge investment profits, especially during tourist periods, and some also buy and equip villas cheaply and then offer them for rent at very good prices and these prices may double during tourist periods.

Istanbul has a lot of ingredients that attract foreign investors to buy villas in Istanbul and the most important of these features and ingredients first that Istanbul is characterized by a charming and attractive nature, making it a distinction to receive many foreign tourists where Istanbul has an unprecedented tourist importance and has a long past as well and the opportunity to invest in Istanbul is a guaranteed opportunity.

We cannot forget Istanbul’s role as an East-West link between Europe and Asia and we must also take into account the facilities Turkey provides to investors.

As the days go by, the risk in real estate investment is diminishing, with real estate growing unprecedentedly in Istanbul and Turkey as a whole, where Turkey’s name has been linked to economic and real estate development, and several official studies and statistics have confirmed the great growth of real estate investment in Turkey.

Best regions to buy a Villa in Istanbul

As always money makes the main role in this subject to choosing the perfect place for buying a villa in Istanbul. The Bosphorus shore-front is home to numerous extravagant villas in Istanbul available to be purchased, known as Yali houses. The vast majority of these magnificent Manors date from the Ottoman period and are under protected status.

Consequently, they sell for a great many dollars and are one of the world’s most costly land markets. Hence they sell for millions of dollars and are one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets. Also, there are a lot of luxury villas in neighborhood regions like Uskudar, Sariyer, Emirgan, Tarabya, and Ortakoy. Moving to the external territories of the city, to the prestigious zones in the Sariyer locale such Zekeriyakoy, Tarabya and Emirgan, and so forth, villas are often set on large plots of land surrounded by nature for a healthier lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s central areas.

Points to be Considered

  • Should the area you want to live in be a calm area or a lively one?
  • Would you like to live in an area where you will have neighbors? Or would you rather live in a more private area?
  • Would you prefer to have service units such as hospitals and schools around the place where the villa you will live in?


Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey

There are several areas in Istanbul with cheap villas and these areas may have charming and varied sea views and may be lively and natural views.

There are plenty of cheap villas in Buyukcekmece, Bacesehir and Basaksehir all of these areas have cheap villas.

Cheap villas in Silivri

Silivri in the European section of Istanbul is considered one of the best places where you may find cheap villas and characterized by its green nature, which makes it closer to the rural areas and overlooks the Sea of Marmara, making it a quiet, beautiful and attractive place especially for tourists and people who love nature and tranquility and the prices of villas are cheap compared to other areas.


Cheap villas in Beylikduzu

Attention has recently been drawn to Beylikduzu, especially after the recent urban development, where several projects have been developed. It also overlooks the Sea of Marmara and its location is considered strategic where it is located in the European section of Istanbul and has been taken care of by the Turkish government recently and started to create several projects that increase their importance and with all these specifications you can find a cheap villa to suit your goals.


Cheap villas in Chatalja

Chatalja is located in the European part of Istanbul and specifically in the northwest of Lake Buyukcekmece

It features plenty of greenery and stunning landscapes and also many of the horse stables it is famous for.

If you’re looking for a villa with its beautiful and charming natural location, you should look at Chatalja West.


Factors that determine the price of the villa

Location: Where the site determines the price of the villa, whether the villa overlooks the sea, or in a mountainous natural area, or in a crowded area, or in the countryside.

 Whether the villa is in an apartment complex or not: Of course, the villas in residential complexes have a much higher price than the villas in the normal areas.

 The space, of course, in regular apartments or in villas, the larger the space, the higher the property price. A 500 m villa is definitely much more expensive than a 150 m villa.

Is the villa furnished or not? If the villa is  equipped with furniture, this will make it much more expensive than the empty villas.

Ways to benefit from villas in Istanbul

  • Use of villas for housing and accommodation
  • Investing villas in Istanbul: Villas can be invested and converted into a commercial or investment project, for example, by converting the villa into a hotel, restaurant, or modern school.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners, by taking advantage of the CIP program

In conclusion, these were the most prominent areas of villas in Istanbul, and as you can see, although each area has a particular advantage, they all share one huge advantage of the area of Istanbul in general, which is great sea views

 In the end, if you want to buy a villa first, you have to specify the purpose of the villa. Do you want to live in the villa or do you want it for the purpose of investment? You have to choose the location that suits you, determine the price that is available to you, choose the view you want, and then search for the most important locations that fit the specifications of the villa you dream of buying, and do not forget that if you want to invest through the villa, you must choose specifications that fit the investment properties.

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