Do not make these mistakes when applying for Turkish citizenship

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Have you thought about acquiring Turkish citizenship? Today, this nationality is one of the most important nationalities in the world, which foreigners and investors are accepted to obtain. It has proven to be one of the most important nationalities in the world due to the privileges that its holder can obtain.

One of the most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is real estate, as it is the fastest and most secure way ever, but this does not negate that a foreigner cannot face problems or make mistakes when applying for it.

In this article, we highlight the most important hidden information about Turkish citizenship and answer your various questions in this regard.

These mistakes you do not make when applying for Turkish citizenship:

Many foreigners who apply for Turkish citizenship make some mistakes, so we must warn you about the most common ones so that you are far from them:

1 – One of the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate is to obtain a real estate appraisal document, but this must be done by a competent authority with a license from the Turkish government Therefore, you should be careful not to deal with an unaccredited party because the report is incorrect.

2 – The price of the property must be delivered to the property owner exclusively, and be sure to pay anything other than its real owner.

3 – Do not think about manipulating the price of the property and recording it higher than its real value.

4 – Be aware that the property does not have any seizure or mortgage by any party, because this affects the value of the property and prevents the completion of the sale.

5 – Make sure that the property is not in one of the military or security areas in Turkey, because it is forbidden for a foreigner to own property in one of these areas.

6 – Do not hand over the price of the property to the seller, but must comply with what is stipulated in the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, that is, it must be transferred through a bank.

7 – If you choose to buy a property with a real estate company in Turkey, be careful that there are no financial or legal problems that you suffer from.

You should know that there is a lot of information and other details related to Turkish citizenship. It is important to communicate with an expert and specialist in order to explain to you all the important points and in order to obtain them without any problems.

Characteristics of the right property for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

– One of the first conditions that must be met in the property in order for it to be suitable for the nationality is that its price be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.

– The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen exclusively.

– You have to pay for the property through a Turkish bank.

– You must undertake not to sell the property until three years have passed.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

You have to see the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in detail:

– The property is valued at $250,000.

– A financial investment of $500 thousand.

– Deposit the amount of 500 thousand dollars.

– Marriage to a citizen of the Turkish state.

– Proof of Turkish origins.

– When hiring 50 Turkish employees.

Learn about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

– The applicant must be above the legal age.

– He must be in his right mind.

– It is important that he does not have a valid disease.

– He should be ascertained when he has committed any criminal offenses.

– He must be well versed in the Turkish language.

– He should also have a stable source of income that suffices him and his family.

The most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The following are the most important advantages that prompted many foreigners around the world to choose Turkish citizenship:

1 – Obtaining a Turkish passport:

The Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world and is among the first thirty passports through which it is possible to enter more than 77 countries without a visa, and there are also more than 40 countries that granted the holder of this passport an automatic visa upon arrival, as well as 8 countries that granted visa to the holder of this passport Online.

2 – Turkish citizenship for all family members:

– All family members can obtain Turkish citizenship, but within specific conditions that must be met, which are as follows:

– Boys must be under the age of 18.

– It can only be granted to one wife if the property owner is married to more than one wife.

– If one of the children has special needs, he can get it after three years, even if he is over the legal age.

3 – The foreigner gets full Turkish citizenship rights:

Whoever holds Turkish citizenship becomes a Turkish citizen, he is entitled to all the rights that a Turkish citizen obtains, and these are the most prominent of them:

– Can benefit from the retirement program.

– Can vote in elections.

– There is also the possibility of getting premium jobs.

– Benefit from medical and educational services.

4 – Dual citizenship:

The foreigner will not have to give up his first citizenship as Turkish citizenship allows him to keep it and thus he can take advantage of both of their advantages.

The advantages of Turkish citizenship cannot be summed up in a few lines, it takes more than that, but we hope that we have provided you with the most important information you are looking for through this article, and we have highlighted in particular the common mistakes made by those applying for it.

If you would like to know more details about this matter, contact us now.

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