Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship online?

جدول المحتويات

Due to the desire of many foreigners around the world to obtain Turkish citizenship, the Turkish government did not delay in providing all the facilities for this, and the last thing that was provided in this regard is the possibility of obtaining it through the Internet, meaning that there are many procedures that have been shortened.
In this article, we will provide you with all the information necessary to obtain Turkish citizenship online, and we will also indicate the reasons that a foreigner may get it.

The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship online:

The Registry Department of the Turkish Ministry of Interior announced the possibility for foreigners to apply for Turkish citizenship online through the link that it added to submit an initial application through it. This method is very ideal as it shortens a lot of time, fatigue and effort for the foreigner, in addition to the fewer documents which are requested.
This is part of the government’s plans to achieve its vision, which it seeks to reach and achieve, in order to make life easier and more comfortable for citizens.

Who can obtain Turkish citizenship?

Despite the ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship, this does not mean that there are no specific controls that must be adhered to, which are as follows:
1 – Turkish citizenship can be obtained for those who obtain a work permit for five consecutive years without interruption for more than six months.
2 – It can be obtained by purchasing a property with a value of not less than two hundred and fifty US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish currency, in addition to the obligation not to sell it before the lapse of three years.
3- An investment of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.
4 – When depositing an amount of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank, provided that no part of it is withdrawn until three years have passed.
5 – When a foreigner is adopted by a Turkish family, but he must not be over the age of 18 yet, in addition, he must not pose any danger to national security.
6 – When proving assets or relations to the Ottoman Empire by submitting all documents that prove this.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship online?

In order to apply for Turkish citizenship online, you must follow these steps:
First, you must apply for it by being inside Turkey.
You must enter the designated link in order to register an application for it.
The electronic form must be filled out with the required information.
As for the follow up of the rest of the details of obtaining Turkish citizenship, they are followed up by the Registry Department of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

– In order to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, these conditions must be met:
– The applicant must be over the legal age of 18 years.
– He must be of full mental capacity.
– He must be fluent in Turkish.
– The applicant must not have a criminal record.
– He should have a stable source of income that suffices him and his family.
– Also, he must not be a carrier of any communicable disease.
– It is important that he has resided in Turkey for at least five years.

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

– Before you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will pass through certain stages, and these are the most important:
– Submit an application for citizenship.
– The application is transferred from the Immigration Department to the Registry Department.
– There must be a search and investigation of security.
– In the fourth stage, the request is either accepted or rejected.
– The rest of the routine procedures must be completed.

What are the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The main motive behind the demand of many people to obtain Turkish citizenship is the many advantages that a foreigner can obtain, and these are the most prominent:
1 – The possibility of retaining the original nationality or the first one, meaning that this nationality allows for dual nationality, and therefore it is possible to benefit from both the privileges it provides.
2 – It is possible to obtain privileged jobs that a foreigner cannot normally obtain, such as pharmacy, veterinarian, law, etc…
3 – You can benefit from all the medical and educational benefits that the Turkish citizen obtains free of charge and at reduced prices.
4 – It is possible to benefit from all the rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizen, such as voting in elections or benefiting from the retirement program.
5 – The entire family: the wife and children, shall obtain Turkish citizenship, but the children must be under the legal age if the foreigner is married to more than one woman, only one of them will be granted citizenship.
In this context, we must point out that if one of the children has special needs, he can have it, but after three years.
6 – The holder of Turkish citizenship will be able to enter more than 77 countries in the world without obtaining a entry visa, and there are more than forty countries that grant a visa to enter them automatically upon the arrival of the foreigner to their land, and there are also eight countries that grant the holder of Turkish citizenship a visa via the Internet.
We were with you in an important article in which we dealt with the issue of the era (Turkish citizenship) and we have indicated all aspects related to it. Today, Turkish citizenship is no longer a dream, but rather a reality. You can obtain it, and if you want to apply for it electronically, there is no problem, as this is also available.

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