Duties of a real estate consultant in Turkey

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Is buying a property in Turkey a simple matter, or is it difficult for the buyer? Many foreigners do not know much information about the real estate market in Turkey or the steps that must be followed to buy a property, and there is a large group of investors who are afraid of falling into the trap of fraud and deception.
Some ask is the presence of a real estate consultant important when buying real estate? This is what we will shed light on in the following article, and we will also mention the most important tasks that he will perform.

What are the tasks of a real estate consultant in Turkey?

The following is a comprehensive detail about the most important tasks that a real estate consultant performs in Turkey:

1 – Comprehensive knowledge about the real estate market in Turkey:

Based on the long experience of the real estate consultant, he knows a lot of information related to this field and the most accurate. He has extensive information about each of the Turkish cities and each region, so he can provide the client with a study on the future of real estate investment in the region he has chosen to buy a property.
Be confident that your real estate consultant will help you make the right decision that fits your goal and matches your budget.

2 – Offers you the right property in a short time:

If you use a real estate consultant when buying a property in Turkey, you will save yourself a lot of time, fatigue and effort. The consultant can offer you many suitable options at the same time, and you will have to choose between them.
You just have to provide him with all your desires that you want to have in the property and leave the rest of the tasks on it.

3 – Provides the buyer with the most important information about the area:

After you have chosen a property in one of the Turkish regions, the consultant will provide the client with all the information in terms of the services you enjoy, such as schools, universities, hospitals and public transportation.
Through the information that you will obtain from him, you will be able to decide whether this area is suitable for you or not?

4 – Experience in price negotiation:

It is common that when buying a property in Turkey or in other countries of the world, it is necessary to go through the price negotiation stage until the two parties reach a solution that satisfies them, one of the main tasks that a real estate consultant performs in Turkey is to negotiate the price on behalf of the buyer and he can get high and distinctive discounts.

5 – After sales services:

The journey of buying real estate in Turkey does not end with buying the property and receiving its key, but there are many details that must be implemented after that, most notably:
– Prepare the required documents and papers.
– Follow up on all procedures and transactions.
– Open water and electricity meters.
– Opening bank accounts.
– Assistance in obtaining real estate residency.
– Supervising the extraction of Turkish citizenship.
– The client is presented with many important offers to furnish the property.

6 – Real estate management:

One of the most important tasks that a real estate consultant provides in Turkey is to manage real estate on behalf of the owners or in their absence, so he is responsible for bringing in tenants or reselling it again, add to your information that he provides the property owner with the most important updates.
The tasks performed by the real estate consultant in Turkey cannot be reduced to a few words, as the importance of using him goes far beyond these limits. Do not forget that thanks to him, you will get the right prices and wonderful specifications.

How do you choose your real estate consultant in Turkey?

With the increase in foreigners wishing to own real estate in Turkey, the number of real estate consultants has increased, in order to provide the assistance that the client needs, but the question here is what is the mechanism through which the appropriate consultant is selected?
In this context, we must point out that one of the most prominent means by which you can choose your real estate consultant is to visit the consultants’ websites, as it has become the most popular and widespread method due to the technological development witnessed by the world, with this a lot of time and effort has been saved on the buyer, as you are at home, and you can view the most important offers available.
Always make sure to look for the most famous consultant, and you can communicate with clients who have previously dealt with him to get an idea of ​​the quality of services he provides.
You should also be familiar with the most important achievements he made in his professional life, as based on all these criteria that were mentioned, it can be determined whether dealing with this consultant is right or not.

It must be noted that there are specific signs that a successful consultant must have, which are as follows:

– He must be of integrity, honesty, truthfulness and transparency.
– He must provide the client with the analysis and the real studies he has concluded.
– It is important to be responsive to the customer and his inquiries without complaining.
– He must be positive in dealing with customers, flexible as well, and strive to provide their requirements.
– It is important to have the ability to listen well to the customer without getting bored.
In this regard, we can point out that a good consultant is the one who can attract the largest number of clients by providing unique offers and thoughtful prices that provide the investor with money and lead him to the profits and results he is looking for.

In this article, we provided all the information and details related to the real estate consultant in Turkey and indicated the tasks that he usually performs. Exceptional real estate opportunities always come to you at the hands of a successful consultant. If you want to obtain the most important opportunities and options, do not hesitate to contact us.

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