The Cheapest apartments in Turkey 2022

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The most important factor to feel safe is the fact that you own an apartment.
In light of the economic, professional and psychological changes that one of us is going through, we all tend to be tempted by the idea of being stuck with something, and for there is more important than finishing your work every day and returning home, the home is the greatest idea of our days.
To own an apartment is no longer easy , you need to have several factors together to persuade you to buy a particular apartment.

One of the countries with many positive aspects in terms of purchasing the apartments is Turkey.
Turkey has the advantage of being one of the European countries with more affordable apartments in its territory, and one can ignore tax advantages that are better than others.
In addition to the large number of small and medium-sized projects in the Middle East, the region has a large share of the total number of projects in the Middle East and North Africa, and the region has a large share of the total number of new projects in the region, including the development of new projects in the Middle East .

The prices of apartments in Turkey are very suitable, despite the rise that happened in the Turkish real estate market. Turkey has gone through an unprecedented rise in its real estates because everyone has come to recognize the perception of the Turkish lands as a natural, tourist and practical investment paradise that can yield two million dollars of the huge profits that are multiplying with the passing of each day.
With all this still in Turkey some areas that have very cheap apartments compared to properties in other countries.

However, before you buy the apartment, you need to determine some important things:
Do you want a beautiful view?
Old-fashioned apartment?
A modern apartment?
Apartment with Mountain View?
Apartment with sea-water features?
Central Apartment?
Metro Apartment nearby?
Apartment near the market?
First floor or high floor?
A popular or a modern apartment?
In the country or town?

Choose the qualities of the apartment you want to buy and then look for what suits your aspirations.

The price is of course the important factor in determining the apartment to be bought.
As for price, it depends mainly on location, the location of the apartment determines its price above all, so the closer the apartment is to the city center, the more expensive it is. The more active, crowded and market-filled the area, the higher the property prices are for those in rural or quiet areas.

The view is considered a main factor in determining the price of the apartment, it may be an apartment with less than normal specifications but its price is very high because of its beautiful views, especially the sea views, which greatly increase the price of the apartments, and let us not forget the mountain ones. In this case, the more you get away from the landscape, the cheaper the apartment will become.

We can summarize the factors that can make an apartment cheaper than another:

1-Far from the city center and the coasts, it is usually the most expensive place, especially as Turkey is one of the most famous tourist countries in the world.
2-Choosing nearby countryside, areas near the city center are expensive properties.
3-Being away from modern transport stations, apartments close to metro stations makes the apartments more expensive.
4-The apartment is either old or in need of renovation, as the uninhabited apartments are more expensive than the previously used ones.
5-The apartment should be outside the city limits, the closer we get to the city we see an increase in the price.
Small apartments are the cheaper.
6-Apartment that takes time to get ready are cheaper than the apartment which is already ready.
7-The apartment was sold “at least once”, as the used apartment is much cheaper than the brand new one.

The cheapest apartments in Istanbul, Turkey

The cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey are often located in Istanbul usually centered in the old quarter, around the bazaar and along the Golden Horn.

Often dating back to earlier times, the apartments in these places will find a special Byzantine and Ottoman mix.
Each property has a special advantage and a price that varies from place to place so search carefully before you buy the apartment.

These areas are popular both among expatriates and among the local people, especially the old ones.
Each property has a special advantage and a price that varies from place to place so search carefully before you buy the apartment.

The cheapest apartments in Turkey are also found in the countryside of Istanbul, Esenyurt, Sultan Bili, Ghazi Osman Pasha and Silviri and these areas are cheaper due to construction work and the delayed access of the metro.

If you want to buy a cheap apartment in Istanbul, you should go to the Istanbul suburbs like Dudlu, Bendik and Gibza, which are half cheaper than other areas of Istanbul.

–  At present, attention is being paid to Esenyurt, especially with the start of its Metro Line, a new area with a lot of the cheapest apartments in Turkey, and real estate experts are advising that an apartment be purchased, because it will see a marked development that will lead to a doubling of apartment prices.

– In Buyukcekmece district cheap apartments are also available, depending on whether they are free or close to continuation, and whether the apartment is in a modern residential complex or a normal building has a big role in determining the apartment price.
This rate varies according to various criteria that determine the price of the apartment.

– We also have Arnavutkoy, one of the areas with very cheap apartments compared to others. It has many special features, such as its proximity to Istanbul International Airport and the proximity of the Arnavutkoy region to the new Istanbul Channel, makes it a destination for many real estate investors and those who want to settle in Turkey and also we should not forget that the proximity of Arnaut Koi from the Black Sea which adds a beautiful marine advantage to the district.

– We will now talk about Eardrum or the Land of Rum, a state in eastern Turkey that is a little far from Istanbul and high above sea level, characterized by a great cultural diversity, a diverse civilization of Kurds, as well as Turks, Circassians and Armenians.
The region is self-sufficient in water resources, as well as a vast wealth of agricultural land, many of which also attract visitors and tourists during the summer and winter, including the many scenic natural places where there are some waterfalls that attract water lovers from all states of Turkey.

– One of the places where there are cheap apartments is also Karapok, known in the Ottoman era as Qarah Bok, which means black tree. It is about 400 kilometres from Istanbul and about 225 kilometres from Ankara.
The Cheapest apartments in Safranbulu, Turkey
The city of Safranbulu, called in Arabic, is known for growing saffron and for manufacturing and exporting various natural, food and cosmetic saffron products.

The cheapest apartments in Diddum, Turkey

There is also the city of Diddum, which is one the Turkish most beautiful cities and even though it has cheap apartments. The city of Diadem is in the Turkish province of Aydin, a coastal city. Since we speak of coastal cities, we certainly have distinct views of the sea.
In addition to having cheap apartments, it is a beautiful and attractive feature that attracts many people looking for cheap apartments to sell, and because their tourism and natural properties are quite striking.
It is one of the most popular districts where cheap apartments are available.

The cheapest apartments in Dalman, Turkey

The city of Dalman is a major tourist attraction in Turkey, especially as it has an international airport for Turkey, and also has a wealth of tourist attractions that all of them have to be seen, although the apartments are relatively cheaper than the central districts of Istanbul

The cheapest apartments in Trabzon, Turkey

You can also find cheap apartments for sale in Trabzon, and it may be surprising to hear that such a city has cheap apartments, especially as it is one of Turkey’s most well-known cities, rich and tourist areas, and is well known for its cultural richness and diversity. The most important thing is that you can find traces of several different civilizations, but this certainly means that the whole area contains expensive apartments, if you want to find cheap apartments in such a city you should look in the countryside or in Faraway areas from the city center.
We cannot forget that the smaller apartment is the cheaper.
In Trabzon, there are several places to buy cheap apartments, such as the gold complex apartments. The complex is located in Yomra, a suburb of Trabzon, known for its beautiful coastal views, and is surrounded by a number of schools and universities, rather than by the Lake Park.

The cheapest apartments in Kutahia, Turkey

We also have the state of Kutahia, which is located in the Aegean region and about 330 kilometres south from Istanbul. One of the things that characterizes this state is the manufacture of luxury porcelain that emerged during the Ottoman State.
One of the beautiful features of life in this urinary is the simple country feel that dominates the atmosphere.

The cheapest apartments in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya has a plethora of cheap apartments, it is located in the center of the Kibbes region of Antalya’s coast. Moreover there is a medical city under construction that makes more people come to live in this area.

The cheapest apartments in Sakarya, Turkey

If you are looking for magnificent nature, you have to see Sakarya.
It is the center piece of a charming nature that you can lose sight of for a moment of its beauty, and there are many nearby attractions that will also impress you.
Daily life requirements such as schools and markets are all available at walking distance.

The cheapest apartments in the countryside

Rural houses are cheaper in Turkey, where you can buy a house at a cost of one-third times less than apartments in high-end, crowded areas, and of course the price of a house increases as it’s space grows.

The cheapest apartments in Bodrum

In the west of Turkey, Bodrum, which they call the pearl of Turkey, is one of Turkey’s most important tourist destinations.
Added to that it is full of markets and funding.
Despite all these features their apartments are much cheaper than other areas.

The cheapest apartments in Gaziantap

It is known for the relatively simple cost of living and the atmosphere for an inexpensive life, Gaziantep is a destination for displaced, displaced and retired people.

Cheap apartments are available all over Turkey but before you buy you select the specifications that suit you whether you are looking for a beautiful location or beautiful landscape, whether it is sea or mountain, looking for apartments close to the road or want an apartment in the countryside of course the size of the apartment has a role It is essential to determine the price, location, nature of the construction and all that we mentioned above.
In conclusion, it should be noted that when you buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, you save a lot of money you can use in many other ways, such as you can use your money for real estate investments or even any other project, and you can even benefit from the property Investing like renting the apartment you bought and to take into account that if the apartment is cheap that means it is never good, just the opposite, you can get apartments with the most important advantages but also for a cheap price all you have to do is put the use of a good guide to help you in searching for apartment which is good for you and for your money.
We hope that we have provided you with the necessary information that may make it easier for you to find an apartment.
All you have to do is to determine the nature of the place you want to live in and then search on time for a suitable apartment, taking into account all the places we talked about so that you can have your time and effort.

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