When buy a property real estate in Turkey, avoid these things

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The real estate market in Turkey was known to be one of the safest real estate buy a property in Turkey. But this did not negate the existence of some problems or errors that could be encountered.
In this article. We will show you important information. And details about owning real estate in Turkey so that your experience is stable and free from errors.

Avoid these mistakes when buy a property in Turkey:

What we will mention in the following paragraphs is very important when buying real estate in Turkey:

1 – Do not buy in remote areas:

Not all foreigners or investors have enough financial means to buying a property . In the city center because the closer we get to the central areas. The higher real estate prices are, especially if we are talking about Istanbul. This has prompted many people to go to places far from it. And choose Suburbs and outlying places. Is this a good idea?
At first glance, it is contracted that you have found the magic solution that made you realize your dream of buying a property in this city. But later you will find yourself facing some problems such as:
– If you are going to live and reside there. It will lack some basic services that meet the needs of the entire population, such as schools, universities, hospitals, transportation.
– If you want to invest in real estate, you will not get the return you dream of due to the lack of demand for it on the one hand and its low prices on the other.
It should be noted here that it is a real opportunity for those who have a low balance, bearing in mind that prices fluctuate constantly. Which is not a stable case, especially since many areas are witnessing urban transformation and infrastructure development projects.
Many investors consider rural or suburban areas to be a great start for investment.

2 – Do not rely on yourself when buying a property in Turkey:

If you want to buy a property in Turkey. You should know all the laws. Information and steps that you must take. It is not recommended to search alone. As it is necessary to deal with a reliable real estate

company or an experienced real estate agent to prevent you from falling victim to real estate fraud.

These are the most prominent services that you will get when hiring a real estate company:

– Real estate advice and important tips that help you make the right choice and also help you save money and buy the property at an appropriate and distinctive price.
– The services that you will get are mostly free. And guarantee you a large profit.
– Real estate companies have distinguished relationships with construction companies. Which gives the customer an opportunity to purchase a property with great and modern specifications. At reasonable prices and attractive discounts.

The real estate company must be selected according to specific bases:

You have to deal with a reputable and widely known company. And also you should see the services it provides and it is preferable to communicate with its previous clients. And take their opinions about it.

3 – Stay away from old or depreciated real estate:

You may think of the importance of buy a property low-priced real estate and apartments, so you resort to looking for old or used apartments because they are cheaper than modern or new, but in general, they are not a good option and it is better not to be more than ten years old because they will need many modifications and repairs.
In this context. It must be noted that this rule applies to the purchase of real estate in various countries of the world and not only in Turkey.

4 – Beware of buy a property that you do not own in full:

One of the important tips or notes that you should take into account is that the value of the property you want to buy does not exceed your financial balance. So that you do not have to borrow money and fall into the problem of not being able to pay it.
Ask about the full costs that you will have to pay so as not to be surprised by things that were not taken into account. See the specifications of the property. Its size – its decorations – The number of rooms – the view it enjoys – the geographical location – The services provided in the construction, each of which has an impact on the value of the property.

5 – Avoid buy a property large real estate:

If you want to invest in real estate. You should stay away from apartments. With a large area and prefer to choose small or medium ones. Because the demand for them is great. And if you want to sell them, this is easy. Unlike the spacious apartments.
It is not a rule for large properties to be more expensive than small ones. As the opposite can be true if they match the specifications.

6 – Don’t give up on a real estate tour:

One of the things that you should not give up when is to take a field tour to visit the most important real estate projects available. See their features and prices. And not only watch videos and photos.
Don’t forget to ask about the build quality, specifications, finishes and decorations.

In addition to all of the above and should be alerted about when buying real estate in Turkey, There are some notes that you should focus on. Such as the legal status of the property. Such as the problem of seizure or mortgage. Which negatively affects the property and makes it difficult to sell.
One of the points that should be paid attention to is to ensure that the property owner can dispose of the property. And also to verify that there is no other buyer for it.
Although the procedures for buying real estate in Turkey are easy, this does not mean that you do not focus and pay attention to some important details that may be dangerous. Hana Real Estate is always keen to provide the most important advice and important information that guarantees you to get your safe real estate opportunity.
Do not hesitate to contact us to help you buy a suitable property for youز Provide the details you need to know and answer your various questions.

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