5 Important questions before buying a property in Turkey

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Did you know that your decision to buy real estate in Turkey is not a simple decision, but rather it is a fateful step that either takes you towards success and excellence or is wrong and causes you trouble and has a negative impact on your life and your financial future in general.

Because this topic preoccupies everyone who is about to buy real estate in Turkey 404, we have prepared for you, through this article, five main questions that you must ask yourself before buying, and we will accompany them with adequate and accurate answers.

Ask these questions to yourself when buying a property in Turkey:

Here are important details that you should know if you have decided to buy a property in Turkey.

The first question: Is it possible to get discounts when buying a property in Turkey?

Many people hope to get special discounts when buying real estate in Turkey, so we had to put it in the foreground. In this context, we remind you that the opportunity is available to you to get the best properties, specifications and high quality at the most suitable prices for you. First, the real estate market in Turkey is diverse and has multiple options, and this Assures you that you will find what you are looking for.

You have to know that the price that is asked for the property the first time is not a final word, as it is possible to sit at the negotiating table to obtain a price that suits both parties.

But we must point out that if you choose to go to Istanbul to buy a property in its residential complexes, the matter will not be as easy as you think, as it is difficult to find high discounts, as construction companies are usually very committed to their demand due to the large demand for them.

We advise you to use a well-known real estate company with extensive experience in the real estate sector in Turkey, as its relations with construction companies are strong and they can provide you with the right property at an attractive price.

From time to time you find that construction companies in Turkey offer special offers. You can follow the market well and wait for the opportunity to buy the property you want at a competitive price.

The second question: What are the most important elements of the success and distinction of real estate investment in Turkey?

Are you someone who wants to buy a property in Turkey for real estate investment? Make sure to buy a property in a residential complex, as this is what the vast majority of people prefer now, and make sure that it includes service facilities of interest to residents such as green spaces, swimming pools, a distinctive view, parking lot, a gym, playgrounds, and others.

The strategic location of the real estate is one of the first and most important factors that determine the success of your real estate investment, but how is the location important?

To be near it there are important projects such as an airport, bridge or tourist places.

It should be close to public services such as schools, universities and cultural centers.

Choose an area in the city center and stay away from rural or remote areas.

Question 3: How can I ensure that I am not exposed to fraud?

One of the common problems when buying real estate in Turkey is falling into real estate fraud, so how can you ensure that you are far from this problem? The first step is to collect all the information related to the property:

Its location is detailed within the city and its surroundings.

Visit the property and see its details and features, is it suitable or not?

Do not forget to have a real estate consultant with you in all your movements to ensure that there is no fraud or manipulation.

Collect information about the construction company. Does it have a long history in the real estate market in Turkey, and what do customers think of it?

If you choose to buy a property under construction, make sure to record all the terms agreed upon in the contract.

Find out about all the common forms of real estate fraud so that you can avoid them, and we mention the most prominent of them:

1 – Impersonating the real estate owner while traveling or without his knowledge.

2 – To delude the buyer that the property suits his desire to obtain Turkish citizenship.

3 – Asking for a price for the property that is higher than it is worth and taking advantage of the foreigner’s lack of knowledge of these details.

4 – Telling the buyer that a high return on investment can be obtained.

Fourth question: What is the importance of communicating with former clients who have dealt with the real estate company?

One of the advice that is given to those who want to buy a property in Turkey is to investigate carefully about the real estate company that you are dealing with in order to make sure that it is good or not? you can communicate with clients who previously dealt with it and reviewed its services, and you have to ask about the results they obtained, were they satisfactory to them?

Fully trust that it is an effective method. After you take a comprehensive idea, you can determine the importance of this company, but if you are wondering about the way through which you can reach clients, a reliable and good company is the one who connects you with them.

Question Five: Why do I want to buy a property in Turkey?

Finally, you have to ask yourself this question, because depending on the answer, the choice will be made, and the specifications of the property vary, and below we will explain the matter to you more:

1 – Do I want to buy a property for real estate investment?

A large category whose purpose is this, and in that case, you have to search according to specific criteria, controls, and well-thought-out rules in order to get the distinguished results.

2 – Do I want to live and stay?

In this case, there are no specific rules or constants, but the buyer can choose what suits him in terms of location, specifications, features and prices.

3 – Is my goal to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship is a primary goal for anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey, and here the projects that conform to the conditions for obtaining it must be searched (their price should be no less than 250 thousand dollars + commitment after selling it before the lapse of three years).

The smart person is the one who searches for confirmed answers to all his inquiries before he takes any step when buying a property in Turkey to ensure that it is safe. Given the many questions we find in this field, we have tried to provide you with adequate answers. If there are more questions, don’t hesitate to ask us directly .

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