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Choosing Istanbul to buy an apartment is definitely a smart choice, And if it indicates, it indicates a mature mind planning for the future, but you might say that the real estate market in Istanbul is a wide field and it confuses me, so what should I choose? There are old and modern apartments. Which one is better?

If you are really confused through this article, we will help you choose, as we will give you all the details related to these two types, and after reading, you will be able to choose easily.

Before we start talking, it is important to provide a simple definition of each type.

– Modern apartments are those that no one lived in previously, and they are being sold for the first time.

– As for the old apartments, they may have been sold once, twice or more before they reach you.

Advantages of buying a modern apartment in Istanbul:

The modern apartments have an eye-catching and modern design, in conformity with the international building and construction requirements, and you should know that if they are still under construction, you will have the opportunity to make the modifications that suit you or add the details you wish to have.

Did you know that modern apartments will not need any kind of maintenance or repairs because they are not used yet, and do not forget that you will be able to choose the decorations and details that suit you.

If the apartment is located in one of the new areas of Istanbul, you are on a date with the high prices of real estate and apartments in it, and therefore you will achieve high profits and abundant profits.

There are many long-term installment offers that may reach up to ten years, and it should be noted here that many construction companies offer attractive discounts.

You have to know that modern apartments are a promising opportunity in the field of real estate investment.

Cons of Buying a Modern Apartment in Istanbul:

The presence of many advantages to buying modern apartments does not mean that there are no negative aspects of the matter, for example, it is very difficult to negotiate the price of the apartment, and these apartments are usually somewhat expensive, and if you decide to buy an apartment in installments, some offers have very high benefits.

If the property is under construction, it will likely be a long time before you can receive it.

Advantages of buying an old apartment in Istanbul:

If you choose to buy an old apartment in Istanbul, you should know that there are many options available in terms of design, number of rooms and location, and you must find the right apartment for you.

You can negotiate the price until you find the right fit for you, the area in which you are located is densely populated and the apartments are all sold out.

Cons of buying an old apartment in Istanbul:

It has many negatives, the most important of which is that it needs to carry out a lot of maintenance and modifications, and it is often very worn out, lacking modern designs and modern distinctive decorations.

It is possible that you will be faced with a lot of costs that you will have to pay to make the modifications that suit you, such as repainting the walls or maintaining the water and electricity installations, but in any case, it will not be the same as the new property.

Among the problems that you may encounter when buying an old apartment is the presence of restrictions on the property such as reservation or mortgage.

Many people do not find comfort when living in apartments that other people have already resided in, so they prefer to buy new apartments.

Should I choose a modern or an old apartment in Istanbul?

1 – The one who determines the correct answer for you is the purpose of the apartment in the first place. If you are seeking to build a successful real estate investment, we do not advise you about the old apartments.

2 – Your financial budget is a key element in your choice. You can see the offers available in the real estate market in Istanbul and then determine whether the modern or the old suits you more.

3 – Your contact with a real estate company allows you to get an apartment with high-quality specifications at a special price, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Istanbul and its distinguished relations with the most important construction companies.

4 – If the costs that you will pay for the maintenance and modification of the old apartment are equivalent to the price of the new apartment, it is preferable to choose the second one, as the results are more guaranteed.

Importance of buying an apartment in Istanbul:

This city is characterized by its geographical location, which extends over two continents (Asia and Europe), which gave it several characteristics and features of both continents at the same time, and the Bosphorus Strait separates its two sides.

It is the economic capital of the Turkish state and one of the most important cities of this country and is considered one of the best cities in the world in the field of real estate investment due to several factors, the most important of which are:

– The high population density as it ranks second in the world in this aspect.

– A high-class tourist city, as it contains many tourist, recreational, historical, archaeological and natural attractions.

– It embraces the largest and most important infrastructure projects in the world, such as the new Istanbul Airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal, advanced hospitals, universities that have entered the world, and malls competing against European countries.

– There are unlimited real estate offers to suit all tastes and budgets.

– Real estate prices in Istanbul are rising significantly in the current period, which makes profit opportunities higher for investors.

– If you compare real estate prices in Istanbul with other major cities in the world, you will find it moderate and appropriate.

– The European side is more luxurious and distinguished than the Asian side and is the best for real estate investment.

Add to all this the general advantages that the buyer gets when buying an apartment in Istanbul, such as the many facilities, Turkish citizenship, real estate residence, and others.

The best areas to buy apartments in Istanbul:

– If you want housing and stability, you can buy an apartment in Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, or Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir.

– For real estate investment, we recommend Sariyer, Besiktas or Uskudar, as well as a path of suitable options, Sultan Ahmet and Eyup Sultan.

If you feel that you need to consult an expert when buying an apartment in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with all the information you need to know and help you make a decision.

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