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Istanbul real estate, types and features

Posted by Faiyza on 13 February، 2022

The term real estate is called fixed-place items, which we cannot move without being damaged, such as land and buildings. Real estate investment is considered to be one of the most important investments in Turkey, especially for two reasons. First, the money made by real estate investments, and most recently, the concessions granted by the state to landlords.

Types of real estate in Istanbul:

  1.       Residential properties: apartments, villas, mansions and chalets
  2.       Commercial properties: administrative buildings, shopping centres, shops, etc.
  3.       Industrial properties: factories; stores.
  4.       Agricultural estates: farms, gardens.
  5.       Special purpose real estate: Government lands, mosques, churches, hospitals and schools.

Istanbul commercial real estate

  •         Shops and markets: We all know that trade is one of the most important economic sources in Turkey.

Turkish markets are always crowded, especially in the presence of many foreign visitors who arrive during the tourist season.

Offices are referred to as being among the most beautiful and best opportunities for investment, especially after the increased need for them following the development that has led to the creation of companies, both large and small.

  •         Companies: There are many types of companies, including import-export companies, real estate companies, health insurance companies, you can also open a library or a printing press.

These are all opportunities for the golden investment in Turkish companies. We must note here the importance of Turkish laws, which provide many facilities to support foreign enterprises on their territory through facilities that they provide to them legally and financially.

  •         Hotels: Turkey’s hotels are characterized by the fact that they require very high funding, and this requires large budgets that one investor may not have, so it is better to enter into partnerships or buy shares in hotel projects to ensure profit as it is very difficult for a single investor to secure all hotel real estate costs.

Hotels are one of the most important real estate investments in Istanbul, given Istanbul’s reputation for tourism.

  •         Restaurants and cafes: They are very lucrative properties, especially in tourist areas such as Esenyurt and Fateh, where they contain a lot of Arabs. The profits of restaurants and cafes are fantastical and have very high numbers, especially restaurants that offer Arab and global food.
  •         Schools and courses: In recent years, there has been a great development in the educational sector in Turkey, given the increasing importance of the educational aspect, especially in children. The need for summer kindergartens and language strengthening courses such as the  need to Turkish and English language courses has arisen.

It must be taken into account that when you want to buy a building to open a school or a training course in it, you need the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Education, which sets special conditions for the building to give a license.

Istanbul residential real estate:

  •         Ordinary apartments, which are apartments in ordinary Turkish neighborhoods, have nothing to do with anything but the building in which they are located. Most residential buildings in Turkey are characterized by the presence of electric doors and surveillance cameras, but this is not found in ordinary apartments in popular Turkish neighborhoods. It also includes residential Turkish real estate that contains several floors. Electric elevators, an employee and cameras. There are also matters related to cleaning, such as cleaning stairs and corridors in most residential buildings. The price of the apartment is determined by the availability of services, as the more services become of high quality, the higher the price of the property, and also the location and transportation have a key role in determining the price.
  •         Apartments of residential complexes: They are located in modern residential complexes where many services are available that make them distinctive apartments such as providing protection and security and the presence of security guard at the doors. Surveillance cameras are also available throughout many of them. These complexes also contain a garage for cars and also include large green spaces. You may notice The presence of playgrounds, public gardens, restaurants, swimming pools, markets, major shops or a supermarket, and there may also be an elementary school, a mosque or a mall. These residential complexes in Istanbul are considered among the best and most luxurious residential complexes in Turkey and are intended for many who wish to buy apartments in Turkey, but it is natural that they are The prices of these apartments are high compared to others, and even the rental prices in these apartments will certainly be more expensive than the rest of the apartments.
  •         The regular villas : are spacious and have large green spaces and are often surrounded by a wall. Villas are scattered in many Turkish neighborhoods and these villas are often far from tourist centres and important, so they are often in rural areas where many retirees, quiet lovers and old people want to live there.
  •         Tourist villas: They are much more expensive than regular villas and, like regular villas, the tourist country is characterized by its distinctive views of the coasts and attractive areas and is mostly reserved for tourists, but in terms of space and interior décor it resembles regular villas.
  •         Penthouse apartments: This type of all-new apartment is found in large buildings and skyscrapers, these apartments are characterized by their vast area and home walls often made of glass so that they provide you with great views all day and penthouse also ensures comfort and tranquillity because there is only one apartment on the floor and thus provides the independence of the landlord and due to all these specifications it is considered a very expensive apartment and all because of its sophistication and luxury.
  •         Duplex Apartments : are two integrated apartment apartments, one on the ground floor and one above them, connected through an internal staircase and a duplex apartment is the best choice for families who cannot afford independent villas.
  •         Triplex Apartments: It is larger than duplex apartments as it is three residential floors on top of each other also connected through the interior drawers and is ideal for large families where these apartments provide the owner of the property more than its advantage, such as using the last floor to rent it or, for example, by making a private office, health club or loft garden.
  •         Studio apartments: It is considered the smallest apartment in terms of space and usually has an area of about sixty meters there is larger and there is smaller and is basically prepared for one or two people at most, one of its advantages is that it is medium price due to compared to other apartments and is considered the ideal choice for the low income owners and the apartment consists of a spacious bedroom and kitchen with American design where the kitchen is open to the rest of the apartment and this apartment a represents suitable accommodation for students or people who like to separate from Their families.

Features of buying property in Istanbul

-You can get a real estate residence which is one of the most important Turkish features where Turkey is a safe, comfortable and beautiful place where the human being can live comfortably

-Buying a property that facilitates you to live where you can settle down and secure your future life and this also helps to prepare the study of children in Turkish universities and do not forget that the Turkish environment is a suitable environment close to eastern and Arab traditions and this is a great advantage that many Arabs may want.

-Real estate is one of the most important ways to invest in Istanbul, such as buying a property and renting it, especially in tourist seasons.

-We cannot forget that buying a property opens a way for you to obtain Turkish citizenship if the property reaches $250,000.

-The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low compared to other countries.

-Turkey is experiencing great economic development that could lead to a significant rise in real estate prices and this may bring you many future profits.

Buying a property in Istanbul is now one of the most important ways to invest, but before you buy you must look at several things, for example, you must check the title deed and the property should be clean and have no debts incurred, and this is done by reviewing the municipality and you better appoint a lawyer to make sure.

The contract must also contain all the exact details of how to pay, other terms, the date and validity of the project.

The rise in real estate markets opens up a lot of areas you can benefit from and now hurry to buy the property you need or want to invest in now try to take advantage of it and not waste it.

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