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Do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul? Recently, these ideas have become popular with us. Istanbul has become a city for distinguished people looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, whether their goal is housing or real estate investment, especially as it witnesses a great and remarkable real estate diversity.

Today we will highlight a distinctive option in Istanbul, which is one of the addresses of luxury and modernity in that city, which is the residential complexes that construction companies are masterful in creating.

What is the reason behind the existence of residential complexes in Istanbul?

The idea of ​​residential complexes was launched from the constant human need for comfort and luxury, so it was established to be an integrated and ideal environment for housing and stability, where it is provided with the finest services. You can find that these complexes occupy the forefront and excel over various other types of real estate. As for those complexes.

1- A quiet and secluded life:

These complexes are specifically suitable for lovers of a quiet and secluded life, and this is available in them based on the approach adopted in their design, as insulating materials are used for construction that prevent the spread of sounds and heat as well as there are high walls and fences surrounding the complex from all sides.

In addition, these complexes are being built in locations far from noise and public transportation lines.

2 – A high level of security and protection:

One of the most prominent advantages of housing within these complexes is that it provides those who live in them a completely safe life. First, there is a security guard at the outer gate, which means that no stranger will enter it because the identity of everyone who enters will be verified.

It is not possible for any thief to enter these complexes, or for the apartments of these complexes to be exposed to an attempted theft thanks to the surveillance cameras distributed everywhere in addition to the alarms.

Let us tell you that your apartment will be very safe even if you are out or traveling and it is worth mentioning that your apartment is not only safe from humans, it is also safe from animals such as cats and dogs.

3 – It offers a lot of entertainment services:

We are all looking for a life of luxury, sophistication and modernity, and there is nothing better than residential complexes in order to meet this desire. First, you will get great privacy, independence and comfort.

It includes parking spaces for all residents of the complex, and is usually on the ground floor of the complex. Also, these complexes have a distinctive view of the green spaces or the beach.

All the available services make you feel that it is not necessary to leave the complex in order to meet your needs, as they are always equipped with swimming pools / sports clubs / playgrounds / sauna bath / Turkish bath / steam rooms / electric elevators / mosque / school / kindergarten / restaurant / cafe / shops .

4 – Distinguished geographical location:                                                                                                           

Construction companies choose strategic locations to build these complexes. You can find them in the heart of the city, near vital and huge development projects, and the sea coast. It is close to transportation such as the metrobus, tramway and metro stations.

5- Amazing and wonderful designs:

Due to the increasing demand for the purchase of apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul, construction companies are competing with each other in order to provide the best in terms of construction quality and design, both externally and internally.

Its design takes into account the use of the finest building materials (resistance to earthquakes and natural disasters) and this feature can be found in all newly built properties in the city.

Not only the materials used, but the engineering designs are also elegant, modern and sophisticated, and they are designed according to smart systems.

You should know that living in these complexes shortens a lot of responsibilities and tasks that you will have to assume if you live outside them. Periodic maintenance of the complex and cleaning service In addition, you are not responsible for following up on these matters.

Prices of apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul:

This is one of the first inquiries that you will need when looking for an apartment in one of Istanbul’s residential complexes, is it high or low? Does it fit all groups in society or is it restricted to specific people?

You should know that the prices of apartments in these complexes are subject to several factors and elements, the most important of which are:

The location in which this complex is located / the view it has / is the apartment furnished or not / how large are the apartments / number of apartment rooms / the level of services provided.

In general, the prices of this type of apartments are somewhat high, but this does not mean that people with low budgets cannot own them. There are many tempting offers offered by construction companies. You can also choose to buy an apartment in installments or go to the compounds that are still on the scheme.

Where can you find apartment complexes in Istanbul?

That city has 39 districts on either side and you’re sure to be confused, where do you look? And which regions are the best? You can not be confused, here is a list of the most important areas that you can search:

1 – The Garden City or Bahcesehir district is one of Istanbul’s most rich areas in these modern and luxurious complexes. A unique opportunity to live in the surroundings of charming nature.

2 – If you are looking for cheap or affordable real estate, you should choose Beylikduzu, which is a modern urban face in Istanbul and has recently witnessed many urban transformations. Old buildings have been removed and new ones are being built (residential complexes) and this area is suitable for families.

3 – Are you thinking of investing in real estate? Basaksehir is one of the distinguished areas for real estate investment. There are a number of criteria that it provides, which indicated the importance of investing in its real estate, such as: All its properties are modern / Its geographical location is great and it is close to the two most important development projects (Istanbul New Airport and New Istanbul Water Canal) / Its real estate prices have seen a clear rise .

4 – The Esenyurt area is one of the most important areas of the European side of the city and has recently witnessed a wide urban renaissance and is characterized by favorable prices.

5 – As for the Avcilar area, it is a good choice for housing, especially for families, as it is close to the sea and contains many modern real estate projects.

6 – Basin Express is a luxurious and distinguished area for real estate investment and is the center of European Istanbul. Its investment value increased significantly after the announcement of the start of construction of the Istanbul Water Canal.

According to statistics in this field, apartments in residential complexes are always the most in demand in Istanbul, and if you want to get the most important opportunities, we can secure them for you once you contact us thanks to our close relations with the most important construction companies in Turkey.

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