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Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey and the center of the various economic activities in the country, visitors and investors come from all over the world to settle and invest in real estate there especially especially houses for sale in Turkey Istanbul in the most prestigious areas
Istanbul is located on two continents, Asia and Europe. The two sides of the city are separated by the famous Bosphorus Strait. This gives real estate in the city diversity in price.

One of the best offers in Istanbul is our offer- houses for sale in the most prestigious areas of the city. Investors from all around the world seek these offers.

 Where can you buy houses in Istanbul? Can you acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in the country? Which are the most prestigious areas where you can invest in the city?

Here is all the information needed in this article:

There are many prestigious areas where you can buy a house in Istanbul

In the European side, there are


Basaksehir is in the middle of the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the residential and touristic attractions in the city. Basaksehir is close to the city center and the new Istanbul airport. It has the transport points and infrastructure needed. The prices of the houses in the area are constantly increasing which makes it a promising investment area.


BakirKoy lies on the southern part of the European side of Istanbul. It is distinguished by its marvelous view on the coast of Marmra sea. It has all the components of a luxurious, stylish lifestyle. It offers a lot of various real estate investment opportunities such as shopping malls and ancient streets.


Beylikduzu is both urban and rural at the same time. It has a strategic site on the coasts of Marmara. It is next to Esneyurt and it is easy to reach by the modern and fast means of transportation. Beylikduzu is now a new attraction for real estate investors in Turkey. The area is acquiring a very attracting reputation these days and achieving quantum leap forward in the world of investment.


Bahceseher is also called The City of Gardens due to its beauty and the flora in it. It is next to Basaksehir. It has a lot of large residential compounds, hotels, relaxation and entertainment facilities, malls and markets and all kinds of services.


Esneyurt is one of the largest areas in European Istanbul. It also has the most dense population in the city. Esneyurt is classified as a public residential area full of local and foreigner people. It has various job opportunities and residential real estate items such as separate apartments or huge residential compounds. If you are looking for a relatively cheap house, Esneyurt is the place for it.

Taksim Square:

Taksim Square is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul. More than 3 million tourists visit it every day. In addition to being the centre of Istanbul City, it is a tourist attraction. Taksim includes many distinguished touristic landmarks such as Istiklal street, embassies and consulates. If you are seeking touristic ally investable real estate in a prestigious area, Taksim is your place.


Sariyer is a beautiful area viewing the Bosphorus Strait. It has a mesmerizing sea view. All along the coast of Sariyer, there are lots of restaurants, cafes and resorts. It also has a lot of villas and ancient chateaus dating back to the Ottoman Era. Sariyer inhabitants lead a luxurious life. It is a perfect choice for settling and living in the city with all the basic services it offers such as education, health care, transportation…etc

You can find the best and most famous universities in Istanbul like ITU and the Bosphorus University. So, we can say that Sariyer is a special area for Turk and foreigner students

In the Asian side

Although the European Side of Istanbul is more attracting than the Asian one in terms the features and level of services, there are some areas in the Asian side that are suitable for Investment. The Asian side of the city is known for its rural, natural, floral, quiet and far from the heavy traffic of the European side.

Here are some of the best investment areas in this side:


Uskudar is one of the most beautiful and luxurious areas with its distinguished sea view on the Bosphorus and the Kiz Kulesi (The Maiden’s Tower). The area has all the needed components for residence and tourism.


Kadikoy was previously called the judge’s koy. It is one of the Asian areas full of restaurants, cafes, resorts, malls and shopping centres. Baghdad street is one of the most luxurious and famous neighborhoods in kadikoy.

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