Advantages of investing in student housing apartments in Istanbul

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There has been much talk about real estate investment in Turkey due to the multiplicity of its fields, in addition to that Turkey is one of the most suitable destinations in the world for investment, as it has all the ingredients that lead to its success and achieving the highest revenues.

Let us, through this article, review together student housing apartments in Turkey and the importance of real estate investment in Istanbul. Hana Real Estate offers you all the information related to this field.

What are student housing apartments in Istanbul?

Today, Turkey is a destination for many students of the world to enroll in its schools and universities. It gives them certificates recognized in the most important European countries and many Arab countries. Istanbul is also one of the most important Turkish cities for study because it includes a group of important private and governmental universities.

All those students coming to study in that city will need a place to live. In this context, we must point out that Istanbul universities also attract local students from other Turkish states, so there is a great demand for this type of apartments.

You can find that these apartments are occupied throughout the school year and many students prefer to stay in them during the summer vacation.

Elements of student housing investment in Istanbul:

Before we tell you how to get a profitable investment through student housing apartments in Istanbul, you should know that it is not necessary to buy an entire building, you can buy a separate apartment and prepare it for student housing..

Geographical location:

Choosing a distinguished geographical location to buy a student housing apartment is one of the first elements of the success of this investment. Therefore, the investor must choose a location close to universities and educational institutions, because these students go to their universities early in the morning, and therefore they are interested in living near them.

You can search for student housing apartments in the center of Istanbul or near public transportation lines so that they are easily accessible.

These apartments must be rented to students in particular:

Student housing apartments should not be rented to non-students because this may affect the rest of the neighbors and affect them negatively. You should also choose a distinctive view such as the gardens or the green spaces.

But if these apartments are within a complex inhabited by families, then you must warn the students to remain calm and not to make noise to not  cause any problems with the residents of the complex.

Taking into account the quality of the services that the student needs:

– You have to take good care of the apartment in terms of furniture so that it is completely comfortable for the student and does not need anything during his stay.

– It is recommended that the building be equipped with a security guard at the outer gate, as this gives students psychological comfort, especially if they are female students.

-It is certain that the student is not free to carry out cleaning work or to follow up on the maintenance work needed by the apartment, so cleaning and maintenance services should be available.

– Make sure to give each student an abundance of privacy and independence by securing a bed, a cupboard and a study corner, and do not forget that it is necessary to have some recreational services such as the Internet and heating.

– You must be careful that there is no defect and that the laws are strict in order to maintain a good housing reputation, and at the same time there must be flexibility in dealing.

Advantages of investing in student housing apartments:

1 – Student housing apartments offer abundant profits and are superior in this aspect to regular apartments.

2 – If the students are comfortable in the housing, they will not leave it in search of another and prefer to continue for a long period or until the term of their studies ends, so you must be keen to provide a lot of distinguished services in order to keep the tenants.

3 – You will not find any problem in dealing with the tenants because they are university students and have a great deal of sophistication, culture and civilization.

4 – You should know that the costs of  furnishing student housing apartments are low and appropriate, and much less than hotel apartments or regular apartments.

Disadvantages of investing in student housing apartments:

1 – It is possible that these apartments will be empty in the summer period and this will cause a loss for the owner of the apartment, but you can simply bypass this problem by renting them in the summer to tourists, thus ensuring that you do not lose and continue to receive profits.

As mentioned above, many students prefer to stay in their apartments during the summer for summer courses or supplementary courses, and many students are looking for work opportunities during the summer in Istanbul and therefore they will not leave the apartment.

2 – It is possible to find that the electricity and water bills are very large when students consume a lot of them, but it is easy to communicate with them and educate them in order to regulate consumption because they are an upscale and educated class that accepts discussion on these topics.

3 – The matter is not without some problems that may occur between students, so you must be close to housing. In the event of any such problem, you are present to decide and punish the offender so that mistakes are not repeated again.

Types of student housing in Turkey:

Before you start searching for student housing apartments in Turkey, there are four types, each with specific features and details, the most prominent of which are:

1 – Government housing:

There are many government student dormitories in Turkey distributed in different parts of the country. They are designated for males and others for females. There are mixed buildings for males and females. Its most prominent advantages are that the fees are symbolic, there is a cleaning and laundry service, and there are psychological support sessions.

2 – Endowment housing:

As for this housing, it is under the supervision of the Turkish Religious Endowment and sometimes under the auspices of an organization, charitable organization or association, and sometimes it is free of charge or for a symbolic amount only.

3 – Private housing:

Private companies are primarily responsible for the establishment of these projects, and they are a suitable environment for the housing and stability of students, as they provide them with three main meals, and Internet around the clock, in addition to laundry and cleaning services.

4 – Youth housing:

As for this type of apartments, housing in them is somewhat expensive because the student will be responsible for furnishing and establishing them, and the student will be obliged to pay the rent even in the summer because the lease contracts in Turkey are annual.

Finally, we must note that student housing apartments are distinguished in terms of real estate investment, and through them you can get great profits and returns. You just have to contact us to present you with the most appropriate offers at fantastic prices.

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