The most important Turkish cities for buying real estate in 2022

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When it comes to buying real estate in Turkey, one of the first questions that will be asked is which Turkish cities are the best option to search for real estate and apartments for sale? Should we go to the major and main cities, or should we choose the side cities?

Through the following article, we will present to you the most important Turkish cities in which you can look for apartments for sale, and we will highlight their most prominent advantages.

The most prominent cities in Turkey to buy real estate:

The city that is suitable for tourism and investment:

1 – Bursa city:

This city is one of the distinguished options for buying real estate and is the capital of the first industry in Turkey, with many job opportunities and a destination for many investors.

Bursa is also one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, because it includes many archaeological and natural monuments, as well as it is suitable for winter tourism, where you can visit Uludag Mountain or hot baths. This city has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.

As for real estate prices in Bursa, it is considered distinctive despite its wonderful strategic location, as it is in the middle of the capital, Ankara, and the economic capital, Istanbul.

The city that suits industry and investment:

2 – Izmir city:

The city of Izmir is also one of the most important industrial cities in Turkey, with a view of the Aegean Sea, it is also a destination for many traders, it is one of the most important real estate investment destinations, as well as for residence and housing, Izmir includes 9 of the most important universities of the Turkish state, which are visited by Turks and Arabs.

It is also considered a tourist destination for many tourists, as it includes many museums and temples that belong to different eras, and is considered one of the most important cities for real estate investment for Arabs and Turks.

The city that suits housing and stability:

3 – Ankara city:

One of the most important options for buying real estate in Turkey is the Turkish capital, Ankara, which is characterized by its high-rise buildings, factories and laboratories, in addition to its distinguished geographical location and is characterized by political and diplomatic activity.

The demand for its real estate has increased significantly after the great transformations in the real estate sector in Ankara, and the proportion of foreigners and Turks has increased.

The importance of real estate investment in Ankara is that it is a tourist destination for many world tourists, as it contains many monuments, Ottoman mosques and luxurious palaces.

The city that is suitable for tourism and real estate investment:

4- Istanbul city:

Istanbul occupies the first place in the importance of buying real estate in it, and it has been able to maintain this arrangement from a long time ago until the present time, and it is characterized by the fact that it embraces the most important mega development projects such as the new Istanbul Airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal, as well as many gardens, parks and suspension bridges.

Istanbul is witnessing a wide real estate diversity, and in particular it is characterized by mega projects (residential complexes) that are equipped with all standards of quality and safety.

On the other hand, it is characterized by its geographical location, which extends within two continents (Asia and Europe), which gave it its characteristics together, as it consists of 39 regions, not to mention its service and recreational facilities.


Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

1 – Turkey is considered a center of attraction for foreign investments. There are those who go to the real estate investment sector, others to industrial investment, and others choose commercial fields.

2 – The real estate sector in Turkey has recently witnessed great prosperity and growth, and as a result, high rates of real estate ownership have been recorded, especially by foreigners.

3 – The Turkish real estate market is characterized as one of the most active and strongest real estate markets in the world, and Turkey has ranked fourth among the top ten real estate investment sites in the world, due to many of the elements it possesses, such as advanced infrastructure and government facilities.

4 – By purchasing a property in Turkey, it is possible to obtain a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important types of residence permits in Turkey, based on its privileges and the possibility of renewal.

5 – If the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, Turkish citizenship can be obtained, but the property should be kept for three years.

6 – The real estate market in Turkey is a competitive market that offers the most important offers and the best prices, and the investor in Turkey can link his business between the West and the East.


Types of real estate investment in Turkey:

hotel Apartments:

One of the most important real estate options in Turkey for investment is that it can be rented quickly, especially if it is located in a tourist city, and most construction companies offer complexes that feature the hotel system, a rental guarantee for several years with an excellent profit return guarantee.

office apartments:

Office real estate provides high returns as it can be rented easily and for a long period as the tenant prefers it in order to maintain the usual customers.

Villa investment:

One of the most important types of real estate investment in Turkey is the villas, which can be used in more than one project, such as renting or reselling them. It can also be an investment project such as an educational institution or a health center.

What encourages real estate investment in Turkey is that according to expectations, real estate prices in Turkey in the coming period will witness a remarkable rise as a result of several factors, most notably the increased demand for it and the development witnessed by the state in its various sectors and fields.

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