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Profitable real estate investment in Levent Istanbul

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Real estate investment in Levent Istanbul is the investment in one of the most important areas in Istanbul. In the past, it was intended for middle-income citizens such as teachers, civil servants and shop owners. But later it became the area chosen by important and famous personalities. For Real estate investment.

This area is famous for its skyscrapers and it also includes one of the consulates of Arab countries. Through the following article. We provide you with the most important information and details related to the Levent Istanbul area. And we will highlight its real estate aspect.

Features of Levent Real estate investment:

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul and is close to the most important areas of the city. Such as Maslak. Which borders it to the south, Besiktas district, And Arnavutkoy district. It is composed of inland and coastal areas. Characterized by its small area and small population, and there are roads that connect it to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Bridge.

Levent is characterized by its developed infrastructure. As it contains many shopping centers and malls, as well as many corporate headquarters and some bank branches.

Transportation in Levent Istanbul is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul at all. As it has an integrated transportation network that contains all kinds of accommodation, including the metro station, from which you can reach the Bosphorus University.

Educational institutions in the Levent region characterized by being rich in educational facilities and more than 34% of its population are university graduates, which is the highest rate in Turkey. It also contains many primary and secondary schools and many universities that have obtained a global ranking.

Plus it includes many hospitals, health centers and private clinics, there is an ambulance service throughout the day and night, and there are many important hospitals nearby. And many luxury malls, which in turn contain various goods such as Canyon Mall / City Mall / Levent Mall. It is worth mentioning that it contains the most important international brands and the finest types of furniture and electronics.

What distinguishes real estate in Levent Istanbul?

This area provides you with an integrated and luxurious lifestyle, and it contains a lot of recreational activities. Educational and health centers. You will find sophistication and modernity represented in all its aspects, which made it the focus of the attention of many real estate investors due to the great financial returns it provides, especially since there are unremitting efforts to develop its facilities and infrastructure.

The region also features wonderful tourist destinations such as:

  • Kanyon Mall: It is one of the most important malls in Istanbul. It is distinguished from an architectural point of view. Both internally and externally. The activities inside it vary greatly, and it includes a large number of nearly 160 shops. In addition to theaters. Cinemas and entertainment venues for children.
  • Sapphire Tower: This tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Istanbul. With a length of about 236 meters above the ground. It is one of the first buildings in Turkey that are environmentally friendly, so it is one of the pillars of tourism in Istanbul. And is distinguished by providing the appropriate environment for shopping and entertainment alike.

The most prominent advantages of investment in Levent Istanbul

  • Through real estate investment in Istanbul. You can apply for real estate residence. Which is one of the most important types of residence at all. As it can be obtained easily and can be renewed.
  • The first purpose of real estate investment is to obtain Turkish citizenship, when the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, in addition to keeping it for three years.
  • The presence of the Levent area on the European side of Istanbul has given it many privileges. The most prominent of which is its proximity to the most important development projects in Turkey, such as (the new Istanbul Water Canal / New Istanbul Airport). Which gives it an investment value.
  • Real estate investment at the present time is considered one of the appropriate times. Based on expectations that indicate the possibility of a rise in real estate prices. During the coming period due to the increase in the prices of raw building materials and also due to the increase in demand for them.
  • During the current period. Turkey is witnessing an important economic recovery, in which it has outperformed many countries in the world. And it is expected that in the coming years it will be among the first tiers in the world.

Real estate prices in Levent

Turkey is also characterized by the fact that real estate prices in it are very appropriate. And this aspect emerges clearly if it is compared with real estate prices in other countries. Such as Europe, America or the Arab Gulf countries.

In addition to all of the reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey, there is the geographical location that is characterized by it. Which is in the middle of the world, as it is located between three of the world’s continents and overlooks the most important seas and water bodies. And is particularly close to the Arab world. All of these factors make prices a last thought before embarking on real estate investment in Turkey

Contact us to provide you with the most important real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul to achieve your desires. Through our good network of relationships. With the most important construction companies, we can provide you with the best property at the most appropriate price.

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