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Follow these tips when investing in real estate in Istanbul

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Real estate in Istanbul is richly diverse. It attracts investors from all around the world, investors come to Turkey to make use of the prestigious investment opportunities, strong, infrastructure, and the consistent Turkish economy which guarantees the persistence of the investment earnings.

The Turkish government gives the real estate investment sector huge support through many legislations and facilitations that attract the investors to invest in the different districts all over Turkey. The latest statistics show that the number of foreign real estate investors in Turkey is increasing. In this article we will introduce many important tips to bear in mind when you think of real estate investment in the country.

Overview of Istanbul and real estate investment in it

Istanbul is located in both Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus Strait separates both sides of the city. This strait was and will always be a trade route and one of the famous tourist natural and historical attractions. This strategic site gives Istanbul climate and geographic diversity. There are 39 areas and neighborhoods in Istanbul in both Asian and European sides of the city. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics to settle and invest in. Istanbul is the best Turkish city for investment. Especially that it has the most dense population and it is the center of the economic activities in Turkey including real estate.

Follow these tips when you want to invest in real estate in Istanbul

  • Stay away from rumors

They can be absolutely fake and misguiding.

  • Consult real estate companies and offices in Istanbul

and They can offer you many services and guarantee your legal rights. They also protect you from spam and fraud.

  • Don’t hesitate in taking the given opportunities

The real estate market in Istanbul has many elements and factors that come together and make investment in the city a constantly profitable opportunity. This makes investment in the city, no matter how small it is, a starting point for bigger investments in the future.

  • Use the governmental support of the real estate sector all over Turkey

The Turkish Government is fully aware of the importance of the real estate sector in Turkey. It is also aware of the importance of supporting this sector in order to attract foreign huge capitals and investors and encourage them to start investing in the country. The government offers many facilitations and supporting legislations such as decreasing taxes and fees. The most important advantage is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment which gives investors many advantages inside and outside the country.

  • Investment projects that can be both real estate and touristic are the most important ones in Turkey

Touristic activities in Turkey are diverse and constant all year round in all touristic times. Seasons. Tourism is the most important factor in the uprising and development of the real estate sector.

  • Locations close to the vital projects in Istanbul are the best

Most of the real estate projects in Istanbul are considered profitable. But the ones close to the enormous and developed infrastructure projects such as the new Istanbul aqueduct. The third bridge of Istanbul, or the modern transportation routs like the metro, are to be considered more developed and profitable.

  • Make sure you have met all the legal conditions and obtained all the needed paperwork

Read and scrutinize the Turkish real estate legislations and keep up with the latest updates. Make sure your papers translated, accredited and documented to guarantee that you and your future project are being legally protected. Real estate companies in Istanbul can help you with your paperwork and with all the investment steps in a relatively short time. They can also help you obtain citizenship by real estate investment in a short time of no longer than 90 days.

Our company offers you many services and informs you of the latest real estate offers for your projects in Turkey

We can also help you with the paperwork needed to transfer the real estate items to your own name. And  help you get the visa in all its forms whether for investment or tourism. We can offer you apartments or houses suitable for applying for the Turkish citizenship through investment in a very short time.

Our staff members are well experienced in the real estate sector in Turkey. They also have a large range of public affairs in all the real estate agencies inside and outside Turkey. With the different embassies, touristic facilities and governmental establishments in the country. This makes your investment easier, simpler and faster.

Visit our company or its online site and ask for real estate general and legal consultation. You are welcome any time.

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