Apartments for sale in Istanbul in installment 2022

جدول المحتويات

Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey and the attraction for Apartments for sale. Tourist and various economic activities in Turkey.

There are 39 districts in Istanbul. These districts lie all ever Istanbul within both Asian and European sides. Istanbul is located on both Asia and Europe which gives it a vast. Rich atmospheric and geographical diversity. This richness and diversity influences the lifestyle of people living in the city. And all the different social and economic activities in it.

The real estate in Istanbul are well known worldwide especially the apartments for sale. Whether for cash or installment. Regarding the diversity of offers and choices. Arab and non Arab investors show the willingness to buy and invest in apartments for sale in Istanbul in installment in the year 2022. They also would like to make use of the features of these real estate.

Here are the features and advantages of investing in these installment apartments in this article:

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in installment have the following attracting advantages:

  1. Various Strategic sites

Residential real estate in Istanbul are located in very important, strategic sites that are close to transportation points and huge vital projects in the city such as the new Istanbul water project or the third bridge of Istanbul…etc…

  1. Tourism in Istanbul

The touristic activity in Istanbul is one of the most essential activities and apartments for sale in Turkey. This is due to the richness in the elements and components of tourism in the city. The Istanbul installment apartment offers are one of the best in the tourism and investment sector.

  1. The view of the project

Istanbul City is known for its distinguished view on many water bodies and on the charming view of the Bosphorus Bridge.

  1. The apartments for sale diversity in Istanbul

Istanbul obviously spans on many areas in both the Asian and European sides of the city. You can see a lot of offers for buying apartments for sale. This introduces investors to a wide range of real estate investment. They can find modern, old, large, small, cash or installment flats for sale in the city.

The competitive prices of installment apartments for sale

in Istanbul :

The most distinguished aspect of the Istanbul apartments for sale offers. Whether cash or installment, is the competitive and relatively cheap prices. Especially when compared with the same offers in any other European country. These competitive prices make real estate investments. Or apartments for sale in Istanbul affordable for all investors. Even for low budget investors.

The European side offers are considered more expensive than the Asian side ones. This is due to the civil development of the European side.

On the other hand, the installment prices are usually more expensive than the cash ones. Due to the facilitating nature of the offer.

Can the investors acquire the Turkish citizenship through their investment in apartments for sale offers?

Non-Turkish investors can apply for citizenship after buying real estate in Istanbul for 250000 US dollars or any equivalent in other currencies. You can apply for citizenship by buying installment apartments for sale under the conditions. That the first installment should be at least 250000 US dollars. Real estate offices and companies can help you find such offers of apartments for sale. You can also buy more than one apartment in more than one area or district under the condition that the whole worth of these apartments should be at least 250000 US dollars. The applicants for citizenship should meet all the other legal conditions. For acquiring citizenship by investment in the country.

All the investors in Turkey would like to acquire Turkish citizenship in order to make use of the Turkish passport advantages inside and outside the country. The Turkish legislations accept dual citizenship. Which enables the investors to keep their native citizenship in addition to the Turkish one.

Don’t hesitate and take the opportunity to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul

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We can also help you with the paperwork needed to transfer the real estate items to your own name. And we can help you get the visa in all its forms whether for investment or tourism. Also can offer you apartments for sale or houses suitable. For applying for the Turkish citizenship through investment in a very short time.

Our staff members are well experienced  in the real estate sector in Turkey. They also have a large range of public affairs in all the real estate agencies inside and outside Turkey. And with the different embassies. Touristic facilities and governmental establishments in the country. This makes your investment in easier, simpler and faster.

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