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The cities and regions of Turkey have become a major investment center through buying and selling real estate in them. This has led to attracting large numbers of investors to invest in Turkey, especially foreign investors, and the real estate movement varies between one city and another due to many factors that make one city preferable to the other in terms of its properties. This is due to the location, size and quality of the real estate, and in Turkey there are many areas famous for its large real estate movement, the most important of which is the Bosphorus Strait due to its geographical, spatial and tourism components, and the success it provides in real estate investment.

Should I buy villas for sale on the Bosphorus?

The Bosphorus is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey. It is the largest destination for real estate investors located on the outskirts of the famous Bosphorus. The real estate located on the outskirts or close to the Bosphorus is classified as one of the most important and most beautiful real estate in the world, and the most important real estate that is invested in on the Bosphorus are the villas, in 2022 the demand for villas increased and this was due to several factors that contributed to attracting investors to invest In the Bosphorus villas.

Investment villas in the Bosphorus:

Bosphorus villas can be one of the best properties to invest in, due to its features that attract investors and people who want to buy and own them constantly.

Residential Investment:

Here the investor is looking for a villa with the intention of housing for himself, and his choices in choosing the villa are a personality that satisfies the parties of the family because he is the one who will live in it and he will have to choose it himself. Residential investment in the Bosphorus villas is different from others because it brings you the high luxury that you seek to reach, in addition to providing all aspects of high-end and contemporary life.

business investment:

In this type of investment, the intent of buying villas is to trade in them either by selling or renting them, and when the intent is commercial, you have to take into account some international standards in choosing a villa. When choosing a villa, you should pay attention to:

1 – Location: You must choose a good location for the villa, close to the strait and close to service centers and education centers, because this will attract tourists and students who want to rent and temporarily reside in the country,It should also be located in a convenient location for the transportation network and close to highways in the area.

2 – The view: The view of the villa plays a major role in promoting it for sale, purchase or rent, and it also plays a major role in determining the price of the villa, and there may be huge differences in the prices of villas between the villa with a beautiful view and the villa with a normal view.

3 – Space: The investor must choose a villa with a large and sufficient area, and it contains a certain number of rooms distributed between bedrooms and living rooms, and the distribution and good organization of the kitchen and other facilities, and the villa must have at least two balconies, and the greater the number of balconies, the more it gives the villa an aesthetic and greater value. And contributed to raising its price in the real estate market in the region.

4 – Design: Villas are considered one of the most luxurious types of real estate in the world, and the main interest in them is their architecture, luxury, and their external and internal appearance.

5 – Furnishing the villa: Villa furniture occupies a great place for most investors, so they are very interested in the quality and aesthetics of the furniture and its proportion to the luxury of the villa and the consistency of its colors, the investor faces two things: either the villa is furnished and equipped and you will have to search more for suitable furniture for you, or the villa is not equipped and you furnish it and buy furniture, and this will cause a difference in the price of the villa.

These are the features that the investor should consider when choosing a villa, and in terms of privacy, each area has different features from another area. Villas in the Bosphorus are characterized by several features that make them the best destination for investment.

Advantages of investing in Bosphorus villas

Investing in Bosphorus villas gives you many advantages, especially after the significant increase in the movement of sales and real estate investment in villas in this region, and these advantages include:

Strategic location: The Bosphorus is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, because it contains beautiful natural ingredients and beautiful agricultural landscapes that attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. This provides a great opportunity for investors to succeed in real estate in Turkey, especially by renting villas overlooking the water and green spaces.

The luxury of the villas: The Bosphorus villas are among the most luxurious villas in Turkey, due to the great interest they received from the Turkish government, The interest in villas begins with their construction by choosing good building materials and designing them architecturally under the supervision of the best engineers’ offices, paying attention to their external appearance and entrances, as well as paying attention to their furniture and clothing and choosing luxurious furniture with international specifications, so when someone thinks of buying a villa, the first thing that comes to his mind is the Bosphorus villas.

Large profits: The real estate market in this region is characterized as prosperous and its prices are constantly rising, and this ensures the inevitability of profit and benefit from investing in Bosphorus villas, in the case of sale, but in the case of leasing, the profits are greater through a fixed monthly or annual income, while maintaining the capital as it is, Indeed, over time, the capital swells and increases with the inflation of prices in the Turkish real estate market.

 Turkish citizenship: owning a villa in Turkey enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions, as many foreign investors were able to obtain citizenship within only 3 months for following the steps to obtain citizenship accurately, and obtaining Turkish citizenship is a major reason for the influx of these large numbers of foreign investors their interest was focused on owning real estate in Turkey, especially at the beginning of this year 2022, when the Turkish government worked on facilitating the granting of citizenship to increase investor demand, and it succeeded and achieved this.

All the features that the Bosphorus villas have, make them a gateway to real estate investment in Turkey, and make it a key factor in the changes in the real estate market in Turkey.

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