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Infrastructure support in Turkey is the main work that the Turkish government is striving for today. It has spared no effort in building and constructing important projects that have attained an advanced global status, and this is certainly due to its high importance.

One of the most important projects that are being built and constructed today is the (New Istanbul Financial Center), which is based in Istanbul and in its Asian section in particular.

The editorial team at Hana Real Estate has worked on organizing this report, which will be comprehensive on this center, in addition to that all information related to it will be highlighted, and we will talk about some other important projects of similar importance.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

Learn about the new financial center of Istanbul:

Have you ever heard of this center? What you do not know is that it is still under construction and that efforts are still continuing to this day in order to be among the largest, largest and ten most important financial centers in the world in 2023 AD.

According to what was announced by the concerned authority, the main objective of it is to make Turkey a global center that competes with European and other countries, and to make Turkey a first destination for all investors and businessmen around the world.

In the future, the new financial center in Istanbul will be a major financial center not only in Turkey but also in the world.

– Among the important information that you should know about this center is that it can be accessed by many means of transportation and public transportation.

– It will also include more than seventy thousand employees, and thus this is an indication that it has supported and strengthened the Turkish economy, provided many job opportunities and reduced the unemployment rate.

In this regard, did you know that the impact of this center on the real estate sector in Istanbul is not underestimated? But in your opinion, will this effect be on all areas in that city, or only on the Asian section in which it is located, or only on the area in which it is located?

Certainly, it will have an impact on the real estate sector in Istanbul in general, but the greatest impact will be on the urban area in which it is located, in which real estate will witness a significant and clear rise, especially after the completion of its construction work.

In fact, its impact has become clear from now on, as many construction companies have headed to that region in order to build many large and luxurious investment and residential projects.

Real estate affected by the new Istanbul Financial Center:

We have already mentioned that this center will greatly affect the real estate sector in Istanbul, but what exactly will be affected? This is what we will learn through the following points:

– First, real estate prices will increase in Istanbul in general and in the Asian section in particular.

– The average price per square meter has started to rise from now on.

– After its construction is completed, prices will rise even more.

– Certainly the demand for real estate purchases will increase.

Let us tell you that the eyes of real estate investors around the world have focused heavily on Istanbul recently as a natural result of this great development in its infrastructure, this city contains a large number of distinctive and important projects and the new Istanbul Financial Center is only an integral part of it.

In the area in which this center is located, seven luxury and huge hotels are being built. According to real estate specialists, it is expected that the urban growth of the area will increase, and in fact, the Ümraniye area today is one of the most accelerating areas in Istanbul in terms of real estate.

Important information about the new Istanbul Financial Center:

Through the following paragraph, we will present the most important information that interests you about this center, where many aspects and details related to it will be indicated.

– First, this center extends over an area of ​​800,000 square meters.

– Its architectural style is taken from the Ottoman architecture, it is in the style of the Topkapi Palace and the Covered Market.

– Inside it there is a mosque with a capacity to accommodate more than ten thousand worshipers at the same time.

– It contains a sports center and can accommodate more than 15,000 people at the same time.

– An attached car park with a large area of ​​more than fifty thousand square meters.

– What you do not know is that from the inside, there is a large spread of green spaces, which added to it an aesthetic splendor.

– It contains a lot of decorations, inscriptions and fountains.

– Large areas of it have been allocated to serve as a center for banks, offices, and others.

– There are conference rooms in the style of luxurious palaces in Turkey and the world.

Do you think that this center was built randomly? Certainly not, as many important plans have been developed in order not to have any disruption, and a patchwork has been chosen that all public transportation and express transportation can access in order for everyone to reach it easily and with the least effort and cost possible, especially the employees.

Let us tell you about the areas that have been affected and will be greatly affected by this center, which today is considered an important destination for real estate investment, where abundant returns and profits can be obtained by purchasing real estate in them, especially with expectations that during the coming period will record an unexpectedly large rise in prices:

– Ümraniye area.

– Ataşehir district.

– Maltepe region.

– Kadikoy area.

– Çekmeköy area.

– Kartal region.

What after the completion of the establishment of the new financial center:

The completion of the construction of this center is just around the corner, and according to experts and specialists, during the coming period, many international and important companies will take the Asian side of Istanbul, as their center for the headquarters of their companies, as well as banks.

We must point out that the current time is one of the best time periods that you can choose to search for real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul, especially if your goal is to invest and get profits. Currently, the prices are still appropriate and moderate, but in the coming days they will record a significant and noticeable rise, and therefore, it assures you of the percentage of profits that you will get.

The most prominent infrastructure projects in Istanbul:

After we presented in detail the new financial center in Istanbul and clarified many points related to it and talked about its impact on the real estate field and other information, it is necessary now to refer briefly and quickly to the most important and most prominent other infrastructure projects that exist in this city through the following paragraphs:

First: The new Istanbul Water Canal:

This canal is one of the largest projects being built in Turkey during the current period and is expected to contribute to the transfer of Turkey a qualitative leap at the global level. It cannot be overlooked that its impact is very large on the Turkish economy and the real estate sector.

This canal is located on the European side of Istanbul, and therefore the areas most affected by it are those in this part of the city, such as: Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Arnavutkoy, and others, and it is expected that real estate prices in those areas, when completed, will rise significantly.

Thanks to this channel, today, thousands of investors, businessmen and huge capitals go to that city and regions in order to buy real estate and set up huge investment businesses.

Second: New Istanbul Airport:

Certainly, this airport is well known, as it has recently gained a lot of fame and distinction, and it is daily considered one of the largest, most famous and most modern airports in the world and a strong competitor to many airports in European countries.

Did you know that this airport has won many important awards and is still under construction and has a capacity to accommodate more than 250 million passengers annually, and that its runways can accommodate more than 500 aircraft at the same time.

Also, this airport is located on the European side and clearly affects the real estate sector in it. One of the closest areas to it is (Başakşehir), where real estate prices are increasing dramatically, and it is among the first five areas in Istanbul in terms of the rapid and large increase in real estate prices, and this has emerged clearly over the last three years, the increase amounted to 45%.

According to the statements of specialists in the Turkish real estate sector, during the coming period, real estate prices in that region will rise more than that, and this is what prompts many investors around the world to go towards it to search for properties for sale, especially with the presence of many modern and high-end urban projects and special offers that construction companies offer.

Third: Basaksehir Medical City:

Also in the Basaksehir area on the European side of Istanbul there is one of the largest medical cities in the world. It was named after the same area, which is the first in Turkey and the third in the European continent.

What you do not know about Basaksehir Medical City is that it has a capacity equivalent to eight hospitals at the same time, not to mention its technical and medical developments in terms of equipment and methods used that keep pace with the most important European countries, in addition to the important medical staff with expertise and high qualifications.

Fourth: Transportation and Public Transport:

It is not possible to avoid talking about public transportation, which the Turkish government is working hard to provide to all regions, even remote places, and the goal is:

– Connecting Istanbul districts with each other.

– Access to any area quickly and so that there is ease of movement without much effort or time.

– Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities in the world, and therefore the development in the transportation aspect was an ideal solution.

– A lot of highways were built and the areas were provided with rapid transport lines such as: metrobus – metro.

In this regard, it must be noted that the residential areas or investment projects close to these projects increase in price rapidly and continuously compared to the areas far from them, so the successful investor is the one who is looking for a real estate investment opportunity near them to ensure that he obtains a high profit constantly and if he wanted to sell the property in the future. This will be very easy and he will not have to wait long, as the demand for this type of real estate is very high.

Fifth: Eurasia Tunnel:

As for this tunnel, it is one of the most important projects that are located on the Asian side of the city of Istanbul, and it was allocated for cars, and one of its most prominent functions is that it connects the two parts of the city with each other, and it is one of the modern projects that opened in 2016.

It is located under the Bosphorus and has been professionally built and earthquake-resistant. It is worth noting that it is one of the most important and largest projects that have been built, as it is unique and has characteristics that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

One of its most prominent advantages is that it will reduce the time it takes for flights from 100 minutes to a quarter of an hour only, and it will also reduce congestion, and it is one of the fastest means of transportation between the continents of Asia and Europe.

Are the infrastructure projects we mentioned in Istanbul in this article everything? Certainly not, as there are many other important projects that exist in this city, but it was not enough to talk but to mention some of them and the most prominent of them.

But it must be noted that there are many plans to build many important and distinguished projects during the coming period, and this is precisely what made Turkey a real and ideal destination for real estate investment or other types of investments.

If you would like to see more information related to the real estate market in Turkey or in Istanbul, whether in the field of infrastructure or in other aspects, you can visit our website constantly because we are always monitoring the Turkish reality for you.

The best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and Istanbul, we are keen to offer them to our customers. Contact us now and take advantage of the best opportunities.

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