Advantages of real estate investment in the European side of Istanbul 2022

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Turkey is one of the world’s top countries in the real estate investment sector. The urban development, government policy and facilities sought by the Turkish government, led to the huge boom in the Turkish real estate market, and an increase in the movement of real estate purchase and investment, and this was the result of several factors that made Turkey the focus of attention of world investors, it made them turn to real estate investment and profitable projects in it, due to the great financial success and benefits, as the real estate movement continued to increase in 2022 and Turkey’s real estate market became one of the largest real estate markets in the world.

Investing in the European side of Istanbul:

The European side of Istanbul is witnessing the largest share of this boom in the field of real estate investment, and this is due to the investor with several advantages. First, let us know how you can invest in European Istanbul and reap profits as quickly as possible, and this is done in several forms:

Residential investment: This type of investment is made by purchasing, equipping, and benefiting from real estate by living in it. In this type of investment, the investor takes great care in choosing the property, and this is done by choosing the appropriate location for the investor’s residence and the appropriate space for his family, and the view of the property and the city in which it is located.

Commercial investment: There are many forms of commercial investment. You can sell, rent or mortgage the property. This provides the investor with greater opportunities for profit and benefit from the financial returns.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul:

In general, real estate investment in Turkey has many advantages that make it occupy an advanced place globally, and through the following paragraphs, all these details can be revealed.

Real estate prices in Turkey are cheap:

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is considered one of the cities with medium or cheap prices on the real estate level, due to several reasons and factors that make Istanbul a center to attract investors from all over the world to buy and invest in the European side of Istanbul, and that cheap prices and low cost facilitate the purchase process and ensure success in Investment guarantees profits and financial returns for the investor.

Extensive opportunities for success and excellence:

The real estate market in Turkey witnessed inflation and an increase in the number of foreign and Turkish investors, and this inflation continued until this year 2022, but the number of investors increased more, and the main reason for this inflation was the returns and profits accruing to the investor, the investor is trying to find investment projects to achieve success and profit.

 After the process of buying the property and determining the type of real estate investment and its purpose of investment, he will find great ease in the process of investing in the property, and making profits as quickly as possible, and on an ongoing basis. The investor can sell the property with a few profits, and he can rent the property and benefit from a monthly and continuous amount of money, and his property remains the same and this is the best way to profit and raise money.

Tax Credits for Investors:

One of the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of real estate for non-resident foreign investors is the exemption from the added tax, which provides the investor with a large amount of money, which attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest real estate in Istanbul during these years, and making Turkey’s economy booming, it also made the Turkish real estate market prosperous, and it meets all investors’ demands for real estate.

Good financial returns that can increase over time:

Investing in European Istanbul enables you to profit more than other investments. The investor in Istanbul guarantees the stability of the capital at worst, but if the purchase period is long, it guarantees huge profits, and the monthly or annual benefit is from the property by renting it, Real estate rental should take place in the places where tourists and temporary visitors are located, and in places of tourism and natural areas overlooking the lakes as these places abound in Istanbul, with its Asian and European parts, and the investor must choose the location of the property very carefully because of its importance in attracting tourists and renters, and a beautiful view of the property should be chosen that gives the residents peace and psychological comfort and supports the tourism movement in the country.

Facilities provided by the Turkish government:

 The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment. It periodically conducts real estate campaigns urging the support of investors and facilitating investment procedures in the country. In other countries, owning a property requires great and many conditions, while in Turkey the conditions of ownership and real estate investment are very normal, In fact, facilities are provided for the purchase of real estate as quickly as possible, and paperwork is completed in a fast and distinguished time, which contributes to attracting all investors from all over the world towards these great facilities in the investment process.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

This feature is considered the biggest and best feature for what foreign investors are seeking. The investor can obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions. The property must be worth at least $400,000. Investors coming from unstable and unsafe countries obtained Turkish citizenship only 90 days after owning a property in Turkey, After the year 2022 witnessed a major movement in real estate and a clear boom in the Turkish real estate market, the analysis was conducted in this regard, and it was found that up to 40% of these investors had their primary purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Property features in European Istanbul:

Location: Istanbul real estate is distinguished by its privileged location, close to vital and tourist sites and the beaches that attract tourists, as well as close to international trade places, markets, medical centers, restaurants, etc., which makes it enjoy a wonderful strategic and geographical location.

View of the property: The view of the property is very important to most investors because of the role it plays in real estate prices. The property overlooking the shores of the Marmara Sea is different in price from the property overlooking an ordinary street.

Furnishing the property and its space: Istanbul real estate is characterized by its large areas, distributed into several rooms, and excellent organization.

Infrastructure in Istanbul: Istanbul real estate is characterized by the fact that under it is a very strong transportation network, linking its streets with each other and linking the European and Asian sections of Istanbul with each other and providing many services for investors, which makes Istanbul real estate very suitable for housing and even considered the best among the world.

There are still many advantages that make Istanbul a center to attract investors from all over the world to buy and invest in the European side of Istanbul, especially in this year 2022 because of the boom in real estate sales and investment, as well as the large influx of foreign investors and their good choice of investment .

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