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The Kağıthane district has been considered the heart of Istanbul throughout the ages. It is characterized by wide picnic spots. The people of Istanbul enjoyed spending their spring days in it, in a place called Khidir Elias, where trees flourish, and the pastures are decorated, and after the urban renaissance that occurred in it, Kağıthane was able to become one of the most famous areas In Istanbul, thanks to the advanced infrastructure and mega housing projects.

Through the following article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate will present to you a detailed report on the Kağıthane area, highlighting the most important and important details related to it.

Are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Kağıthane?

Through the following paragraphs, we will talk about many details related to the Kağıthane district of Istanbul, which will support your decision to buy apartments and real estate in it.

Kagithane area before the urban renaissance

Kağıthane was a primitive area, the purpose of which was to walk and spend a wonderful day among the gardens and parks only, people used to go to it by boat, and they could go to it overland by horses or wagons, and the most joyful thing was to come to it using boats.

About the Kağıthane district after the urban renaissance

The star of Kağıthane has risen in the modern era, especially with the entry of huge real estate projects into Kağıthane, and the development of infrastructure in the region, as well as the entry of modern transportation lines, which were established in the modern era

The Kağıthane district enjoys a distinctive central location, which gives it the ability to easily access all areas of Istanbul, which has made it the focus of the attention of many well-known brands in real estate investment.

Urban transformation in Kağıthane

The construction boom has started in this area since 2007, and its pace has varied in recent years, which led to the start of the metro line project, and the opening of the famous Biala Pasha Tunnel, in addition to the valley reclamation project, as well as its proximity to the central road area,

Which led to attracting the interest of a huge segment of employees and immigrants to it, which led to an increase in the proportion of real estate projects in Kağıthane.

Real estate prices in Kağıthane

Property prices per square meter in Kağıthane real estate range from 4,000 to 9,000 TL.

The price in most large real estate projects can reach 12,000 Turkish liras, and the data indicate several results that confirm that the apartments are of a high-end architectural style, and enjoy great interest from investors and those wishing to own property.

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institution, the percentage of sales in the Turkish real estate sector increased by a very large percentage than it was before in the Kağıthane region, and it has reached 87% during the last three years.

Since 2013, the percentage of demand for real estate purchases from the Kağıthane district has increased, reaching 32%, and in 2014 an 11% increase, reaching 87% since 2020!Kağıthane was ranked 17th among Istanbul districts in terms of real estate purchase.

Real estate experts also believe that there will be a boom in the increase in the rates of search for apartments for sale in Kağıthane Istanbul with great advantages, during the coming periods, especially in light of the government facilities offered to real estate investors, such as real estate residency, tax cuts, and granting Turkish citizenship for real estate investment With a specific value, inside Turkey..

Many important residential complexes have been built within the Kağıthane district. These complexes can accommodate large numbers of residents.

These residential complexes and real estate located in the Kağıthane district of Istanbul, are distinguished by the splendor of architecture in the original Turkish style, which combines the fragrance of the past and the development of the future.

Apartments, buildings, and real estate were built in the Kağıthane district, to suit everyone in terms of prices, which encourages real estate investors to buy there, and those wishing to obtain citizenship from Arabs and foreigners.

As well as the area of ​​the property, which ranges from apartments with small areas, and other apartments with large areas, and apartments of medium size, in addition to the presence of duplexes, troplexes, and buildings of small and large residential homes.

Attention was paid to the Kağıthane district in Istanbul, and in the interest of the concerned ministries within the State of Turkey, several decisions were issued during the previous period, on top of which was the development of the infrastructure in this region, and the establishment of many restoration and repair works for all tourist places, which are located in this region And in huge numbers.

It is expected that during the coming periods, there will be a significant increase in real estate prices in that region, due to the events and developments it witnessed, related to the development of infrastructure, as well as transportation, adding metro lines during the coming periods, establishing a large number of government and international schools, and establishing public and private universities. And providing markets and malls, and international shops, and a huge number of amenities and pleasure for the residents, such as saunas, Turkish baths, clubs, gardens and children’s amusement parks.

What helped the Kağıthane district in Istanbul to become a tourist attraction, and an area to attract investors as well, and those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in the Kağıthane region.

It is also an easy way to make many profits in short periods of time, due to the low real estate prices, and there is no doubt that real estate is still under construction, and that makes it low in price, but after a short period of time its price will increase, and thus the investor has achieved a large level of profit in a short time.

The location of the Kağıthane district in Istanbul

 Kağıthane district is one of the districts located on the European side of Istanbul, in the city center.

Surrounded by Sultan, Şiktaş, Eyüp, Şişli, Sarıyer and Beyoğlu districts.

It is characterized by its short beach that extends into the bay of the Golden Horn, and it is also one of the ancient cities and was named by this name in relation to its possession of a paper shop, as well as the word Kat, which means paper in the Turkish language.

Kağıthane is considered the favorite entertainment area since the Ottoman Empire, and until now, to return again after it lost its popularity since the end of the Ottoman era, as well as the renewal that manifested itself in the increase in trade and shopping centers, instead of random housing, to become one of the investment centers in Istanbul .

Tourist areas in Kağıthane

There are quite a few tourist areas, and among them are Yildiz Palace, Sadabad Cami Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Harbiye Military Museum, and Pasha’s Private Garden.

In addition to the social facilities of Nur Tepe and Sadabad Theater, as mentioned in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, it is a place full of beauty and vast green spaces.

As well as the presence of many palaces and mosques at that time since the Ottoman era, but most of them have not survived, and they still have many places to visit and explore, which attract many visitors and make them the focus of the world’s attention.

Whether you want to search for apartments for sale in Kağıthane Istanbul or in other areas of Istanbul, you can contact us to help you find the right apartment for you in line with your budget and help you achieve your goals.

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