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Today, Turkey has become one of the most important destinations that foreigners and investors around the world choose to buy and own real estate, especially after all the facilities that the Turkish government is keen to provide and in light of the development and advantages that they will obtain, thus, there were many questions on this subject to a large extent, which prompted us to choose one of these questions to talk about in our next article, which is (Where are real estate prices heading in Turkey during the current year).

Will real estate prices rise in Turkey?

The real estate market in Turkey is one of the most active real estate markets in the world, where construction companies are racing among themselves to provide the best specifications and suitable offers for everyone without exception.
Real estate prices in Turkey are recording successive increases, but what is the reason for that? In fact, the rise in real estate prices in Turkey is not based on one or two reasons only.

But rather it is a group of reasons, which are as follows:

– The population of Turkey is more than 84 million people, and therefore this density has led to an increase in the demand for real estate in Turkey in general and in particular for residential real estate.
– Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries and has ranked fourth in the world, so you find that the movement of buying and selling reaches its climax in those seasons, which is the opportunity for investors to obtain high returns.
– If you are looking for abundant profits, choose tourist properties such as hotel apartments – hotels – restaurants – cafes and others.
– Change in the price of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.
– The increase in foreign demand for buying real estate in Turkey in light of the facilities provided by the Turkish government has caused a decrease in the quantity of supply in front of demand.
What is worth noting is that real estate prices may stabilize at some time and for a specific period of time, but quickly rise again, so the investor must deal with real estate intelligently, that is, he must sell at a thoughtful time when it rises and buy when it decreases.
There are also many other ingredients that contributed to the rise in the value of real estate and the value of real estate investment in it, which is that it contains the most important infrastructure projects such as (New Istanbul Airport – New Istanbul Water Canal – Eurasia Tunnel – Canakkale Bridge – Basaksehir Medical City – the most important international universities and schools).

What are the factors affecting real estate prices in Turkey?

Before you search for real estate for sale in Turkey, you should look at the factors that affect it first so that you do not fall victim to fraud or scams due to your lack of experience in this field, and through the next paragraph we will talk about the most prominent things related to this aspect.
1 – The location of the property controls its price to a large extent. The more distinguished it is, the higher its price will be.
– Is it close to public transportation?
– Are there educational institutions near it (schools – universities – cultural centers)?
– Is it close to places and attractions? malls? shopping centers?
– Are there important projects near it? Or will projects be built near it in the future? (You have to ask about its future.)
2 – What is the view of the property? Does it overlook the sea? Or overlook green spaces?
3 – Is the property old or newly built? Modern real estate is more expensive than the old.
4 – Are the apartment specifications traditional, modern or classic?
5 – The price of the property varies in relation to the method of payment, is it in cash or in installments?
6 – What floor is the property on? If it is located on the first floors, its price varies if it is located on the higher floors.
7 – The area of ​​the apartment also affects its value. The larger its area, the higher its value.
8 – The type of property, is it inside a residential complex? Or in separate buildings?  a villa?  a commercial property?

Important notes when buying real estate in Turkey:

Before you sign the sales contract, there are many things that you should take into consideration first, which greatly affect its prices, which are legal problems such as mortgage or seizure, or perhaps there are problems related to the title deed, or you may buy a property in an area where foreigners are not allowed to buy real estate and therefore You may have fallen into losses because they negatively affect the value of the property.

Will real estate prices in Turkey continue to rise?

It is stressed that prices will continue to rise in light of the acceleration and urban development witnessed by the real estate sector in Turkey. And with the continuation of the Turkish citizenship program for two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. Also due to the development of infrastructure. And its containment of the most important projects that have won a global rank.

What is the reason for the high percentage of real estate sales in Turkey?

According to statistics, the number of real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners is constantly increasing every year compared to the previous year. So what are the reasons that drive them to own property in Turkey?
– Some of them want to obtain Turkish citizenship.
– A large group of them want to enter the real estate investment world.
– Many of them want to live and settle in an ideal environment. Such as Turkey, with all the necessities of life.
– Real estate in this country is distinguished by its high quality and modern designs.
– Turkey allows foreigners to buy real estate online.

The most important information that you should know about real estate prices in Turkey we have provided to you through this article. We hope that you have obtained the required benefit.
Among the services that we provide to our clients in the Hana Real Estate Company. Is the provision of suitable properties for them and their financial balance.

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