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All you need to know about residential complexes in Istanbul

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Residential complexes in Istanbul are one of the most important choices the buyer chooses when searching for apartments and real estate for sale, after they have proven their importance through the many privileges they offer. If you want to buy an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul, you must know all the details related to it.

Did you know that for those who live in an apartment complex, there are monthly returns that must be paid? If this is one of the topics that interest you to know, you can follow the next article that we dedicated to talking about it.

What is meant by the returns of housing complexes?

What we mean by these returns is the amount of money that apartment owners pay monthly, which is for all the services and features that are provided in the complex, including cleaning services, periodic maintenance, and recreational facilities such as swimming pools – playgrounds – Turkish bath – sauna – round-the-clock protection.

You should know that the level of services varies from one complex to another and from one area to another, and it is not a constant situation in all areas of the city.

Who is responsible for receiving the proceeds in the apartment complexes?

Responsible for this matter is the management of the complex, and one of the tasks carried out by the administration is to solve any problem that the residents may face, and also works to control matters and follow up on all details.

As for the person responsible for paying these returns, he is the owner of the apartment if he is the one who resides in it,

but if he rents it, the tenant is responsible for paying it.

It is worth mentioning that the returns must be paid on time every month without delay so as not to be subject to violations.

These are the actions that will be taken against those who are late in paying the returns on time:

– The owner of the apartment will have to pay a fine for being late.

– The apartment owner and his family will not be allowed to benefit from the full services that are provided.

– Sometimes a lawsuit may be filed against the owner of the apartment due to his late payment of royalties.

– Water, gas and electricity are cut off from his apartment.

It is certain that not all of these penalties will be implemented at the same time, and in general, none of them will be implemented until the owner of the apartment is very late in paying.

Learn about the services provided in the residential complexes:

You should see the services that are provided in the residential complexes in Istanbul in detail,

and as we mentioned above, these services differ from one region to another and from one complex to another, and here are the most prominent:

1 – First, cleaning services are available in all residential complexes in Istanbul and include cleaning (stairs – internal walls of the complex – doors – windows).

In some luxury complexes cleaning services are provided for the apartments.

2 – Periodic maintenance of everything in the complex so that it maintains its modernity. The maintenance work includes (renovation and repair of anything that is damaged – repair of locks – windows) and anything that apartment owners may suffer from.

3 – Protection and security service is available around the clock in all residential complexes in Istanbul. This service is of three types:

– Security guard at the outside gates of the complex.

– Surveillance cameras scattered everywhere.

– Alarms that warn of any attempted theft.

It is unlikely that there will be cases of theft in these complexes, as the identity of each person who enters it is verified, and if he is not a real estate owner or who is related to them, he is not entered.

4 – These complexes include many recreational services such as:

– swimming pools;

– Sauna bath – steam rooms.

– Children’s play areas.

– Sports Club.

– Restaurant – coffee shop.

– Parks – gardens.

5 – Parking lots, since in all residential complexes there are places for cars, and therefore the owner of a car no longer has to look for a place to put it.

You should know that in some residential complexes there is a mosque – a school – shops. In short, these complexes are an integrated life whose residents will not need much of the outside.

What is the revenue of residential complexes in Istanbul?

We cannot accurately determine the returns of residential complexes because this matter varies according to the area in which the complex is located and may also differ from one complex to another in one area.

It is worth mentioning that the location in which the residential complex is located also has an impact on the value of revenues,

service facilities near it as well, transportation lines, and other factors.

How are the proceeds of housing complexes disposed of?

You may be wondering where the proceeds collected from apartment owners in apartment complexes in Istanbul go?

It is divided into three sections and distributed by the residential complex administration to these entities:

– Thirty percent of the amount collected is profits that the complex’s management takes in order to work on developing the services provided and raising their quality.

– Twenty percent of them are maintenance and repair fees for elevators, and so on.

– Fifty percent of it goes to the salaries of workers, employees and security men.

Is housing in apartment complexes expensive?

Many people and foreigners in Turkey want to live and settle in residential complexes,

where they get an integrated and distinguished lifestyle in which all services and recreational places are available,

but it is not suitable for some due to the costs that must be paid monthly, is it really expensive?

Perhaps the costs of living in residential complexes in Istanbul are higher than the costs of living in independent buildings,

but in return, living in them is characterized by comfort, luxury and sophistication.

Do not forget that in residential complexes many things will not be your responsibility,

such as following up on maintenance or cleaning matters.

In this article, we have provided you with all the details you need to know about the returns of residential complexes in Istanbul. We hope that we have answered all your questions about this.

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