Tips to save money when buying an apartment in Turkey 2022 AD

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Are you thinking of buying an apartment in Turkey? If you are really about to take this step, you should search for a lot of information related to this.

Through this article, we will present today an important topic that everyone who wants to buy real estate and apartments in Turkey should read about, which is the methods by which they can save money when buying apartments in this country.

We will give you a set of tips and caveats that if you follow them, you will be able to save a lot of money on buying an apartment in Turkey.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

Follow these tips to save money when buying an apartment in Turkey:

You will need what we will present to you immediately if this is your first experience in buying real estate in Turkey, so we advise you to read carefully:

1 – Hire a real estate company:

The first advice that we can give you in this regard is to use one of the reliable real estate companies in Turkey that will protect you from falling victim to real estate fraud. With its great experience in the real estate market in Turkey, it defines real estate prices in each region and therefore you will not have to pay a financial value for a property that does not deserve the required amount.

It must be noted that it is important to choose a real estate company with great care to ensure that you are on the right path:

– Ask carefully about the reputation of the real estate company in the real estate market.

– See the services it provides.

– Connect with clients they have dealt with.

– Take a look at the number of real estate sales made through.

Before you search for the right property, you should familiarize yourself with the laws stipulated in the Turkish Constitution, and here are the most important ones:

– A foreigner cannot buy an apartment in a security or military zone in Turkey.

– Foreigners are not entitled to own more than 30 hectares in various parts of Turkey.

– You cannot own more than 10% of the area.

– Beware that if you hold one of the nationalities that Turkey prevents from buying real estate on its land.

*The Syrian-Armenian-Cuban-North Korean holders cannot buy real estate in Turkey.

3 – Take advantage of the offers and discounts offered by construction companies:

Every once in a while, construction companies offer a lot of attractive offers and discounts. You can look forward to buying an apartment with great specifications at an affordable price. In this regard, we note that when you deal with a real estate company, it is responsible for securing the best opportunities for you.

4 – Be careful when buying an apartment under construction:

– Apartments under construction are a popular choice among those looking for apartments and real estate for sale in Turkey.

– The apartments under construction are suitable for people with low budgets or those who cannot pay the price of the apartment in cash.

– It is distinguished that the buyer will have to pay the value of the property in stages and parts.

– The value of this type of apartments increases by more than 30% after the completion of its construction.

There are several points that you should pay attention to, including:

– Ensure that payments can be made at the agreed time without delay.

– You must be sure of the credibility of the company you are dealing with.

– To guarantee your rights, all the terms agreed upon in the contract must be recorded.

5 – Ensure the safety of the property and that there are no restrictions on it:

The property that you found may be suitable, but it entails some problems (such as seizure or mortgage). This can be confirmed through the land registry,

because such information about the property is not mentioned in the title deed.

Did you know that any legal problem leads to the property losing part of its material value and also hinders the completion of its sale.

6 – Negotiate the price of the apartment and do not pay what is required directly:

Negotiating the price of the property is common among all buyers. The seller may have asked for a high price for his property,

or you may have found a property you liked, but your budget does not allow you to own it. Often when negotiating, the seller lowers the value of the property a little, and therefore you will be the winner, as you have obtained an apartment with distinctive specifications at the right price for you.

7 – Make sure that the apartment does not need much maintenance:

In the event that you buy an old-built apartment, beware of getting involved that you need a lot of maintenance and modifications,

as this is very expensive and you should study this matter before you sign the purchase contract.

In order not to encounter a lot of costs of making modifications and maintenance on apartments in Turkey,

try to buy a newly built apartment, as this does not need anything.

8 – You must be present in person when signing the contract:

Are you someone who wants to buy an apartment in Turkey remotely through a real estate company? Many people are buying an apartment remotely in Turkey because of their inability to attend in person. However, it is recommended that you try to attend, even for a few days, to anticipate the property yourself, as this will guarantee your right more and make you feel comfortable and reassured.

Do you think that buying apartments in Turkey is easy? The Turkish state has been known as one of the most suitable places in the world to buy and own real estate, and has outperformed many countries in the world, especially the countries of the European continent.

What about Turkish government

 Turkish government has provided foreigners on its soil with many facilities. And guarantees that make them feel safe and avoid losses. The most important thing that was presented is the (real estate appraisal document), which accurately determines the value of the property. Which worked to create a state of balance in real estate prices. And prevented sellers from manipulating prices.

In order to save money when buying an apartment in Turkey, you must know all the steps and procedures that you must take from start to finish.

In this article, you were with Hana Real Estate, through which we were keen to provide all the advice. And mention all the details that help you save money when you buy an apartment in Turkey. We can provide you with the most important. And safest real estate opportunities in Turkey..  Do not hesitate to contact us.

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