Stages of buying a house in Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey, where there are many manifestations of real estate progress, and there are also elements that made it a luxury city that tops the list among the cities of Turkey, where there are many green spaces, beaches, as well as the development of infrastructure, the reason why there was an increase in the demand for buying real estate in it, so we decided to explain to you the stages of buying a house in Istanbul step by step. If you are interested in this topic, you can follow these lines with us.

Stages of buying a house in Istanbul:

With the increase in the number of people interested in buying a house in Istanbul, the need for those wishing to buy to answer important questions, and questions are always repeated, about the most important advantages of buying a house in Istanbul? And where does your journey begin in the search for the right home for you? And what are the most suitable places to buy a house in Istanbul? What are the steps to follow to own your home in Istanbul?

 Advantages of buying a house in Istanbul:

The laws provide the opportunity to obtain a real estate residence in Istanbul, and thus the property owner and any member of his family (wife and children) have the right to reside in Turkey and it can be renewed every year.

When buying a property, you can apply for Turkish citizenship, or obtain a Turkish passport, which is the most powerful in the world, in the event that the value of the property is 400 thousand US dollars or more, but provided that it is not sold for a period exceeding 3 years, this feature is considered one of the most important features of buying a house in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

You can get a huge return on investment by relying on the attractive tourist force in Istanbul, after renting the house during the tourist seasons throughout the seasons, for good prices.

You enjoy a classy living, due to the nature of the social environment in Istanbul. It is characterized by being an environment close to eastern and Arab customs, which avoids feeling alienated in Turkish society.

Life in Istanbul is characterized by a relatively low cost of living, compared to the countries of the region, and the availability of ideal conditions for life.

Stages of searching for a house in Istanbul

If you want to buy a house, you must go through several stages to help you reach your demand, and this is what we will explain in the following lines.

First of all, you should use real estate companies and agents, this method is one of the easy ways to search for a house for sale in Turkey, where there are various opportunities in these companies, which facilitates the search process, by presenting their options to the customer, or via the Internet, on sites for selling real estate, which gives you a good perception of the property value in the location of your choice.

You can also find the right property by doing a search in the newspapers that publish this type of advertisement, such as “Hurriya” newspaper, and other newspapers.

But for each method there are caveats that should be wary of, so that the buyer is not exposed to fraud in buying the house, so we advise you to rely on secured real estate companies that use clear sales methods, and the company you have chosen must be evaluated through online searches, and many other means.

How to buy a house in Istanbul?

Turkey contains options for residency in it that are characterized by diversity, and because the selection criteria for each person differ from one person to another in choosing the house in which he wants to live, some of them prefer the calmness of nature, and some of them want to live near the markets, and some of them are looking for places for the availability of infrastructure.

Tips for choosing a home location:

The prices of apartments in Turkey vary according to the regions, and the facilities available in them. The areas that witness a new prosperity have a lower price than others, and when you are looking for a house in Turkey, you should not focus on the famous areas only, but you should study all the options available in other areas, which is enjoying a new urban revolution,

You can also earn more when you buy modern buildings, at a lower price, and it is expected that house prices in Turkey will rise during the coming period, which makes the idea of ​​​​buying from them a profitable investment.

You must determine your desires and priorities, due to the diversity in the houses in Istanbul, in terms of population density, which varies between crowded areas, and quiet areas with less crowding.

Some areas are also characterized by the availability of tourism and recreation centers, while others are characterized by an industrial or commercial nature. As for the available options, they are many and varied, and choosing the best of them is up to the buyer and his goal of owning the house, and what he would like to have in it.

 Best areas to buy a house in Istanbul:

The most interesting thing for investors in general is the search for homes for sale in Istanbul, especially European Istanbul, because it is close to major government projects, such as important projects near the E5 highway, and some other highways within the city, for example the coastal road, the highway TEM, home prices are expected to rise in those areas, to include many options to invest in.

In the previous periods of 2018, Istanbul topped the list of Turkish cities in terms of real estate sales, with 235,055 apartments sold, and Istanbul’s share of these sold apartments amounted to 17% of the total sales in the real estate sector in the whole of Turkey.

What interests many foreign investors in general, and Arabs in particular, is the search for homes for sale in Istanbul, not only in the European areas of Istanbul, which are close to major government projects, but throughout the city, with expectations that prices will rise in most of its areas during the periods coming.

Buying a house in Istanbul or owning a property in Istanbul does not require a lot of time and effort; As it became possible to complete the purchase and transfer of ownership in the same day.

Steps to buy a house and transfer ownership:

The buyer must come to Turkey to sign the purchase contract, and it is possible for a person to represent him in an official agency, certified by a notary public, or certified by one of the Turkish embassies abroad.

The tax number “vergi” must be issued, which is a number given to all foreigners in Turkey in order to facilitate official financial transactions. This number is extracted within a few minutes from the tax department.

It is necessary to bring a copy of the passport, and the passport must be translated into Turkish, and it has been certified by the clerk at the Ministry of Justice “Notre”.

The purchase contract must be registered with the Real Estate Registration Directorate “Tabu”, and a new title deed must be issued.

The seller and the buyer must pay a tax on his ownership of the real estate, the value of which will be divided between the two parties to the contract when it is registered, and its value may exceed 4% of the total value of the registered real estate.

In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in providing you with sufficient information about the stages of buying a house in Istanbul, and if there are more questions, you can contact us so that we can provide you with the answers you are looking for.

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