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Buying apartments in Turkey to obtain real estate residence

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Real estate residence in many foreigners around the world are looking for a legal way to reside. And settle in Turkey. Without being subject to violations. So that they can stay for a long time or permanently.

(Buying apartments in Turkey to obtain real estate residency) is one of the most important means that enables you to stay in Turkey and live in it and the importance of this topic. The multiplicity of questions about it by those interested. The editorial team at Hana Real Estate has prepared this comprehensive report for you. Which will talk about real estate residence and full details about it. As well as the importance of buying apartments in Turkey.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

Learn about real estate residence in Turkey:

It is one of the most important and prominent types of residency in Turkey. It is of short duration. As it is granted for a period of only one year. But it can be easily renewed as long as the foreigner owns the property.

Any foreigner can obtain this residence when he fulfills the condition of buying an apartment in Turkey that is habitable only. It is not possible to buy a commercial property or for real estate investment to obtain it).

Conditions for granting real estate residence to foreigners:

Those who are interested in this topic ask about the conditions that must be met to obtain real estate residence in Turkey. And this is what we will highlight in the next paragraph.

– Buying an apartment in one of the Turkish states.

– We mentioned earlier that the property must be intended for housing.

– It should not be within the security or military areas (it is forbidden for foreigners to own property in them).

– It must be ensured that the nationality of the foreigner is not one of the nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey.

– There are no conditions related to the value of the property, its area, or any other aspect of it.

The importance of obtaining real estate residency:

There are many advantages and positives that encourage foreigners and investors to obtain real estate residence in Turkey without other types of residence.

First of all, you must know that there are many similarities between real estate residence and tourist residence, but real estate is considered stronger in terms of ease of obtaining and renewing.

Not only the owner of the property, but also all family members, i.e. the wife and children who have not yet reached the legal age. Will obtain this residence permit. It should be noted that if the foreigner is married to two women. It can only be granted to one of them only.

This residence permit allows its holder to move between the Turkish states. He pleases without the condition of obtaining a travel permit. As well as he can travel to and from Turkey without the need to obtain a visa.

He can enjoy many of the privileges that a Turkish citizen obtains. Such as attending public and private schools and universities. As well as receiving treatment in Turkish hospitals.

After eight years of residence in Turkey. You can apply for permanent residence, and if the value of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more. You can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Documents required to obtain real estate residency:

In order to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey. You must extract the following papers and documents.

– An application form, filled out with the required information, and then signed by the person concerned.

– Buyer’s passport.

– The tax number can be extracted from any tax department in Turkey.

– Personal photos of the property owner and each family member who will submit to obtain it.

– Health insurance for all family members (with the exception of children under the age of eighteen and adults over sixty-five).

– In the event that the property owner is under the legal age, the consent of his guardian must be obtained.

– Photographs of each individual who will apply.

– Earthquake insurance policy.

– Real estate appraisal report.

– Receipt of payment of the required fees.

(Important note: In the event that the foreigner cannot attend in person to obtain the residence permit, he can send someone to represent him under an official power of attorney).

How to apply for real estate residency?

In order to obtain this residence, you must take the following steps.

1 – You must visit the website specified by the Immigration Department on the Internet and then choose the section designated for those who will receive it for the first time.

2 – You must fill out the form that will appear in front of you on the screen with your personal information.

3 – Book an appointment to go to submit the required papers and documents and to pay the specified fees.

4 – You must go on time to deliver the file after you have made sure of the papers and their integrity.

5 – The residency is issued to you and your family within a maximum of three months.

Important notices when applying for real estate residency:

Below we will give you a set of tips and information that you should consider when applying for this residence.

First: You have to be careful that the duration of the passport in your possession is valid for six months or more.

Second: In the event that more than one family member is going to apply for it, each of them must submit a separate file.

Third: If the applicant is under the age of eighteen, he must be accompanied by a guardian.

Fourth: All fees incurred by you must be paid in the local currency (i.e. in Turkish lira).

Fifth: You must make sure that you receive the payment receipt for the fees, after it has been stamped by the Immigration Department.

Sixth: When you want to renew the residence, you must present the title deed of the property under which you obtained it the first time.

In this context, we must point out that if any defect, problem or shortage of papers and documents appears during the application submission, the applicant is alerted to complete the deficiency within a maximum period of thirty days.

 cost of obtaining real estate residency:

The costs of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey are appropriate and not expensive as some expect, and differ from one property to another because it is based on its value. The higher the price of the property, the higher the fees for extracting it, and 9.7% of its total value was determined.

Take a look at the advantages of buying apartments in Turkey:

Have you thought about the advantages that will be yours when buying apartments in Turkey

other than obtaining real estate residence? Through the following paragraphs,

we will talk about everything related to this aspect.

First Advantage: Applying for Turkish Citizenship:

Despite the many ways and methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, obtaining it through real estate is the best,

and this is in exchange for buying a property whose value is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars + the obligation not to sell it before three years have passed.

In this regard, we must point out a very important matter, which is that there has been an amendment to the law on obtaining citizenship in exchange for real estate ownership, but it has not been implemented yet. There is still an opportunity to obtain citizenship for only $250 thousand.

(Decision text: Raising the value of the real estate investment suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship from two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to four hundred thousand dollars).

The second advantage: applying for the Turkish passport:

Immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can apply for a Turkish passport,

which is one of the most powerful and important passports in the world, and according to the passport assessment platform, it is ranked 37th in the world.

The investor prefers to obtain this passport

because it allows him to enter the most important countries of the world within many facilities, most notably:

– Entering 61 countries without a visa requirement.

– Entry to more than 44 countries with a visa is obtained automatically.

– There are about 8 countries that grant the holder of this passport an automatic visa.

The third feature: Helping the investor in his business:

One of the first motives that encourage investors to search for real estate for sale in Turkey

is their desire to expand their business and link their investments between their home country and Turkey,

and thus they will have greater opportunities to earn profits.

Fourth feature: Entering the real estate investment world:

Not only in Turkey, but also everywhere in the world, investing in real estate is one of the best types of investment

at all because it maintains its value and is not affected by the surrounding crises such as economic or other.

One piece of information that you should know about real estate in Turkey

is that its prices are constantly increasing due to its great development and the continuous demand for its purchase.

How do I buy a property in Turkey?

Among the many questions that foreigners ask when buying real estate in Turkey

(how to buy a property in this country or what criteria should be followed?).

The first tip: Choosing the area of ​​​​the property:

You must choose the real estate space very carefully,

especially if your goal is real estate investment,

as it is recommended that you buy a property with a small or medium area because the demand for it is great,

and if you want to sell it in the future, that will be very easy.

But if you want to live and stay in it,

you must choose its space according to what suits you and your family so that each one of them

can have a life of luxury and independence.

Second tip: Choose a property that fits your budget:

One of the important things that you should consider is choosing a

suitable property for the money you own so that you do not have to borrow and fall into the problem of paying off debts later.

Is what you have enough money to pay the value of the property in cash,

or will you resort to buying an apartment in installments,

or will you choose to buy through a Turkish bank,

and among the possibilities is to buy an apartment that is still under construction,

the prices of this type of real estate are clearly cheaper than ready-made properties.

Third tip: Choose the right time to buy:

Among the many questions that those who are in the process of buying and owning real estate in Turkey ask (is this the right time),

you should know that not all times are suitable for buying real estate,

and you must know how to take advantage of opportunities and buy when prices are low

and sell at high prices to benefit from the price difference that It will be produced between the buying and selling phases.

Fourth tip: Ask for help from a real estate agent:

You should always seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable person in everything related to the real estate market

in Turkey in order to guide you to the appropriate options for you.

It also saves you a lot of effort in random, unorganized searches,

as well as provides you with safe opportunities away from fraud risks.

Fifth tip: Choose a great location for your property:

Especially if you want to invest in real estate and get high profits and returns,

you should be sure to choose a distinguished location for your property that is vital and close to the most important strategic projects such as airports,

water canals, bridges or highways.

Look in areas that are experiencing significant urban growth and acceleration and that contain new real estate and residential projects because their prices are rising over time.

Types of apartments in Turkey:

Do you have knowledge of the types of apartments and real estate suitable for housing in Turkey?

Through the following paragraph everything you care about.

Residential complex apartments:

One of the most important and most famous types of real estate suitable for housing in Turkey are

(apartments of residential complexes), which is a modern model as it provides those who inhabit it a

classy and distinguished life and includes various elements of a typical life such as:

– Playgrounds – swimming pools – sports clubs – sauna.

– Turkish bath – steam rooms – places for family sessions.

– Children’s play areas – Walking paths – Cycling paths.

– 24/7 security and protection – car parks – strategic locations – stunning views.

Independent apartments:

Apart from the term residential complexes, there are independent apartments,

the common and traditional term among people, and there are many suitable offers from them and you can find them in all Turkish cities,

especially in the old or popular areas.

The prices of independent or detached apartments are lower and cheaper than the prices of apartments in residential complexes,

so they are suitable for owners of low budgets.

studio apartments:

One of the most important types of apartments that you find in Turkey are :

(studio apartments) chosen by students – workers – who want to live alone – lovers of isolation and privacy because

it is a small area and is not suitable for more than one or two people to live in it at the highest rate.

Penthouses – Triplexes – duplexes:

Penthouses: It is one of the most luxurious types of apartments ever,

and is characterized by its high prices and luxury,

and it has a panoramic view of the city due to its presence on the high floors.

Triplexes: It consists of three floors and is similar to villas in its design and spaciousness.

It is suitable for large families to obtain privacy and comfort.

Duplexes: They are very similar to duplexes,

but these are distinguished by the fact that they consist of only two floors and are also characterized by a large area.

A comprehensive report on real estate residence in Turkey we presented to you in this article, and we highlighted some aspects of buying real estate in Turkey, as well as the most important types of apartments you will find.

We offer many services to you at Hana Real Estate,

including providing consultancy regarding residency, and also help you extract it and supervise all stages and procedures.

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