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Buying apartments in Asian Istanbul 2022

Searching for apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul is one of the first options for many investors, foreigners, Arabs, and all those interested in the real estate sector in Istanbul and Turkey.

One of the things you should know about this section of the city is that it is the oldest and has been inhabited for a long time, given the importance of shedding light on it and everything related to it, in this article we will talk about all its aspects, such as the prices of real estate and apartments in it – the most important areas in which a property can be purchased – the most prominent tourist attractions.

Check the prices of apartments in Asian Istanbul:

Through the following paragraph, you can take a broad idea of ​​the prices of apartments on the Asian side of Istanbul and we will guide you to the most important factors through which you can discover the price of the next apartment to buy.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let us point out a very important aspect, which is that many people think that real estate prices in this part of the city are lower than the other side, but in fact this is not accurate at all, as there are many luxury areas where prices are very high.

In your opinion, what are the factors that most affect the prices of apartments in Istanbul? Here are the details:

First: the geographical location of the apartment:

The more distinguished and sophisticated the location of your apartment, the higher the price of the apartment, which is meant by the privileged location (to be close to vital projects – close to tourist attractions – from transportation lines – from service facilities) and others.

Second: Enjoying a distinctive view:

Also, the more distinguished the view, the higher the price of the apartment. For example, if it is a view of the sea, forests or green spaces, this leads to a somewhat high price compared to the prices of apartments that overlook the city streets.

Third: Apartment specifications:

It also has a great impact, as the price of an apartment with modern or contemporary designs is higher than the old design, and the demand for it is rather high (that is, it is the best option for investment).

Fourth: Apartment type:

Surely you know that Istanbul is witnessing a huge real estate diversity that does not put the buyer in front of specific options, and certainly prices vary depending on the type of apartment, for example, apartments in residential complexes are more expensive than the prices of apartments in separate or independent buildings.

In the context of talking about the prices of apartments in Istanbul, Asia, there is an important thing that must be noted, which is that compared to the prices that you find in European countries, America or some Arab countries, and this was one of the main motives that encourage foreigners to choose them.

Can I find cheap apartments for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul?

Among the frequently asked questions among those interested in real estate in Istanbul (is it possible to find cheap apartments for sale), of course, there are many solutions that allow you to get a cheap or affordable apartment, and through the following paragraph we review them together:

1 – If you do not have the price of the apartment to pay in cash, you can resort to buying an apartment in installments, which is the ideal solution to pay for it comfortably without facing financial pressure or the problem of debts.

2 – Construction companies offer a lot of special offers and high discounts, especially if you are one of the first to enter the project.

3 – Dealing with a real estate agent in Turkey with extensive experience and knowledge, because of their wonderful relations with construction companies, they can secure the best suitable opportunities for their clients.

4 – You should take advantage of opportunities and situations where apartment owners are in a hurry to sell their apartments because of travel or when they have to get money.

Is real estate investment in Asian Istanbul a good idea?

One of the questions asked by money owners and real estate investors is whether the Asian side is suitable for investment or not? Certainly, it is a successful option in light of the foreign demand for it and the ownership of real estate in it.

One of the most important factors that encourage investment in it is the integrated infrastructure that does not lack anything, as it has an integrated transportation network that connects the two sides of the city with each other.

Among the most important infrastructure projects in this part of the city are: (Eurasia Tunnel – Sabiha International Airport).

Add to all your information that there are many other details that pay for buying apartments and real estate in Istanbul, most notably:

– The high population density, where the population of that city exceeded 16 million people.

– One of the most important tourist cities in the world.

– The spread of urban transformation projects.

– Many investment ideas can be implemented.

The most important Asian regions of Istanbul:

Before deciding whether this side of the city is suitable for you or not, you should look at its most important areas and the features and characteristics of each of them, and this is what we will work on clarifying through the following paragraphs, where we will talk comprehensively about each of them.

1 – Apartments for sale in Atasehir:

It is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul and is the financial and commercial center, in which you can find many important real estate, residential and investment projects with a modern architectural style. Many important global and local companies have chosen it to be the headquarters of their companies.

2 – Apartments for sale in Kadikoy:

This area got the title of the cultural center because it contains many important historical and archaeological monuments that attract tourists to it. What encourages you to live and settle there is the availability of all the public services that the residents need.

Do you know why tourists prefer it? If you choose to visit it, you will certainly be amazed by the architectural mixture that you will find between the modern and the old. Kadikoy in Istanbul also contains many huge and distinctive real estate projects.

3 – Apartments in Umraniye Istanbul:

If you choose to buy an apartment in this area, you will have chosen the area with the fastest urban growth at all, as well as a development in its infrastructure, where many urban transformation projects are being implemented.

Umraniye contains many recreational and cultural facilities that help secure a life of luxury and distinction.

4 – Apartments for sale in Uskudar:

Uskudar is suitable for you if you prefer to live facing the sea, as it overlooks the Bosphorus on one side and the Marmara Sea on the other side, and is located opposite the European side.

It is visited by millions of tourists annually due to its possession of the most important historical monuments such as the Maiden’s Tower and Beylerbeyi Palace, in addition to the spread of wide green spaces.

It is considered suitable for real estate investment due to the continuous increase in real estate prices as a result of the great demand for ownership on the one hand, and its population density, and also as a result of the Turkish government’s care for its infrastructure.

5 – Apartments for sale in Pendik:

It is considered one of the important and attractive areas for tourists, as it allows them to do many important activities and visit unique places such as Aydos Castle or the forest, and can enter the car racing track. It is also full of beautiful parks and gardens with walking paths.

6 – Apartments for sale in Sancaktepe:

Firstly, it is very close to the Kadikoy area and it consists of 19 neighborhoods and its investment value is high due to its proximity to the TEM highway as well as Sabiha International Airport.

7 – Apartments for sale in Sultanbeyli:

This area, unlike all the areas we talked about above, is not a tourist area and is considered one of the interior areas far from the historical monuments, but recently the new transportation routes that have been built have contributed to linking this area with other areas of the city.

We must point out a very important thing, which is that Sultanbeyli is fully satisfied and has all the services and recreational facilities that the residents need, and this is what helped in the high population density that characterizes it.

8 – Apartments for sale in Beykoz:

It is located right across from Sariyer district and has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea as well, it has a lot of forests, pine trees, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

9 – Apartments for sale in Maltepe:

Surely you have heard about the Maltepe district in Istanbul, which is one of the oldest areas and has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea. What supports your decision to live in it that:

– Its infrastructure is well developed and modern.

– Its residential complexes are modern and upscale.

– Suitable for real estate investment where high profits can be obtained.

10 – Apartments for sale in Kartal:

It is located in the southern part of the city, just off the coast of the Marmara Sea, and it is close to the main roads. All these factors made a great demand for buying and owning real estate, especially apartments.

It is worth noting that it has become one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul and many important companies have taken it as their headquarters, and add to your information that it includes many bank branches.

The future of real estate in Asian Istanbul:

Whether you want to buy an apartment on this side of the city for housing and residence or for real estate investment, you will be asked about the future of real estate in it, as it helps you make a decision. According to locals and real estate experts, this part of Istanbul is no less important than the other side, especially with the demand for construction companies to build and construct the most important and most massive real estate and investment projects.

The real estate sector in the Asian side of Istanbul, is witnessing a great urban acceleration in most areas, as well as a great real estate diversity. In addition to modern complexes, you will find buildings with old architectural style.

It is expected that real estate prices in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular this year by a large percentage that may exceed fifty percent

If you are thinking of owning real estate, this is the most appropriate time at all to buy at an appropriate price and sell after a period of time at a high price, and therefore you will benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.

The most famous tourist attractions in Asian Istanbul:

Below we will present to you the most important and most famous attractions that you will find in Asian Istanbul.

First: Haydarpasa Station:

– It is one of the largest railway stations in Turkey.

– Overlooking the sea, it was established in 1906 AD.

– It is also the link between Bagdat and Istanbul.

– You can visit it and take a lot of souvenir photos.

Second: The Maiden’s Tower:

– It is not possible to visit Istanbul and not visit the Maiden’s Tower, which is one of the most famous historical monuments in the city.

– Its construction dates back to the Greek period.

– It is located on an artificial island two hundred meters from the coast of Uskudar.

– There are many stories woven around him that you can check out.

– It consists of 6 floors and reaches a height of 23 meters.

– You have to climb to its summit to see the splendor and charm of Istanbul in a panoramic view.

Third: Bagdat Street:

– It is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul.

– It is opposite in importance to Istiklal Street, which is located on the European side.

– It extends from the Kadikoy region to the Maltepe region.

– Bagdat Street belongs to the Ottoman era.

– It contains a lot of shops that meet the needs of its visitors.

Take a look at the largest mosque in Turkey:

The Asian side in Istanbul is distinguished by the fact that it embraces the largest mosque in Turkey in general, and not only in Istanbul, which is (Camlica Mosque), which is characterized by its view of the Bosphorus, occupies an area of ​​15,000 square meters and has a capacity to contain more than 63 worshipers at the same time.

This mosque has 6 minarets, four of which are 170.1 meters long and two are only ninety meters long. It is distinguished by the fact that it contains a hall dedicated to holding conferences, as well as a museum that includes many Islamic antiquities and artifacts.

Inside the Camlıca Mosque, you will find a public garden and a huge garden surrounding it on all sides, with an area of ​​about thirty acres.

Malls and shopping centers in the Asian side of Istanbul:

As we have already mentioned, Istanbul contains many shopping centers and huge malls that are frequented by Turks, tourists and foreigners alike. Here we review together the most prominent of them:

1 – Optimum Outlet Mall:

– This mall was opened in 2008 AD.

– It is located in Kadikoy district.

– It consists of five floors.

– It has a designated area for children to play.

– It has many branches in other Turkish provinces.

2 – Luna Park City:

– It is an amusement park that many families come to to have a good time.

– It is located in Kadikoy district and has a beautiful park.

– It is a suitable place for all family members.

Talking about the tourist attractions that you can find in the Asian side of Istanbul, we must point out a very important thing, which is that there are many palaces, museums, castles and forts.

(The presence of the tourist factor is a sign that confirms the importance of investing in the areas of the Asian side in Istanbul without any hesitation, as the demand for buying and renting real estate increases significantly during the tourist seasons).

If you have decided to buy apartments in the Asian side of Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact our consultants to provide you with all the assistance you need to build your investment future.

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