Buying apartments in Asian Istanbul

جدول المحتويات

Searching for apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul is one of the first options for many

investors, foreigners, Arabs,

and all those interested in the real estate sector

in Istanbul and Turkey.

One of the things you should know about this

section of the city is

that it is the oldest and has been inhabited for a

long time, given the importance of shedding

light on it

and everything related to it, in this article we will

talk about all its aspects,

such as the prices of real estate and

apartments in it –

the most important areas in which a property

can be purchased – the most prominent tourist


Buying apartments by the sea in Istanbul

Buying apartments in Asian Istanbul

It is not surprising that many people want to buy

real estate here by the sea. So you have to try to

understand the pros and cons of this option.

The main advantage of buying a beachfront

apartment in Istanbul is. of course the stunning

views from the windows. You can also enjoy

panoramic views of the city and the sea. and

watch the passing ships.

It should also be noted that such an apartment

will always be in great demand among tourists.

which means that you can easily rent it and get

a good income.

Buying apartments on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Buying apartments in Asian Istanbul

One of the common choices in the real estate

market in Istanbul is to buy an apartment on the


This gives you a lot of privileges whether you

want housing and stability

or real estate investment. it is also the right

choice to apply for Turkish citizenship.

It is easy to find matching apartments to apply

for due to the high level of this type of real

estate in general.

As for the reasons for the price rise of this type

of apartments.

it is due to the large demand for them

compared to the lack of supply

due to the limited space available

for the construction of real estate projects.

Is real estate investment in Asian Istanbul a good idea?

Buying apartments in Asian Istanbul

One of the questions asked by money owners

and real estate investors is

whether the Asian side is suitable for

investment or not?

Certainly, it is a successful option in light of the

foreign demand for it

and the ownership of real estate in it.

One of the most important factors

that encourage investment in it is the integrated

infrastructure that does not lack anything,

as it has an integrated transportation network

that connects the two sides of the city with

each other.

Among the most important infrastructure

projects in this part of the city are:

(Eurasia Tunnel – Sabiha International Airport).

Add to all your information that there are many

other details

that pay for buying apartments and real estate

in Istanbul, most notably:

  •  The high population density, where the population of. that city exceeded 16 million people.
  • One of the most important tourist cities in the world.
  • The spread of urban transformation projects.
  • Many investment ideas can be implemented.

The most important Asian regions of Istanbul

Before deciding whether this side of the city is

suitable for you or not,

you should look at its most important areas and

the features

and characteristics of each of them, and this is

what we will work on clarifying

through the following paragraphs, where we will

talk comprehensively about each of them.

1 – Apartments for sale in Atasehir Istanbul

It is considered one of the most important

areas of Istanbul

and is the financial and commercial center, in,

which you can find many important real estate,


and investment projects with a modern

architectural style.

Many important global and local companies

have chosen it to be the headquarters of their


2 – Apartments for sale in Kadikoy Istanbul

This area got the title of the cultural center

because it contains many important historical

and archaeological monuments that attract

tourists to it. What encourages you to live and

settle there is the availability of all the public

services that the residents need.

Do you know why tourists prefer it? If you

choose to visit it, you will certainly be amazed

by the architectural mixture that you will find

between the modern and the old. Kadikoy in

Istanbul also contains many huge and

distinctive real estate projects.

3 – Apartments in Umraniye Istanbul

If you choose to buy an apartment in this area,

you will have chosen the area with the fastest

urban growth at all, as well as a development in

its infrastructure, where many urban

transformation projects are being implemented.

Umraniye contains many recreational and

cultural facilities that help secure a life of luxury

and distinction.

4 – Apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul 

Uskudar is suitable for you if you prefer to live

facing the sea, as it overlooks the Bosphorus on

one side and the Marmara Sea on the other

side, and is located opposite the European side.

It is visited by millions of tourists annually due

to its possession of the most important

historical monuments such as the Maiden’s

Tower and Beylerbeyi Palace, in addition to the

spread of wide green spaces.

It is considered suitable for real estate

investment due to the continuous increase in

real estate prices as a result of the great

demand for ownership on the one hand, and its

population density, and also as a result of the

Turkish government’s care for its infrastructure.

5 – Apartments for sale in Pendik Istanbul

It is considered one of the important and

attractive areas for tourists, as it allows them to

do many important activities and visit unique

places such as Aydos Castle or the forest, and

can enter the car racing track. It is also full of

beautiful parks and gardens with walking paths.

6 – Apartments for sale in Sancaktepe Istanbul

Firstly, it is very close to the Kadikoy area and it

consists of 19 neighborhoods and its

investment value is high due to its proximity to

the TEM highway as well as Sabiha

International Airport.

7 – Apartments for sale in Sultanbeyli Istanbul

This area, unlike all the areas we talked about

above, is not a tourist area and is considered

one of the interior areas far from the historical

monuments, but recently the new transportation

routes that have been built have contributed to

linking this area with other areas of the city.

We must point out a very important thing, which

is that Sultanbeyli is fully satisfied and has all

the services and recreational facilities that the

residents need, and this is what helped in the

high population density that characterizes it.

8 – Apartments for sale in Beykoz Istanbul

It is located right across from Sariyer district

and has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus and

the Black Sea as well, it has a lot of forests, pine

trees, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

9 – Apartments for sale in Maltepe Istanbul

Surely you have heard about the Maltepe district

in Istanbul, which is one of the oldest areas and

has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea. What

supports your decision to live in it that:

  • Its infrastructure is well developed and modern.
  • Its residential complexes are modern and upscale.
  • Suitable for real estate investment where high profits can be obtained.

10 – Apartments for sale in Kartal Istanbul

It is located in the southern part of the city, just

off the coast of the Marmara Sea, and it is close

to the main roads. All these factors made a

great demand for buying and owning real

estate, especially apartments.

It is worth noting that it has become one of the

most important real estate investment areas in

Istanbul and many important companies have

taken it as their headquarters, and add to your

information that it includes many bank


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