The most important differences between the European and Asian side of Istanbul

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Did you know that the city of Istanbul, with its geographical location that extends over two continents (Asia and Europe), caught the attention of many foreigners around the world, which coincided with its historical and cultural importance, as it is a center of cultures and an incubator of civilizations.
There are many differences between the Asian side of the city and the European side, and through this article we will provide all the information related to this topic.

Learn about the differences between the Asian and European side of Istanbul:

If you want to set up an investment project, or even housing and residence in Istanbul, or even take a tourist trip, you must see all the following information first:

1 – Tourist places and monuments:

– If you are looking for luxury, fun and the beauty of nature, you can choose the European side of Istanbul, as it overlooks the sea, lakes, mountains and vast green spaces.
– Also, this side of the city contains many historical monuments and luxurious palaces, and it attracts many tourists annually.

2 – Availability of job opportunities:

If you are looking for high end and distinguished job opportunities, the European side provides many important opportunities because it contains many commercial centers and industrial areas to suit everyone.

3 – Population numbers between the European and Asian side of Istanbul:

Istanbul is known to have a high population density and has ranked second in the world in terms of population. Based on the urban development and modernity witnessed by the European side of Istanbul, which includes all its aspects, and an abundance of job opportunities, and therefore it is the most densely populated.

4 – Government interest and infrastructure projects:

The Turkish government gives the European side a lot of attention and care and is keen to provide it with many infrastructure projects such as:
– Istanbul new airport.
– The new Istanbul Canal.
– highways.
– Expansion of public transportation lines.
– Building bridges and tunnels.
Did you know that this side of Istanbul contains a lot of luxury real estate projects, as construction companies are racing to build their projects in it due to the increased demand for buying real estate and apartments, add to your information that many of its areas have witnessed urban transformation projects, the aim of which was to remove old properties and establish new ones, in conformity with modern international conditions.
The Turkish government is increasing the number of industrial zones, which has revitalized the field of industry and work, and has added a lot of vitality and activity to life in it.

– Among the information that you should know about the Asian section and the European section is that the first is suitable for lovers of calm and tranquility, the other is noisy and full of vitality and noise.
– The manifestations of nature abound on the Asian side of the city, while they are very few on the European side.
– Real estate prices on the European side of Istanbul are higher than real estate on the Asian side, which prompted many people with low budgets to search for properties and apartments for sale there.
– The cost of living on the Asian side is rather moderate when compared to the costs of living on the European side.
– The general character that dominates the Asian side is the conservative eastern side, while the one that predominates on the European side is western, so the Arabs prefer to choose to live on the Asian side because it is closer to them.

Where is better to buy real estate, in the Asian or European side?

Before you choose the Asian or European section in order to buy real estate, you should look at the most important areas in each of them, and the following are the most important ones:

Uskudar Istanbul, The Asian side:

It is one of the most prominent and most important areas of Istanbul, the most ancient, surrounded by Kadikoy, Beykoz, and the Umraniye area, and it is one of the most important tourist areas at all. Visitors come from everywhere to enjoy the beauty of the crashing waters of the Bosphorus and visit the world famous Maiden’s Tower, not only in Turkey. This region is characterized by the fact that it has taken a large part of the Turkish government’s attention, as it is working to develop its infrastructure and has sea and land transportation. It is located in the city center, which makes it easy to reach.

Beykoz Istanbul, The Asian side:

As for this area, it is characterized by its wonderful view of nature, surrounded by the manifestations of nature from various sides. It is the preferred place for housing, especially for those who love to live in peace and tranquility. It has attracted a lot of foreign capital, as it includes many modern real estate projects (residential complexes) and is also the right place to buy villas. Lots of the rich and famous live quietly away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bebek Istanbul, The European side:

If you arrive in the Bebek area, you are in the wealthy area, as this area is characterized by luxury, sophistication and modernity. Only people with money resort to this area. It includes many distinctive tourist places such as the famous Bebek Park, which has been classified as one of the most beautiful parks in the city.

Florya Istanbul, The European side:

If you want to get acquainted with the most important and most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul, Florya is an ideal choice, with its extension on the Marmara Sea. Visited by tourists from everywhere, one of the most prominent activities that a tourist can do in Florya is to visit the aquarium as well as the shops of international brands.

In this article, we have provided all the information related to the Asian and European side of Istanbul. There are many differences and discrepancies between them in all fields. If you have any questions, you can contact us so that we can provide you with accurate and comprehensive answers.

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