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Avcilar district of Istanbul and its investment importance

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Avcilar district of Istanbul and its investment importance.. Avcılar district in Turkish is called Avcılar: this word means hunters. It is one of the important and central areas in Istanbul. This is because it is located in the heart of the European section. Which is full of life and ancient history. The Sea of ​​Marmara is located south of Avcilar. and Lake Küçükçekmece is located west of it. To the east are the regions of Esenyurt and Beylikduzu. and to the north are Basaksehir.

In general, the Avcilar district of Istanbul is one of the best areas. of this historical and civilized city. This is due to the nature of its elegant social environment. and the diversity of its population. Which made it a diverse cultural center. and a suitable destination for those looking for an area full of calm and beautiful views. In addition to its central location, as the two main roads TEM and E5 pass through it. In “Hana” blog, we will show you all the details related to the Avcilar Istanbul area. and its importance in terms of investment. Follow us.

Tourist attractions in Avcilar, Istanbul

Among the most prominent tourist attractions in the Avcilar district of Istanbul are the following:

Avcilar coast

The beach or coast of Avcilar Istanbul is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region. with its beautiful views. which made the region a destination for tourists. and locals as well. Where there are special paths for walking, riding bicycles and scooters. in addition to the presence of several gardens. and natural parks suitable for enjoying your time.

Istanbul University

It is the most prestigious university in Türkiye with a variety of majors. the most important of which are medicine, engineering, business administration and mathematics. It also includes the largest residential complexes for students. as it includes more than 17,000 students.

Snow Museum or Snow Park

This snow museum is located in Turim Mall, adjacent to the Avcilar district of Istanbul. and close to the Esenyurt district. Tourists visit it every year to enjoy its cool weather in the summer. and to practice skiing in the winter. Therefore, it is the perfect place for all ages and trips.

Pelican Mall

The Pelican Mall is one of the huge commercial complexes in the city. with its sections that include all the food, household, electrical and electronic supplies you need. Its stores also include many international brands. In addition to many restaurants, cafes and gift shops.

Marmara Market

The Marmara Market is located in the center of the Avcilar district of Istanbul. and it includes many modern and traditional shops. Which gives it a commercial distinction. It also contains many restaurants and cafes that serve oriental, western and Turkish meals.

The importance of Avcilar Istanbul investment

Avcilar Istanbul is one of the central areas with its strategic location. and distinctive sea views. In addition to the high quality of life and its cultural diversity. What gives it more investment importance is the presence of the new Istanbul Canal. Which connects Lake Küçükçekmece with the Black Sea in a waterway. that facilitates commercial transportation between Turkey and other Asian countries. It will also play a global role. which will be reflected in the value of real estate in the region.

Advantages of living in Avcilar, Istanbul

The location of Avcilar Istanbul is distinguished by its proximity to vital areas. such as the modern municipality of Beylikduzu. It has a charming sea view of the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake. AlIt has a large transportation network, the most important of which is the express metrobus lines. which connect the area to the European. and Asian sides of the city. It has many vital facilities. Also, its municipal services are many. There are several important shopping centers in it. Its social environment

Investment features in the Avcilar district Istanbul

Avcilar Istanbul is characterized by its crowdedness. and its location among vital areas. as well as its affordable real estate prices. It is certain that investing in new real estate. that is compatible with construction conditions makes it a suitable environment for investment. This is what drives investors to invest in Avcilar Istanbul commercial real estate. While investors prefer to invest in apartments suitable for student housing. due to the presence of important universities and educational centers. It should also be noted that investing in the areas overlooking the corridor. of the new Istanbul Water Canal project will provide suitable investment opportunities.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Avcilar, Istanbul

Among the most important advantages of buying an apartment in Avcilar, Istanbul:

  • Overseeing the sea
  • Its proximity to the corridor of the new Istanbul Canal and Kucukcekmece Lake. Passage of the E5 highway, which connects it to the city center and other vital areas.
  • Its transportation network is strong (the Metrobus line in Istanbul)
  • Its vital and municipal services are integrated, and it includes several facilities and various markets.

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