Legal procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship with Hana Real Estate Company

جدول المحتويات

In this article, we will talk about the legal procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through
real estate investment in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship has many advantages that prompted many to seek it, but one of the best
ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is Real estate ownership, also you do not have to live in the
property, because you can benefit from it by renting investment as much as you can sell ​​it
after 3 years and get a profitable return on investment.

These are the steps that you must follow to acquire citizenship, during which our experts in
“Hana” legal team will help you.

Take a real estate tour:

First of all, you have to join the real estate tour to choose the appropriate property, which the real estate representative accompanies you, and of course during the real estate tour, you have a field tour on the ground to get to know the suitable properties for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and thus you can see it yourself.

Real estate appraisal:

After you have chosen during the real estate tour the property that you like from among the real estate in Istanbul, the first stage of the legal procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship begins, in which the evaluation takes place to make the property conform to the Turkish citizenship.

The market value of the property is determined by experts accredited in Turkey, affiliated with companies licensed by SPK.

During this stage of obtaining Turkish citizenship, a justification is also obtained for not selling the property for a period of three years, which is considered one of the basic conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the process lasts from one to three weeks.

How is the profile and family file prepared?

A complete file Is prepared for you and your family, of course, including your wife, also it contains your personal photos and a translation of the passport, in addition to health insurance, and a paper for conformity is attached with them and they are submitted to the Investor Services Office In the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, in order to obtain a serial number for your nationality file, here  We have entered the system of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

How is the system for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The system consists of several stages that are tracked during the journey of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of Istanbul apartments, through the website of the Department of Public Souls in Istanbul, and It is divided into several stages, in order:

_ The file arrived at the Public Souls Directorate

 Study the file

 Finishing the study stage and sending it to the decision makers

 _ Making the decision and preparing the file to send it to the souls

 _ The file arrives at souls to be ready

Here you can review the souls to receive Turkish citizenship.

The entire process lasts approximately three to six months، so finally the investor is able to obtain Turkish citizenship.

What are the fees for the ID card and the Turkish passport?

First – ID card fees

ID card fees are as follows:

 If you want to pay the Identity change fee for marriage or because of an error In the information, in addition to a fee for a lost identity card,  All of them cost 83 TL.

 But if you want to pay a fee for a lost allowance for a new identity, the fee becomes 166 TL.

 You should note that payment must be made exclusively through one of the banks contracting with the Souls Department.

Turkish passport fees

The fee Is calculated according to the validity period of the Turkish passport as an allowance fee, as follows:

The passport Is valid for 6 months with a fee of 700 TL

For one year with a fee of 1000 TL

For two years, 1600 TL

As for a period of three years, the fee becomes 2400 Turkish liras

A valid passport for 4-10 years is 3,300 TL

In addition to the book fees of 500 Turkish liras to the above.

Moreover , students are exempted from all fees except for the book fee, which becomes only 225 Turkish liras.

What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

_The Turkish passport is among the 30 best passports In the world.

_ As soon as you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will be able to obtain medical rights, education rights, and all the rights of a Turkish citizen.

_One of the most Important advantages that distinguishes Turkish citizenship from most nationalities in the world is that you do not have to give up your basic nationality because of the possibility of dual nationality made available by the Turkish state.

_ It is Important to mention that Turkish citizenship allows you to travel to more than 77 countries without a visa, In addition to entering about 49 countries and obtaining a visa in their territories.

 _as well as the simplicity and ease of obtaining European and American visas, In addition to Hajj and Umrah visas.

In conclusion, we invite you to first obtain a tour through the Internet by browsing real estate suitable for Turkish citizenship, which gives you a good investment return if you rent or sell it after the expiration of the period of possession of the property, especially if it is a property near to the Istanbul Canal, real estate investment is one of the most important  Types of investment in Turkey, and by entering any project on our site that suits nationality, you can schedule a real estate tour according to the times that suit you.

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