Why real estate investment is the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreigners?

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I’m sure that you have recently noticed the high demand for real estate investment in Turkey
as a method that generates an excellent investment return and good income, in addition to
being considered the best way for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, but why?

“Hana” for Real-Estate Services will provide you with the answer. Moreover, a meaningful knowledge will find in this article.

What is the reason for the increasing desire of foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Foreigners do not seek to obtain Turkish citizenship in vain for sure.
As they are fully aware of its advantages, the reason is due to their knowledge
that Turkey is one of the best countries in the world.

Because obtaining Turkish citizenship enables you to buy a large number of
real estate and thus benefit from real estate investment,
which is distinguished from The rest of the other types of investments with
tax facilities that are in the interest of buying and selling real estate inside Turkey,
which allows you to get a good return on investment, in addition to free treatment
opportunities, and most of all, once you obtain Turkish citizenship, you can travel
to more than 80 countries without the need for a passport Your travel!

So, what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

If you desire to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, several conditions
must be considered, and here are some:

First – you have to buy a single property worth $400,000 (a group of properties of the same
value will not be accepted).

Second – the property must be kept for at least three years.

Third – The investor must obtain an actual real estate appraisal with the help of a company
specialized in developing real estate appraisals, which must be one of the best real estate
companies in Istanbul to help you with the rest of the other conditions.
so you will eventually get what you want, which is Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

Encouraging features to start real estate investment in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship

It is great to kill two birds with one stone, and this means that you enjoy Turkish citizenship
and obtain real estate investments that offer you an great investment return at the same time.
And here is why:

_Turkey enjoys excellent political stability and security, and this of course is reflected in all sectors
within the country, including real estate investment and tourism.

_ The tax facilities provided by the Turkish state are in the interest of foreign real estate investors,
which encourages them to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship.

_ The strength of interdependence between other sectors in the country has made the real estate market in Turkey competitive.
so that encourages investors to achieve a high-profit rate characterized by an excellent return on investment.
_ Developed infrastructure.
You know better than me that is enough to make foreign investors pleased
because of the comfort this feature gives them.

The question now, how do you obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment by following these steps

First – Finding and inspecting the suitable property

While you are wondering what is the best investment at the moment,
we present to you a list of three important real estate investment projects in Istanbul
that allow you to choose your ideal investment property.

The second Istanbul project

The second Istanbul project is located in the “Kuchukcekmece” area, which contains the “Kuchukcekmece” lake.

This lake will be sooner part of the most important project of the Turkish government,
which is the “Istanbul Canal” project.

Of course, this will reflect positively on the real estate market in the second Istanbul project,
causing a significant increase in prices as soon as the canal is opened.

Moreover, it is expected that the Istanbul canal will open in 2027, so now
is the right time to buy a property in the region.
Remember, as we mentioned before, you have to keep the property for three years before selling it
to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Some other advantages are the infrastructure, just like most cities in Istanbul, which makes transportation from and to it easy,
as it contains a network of highways connected to the “Marmaray” metro line, in addition to several main roads.

Is real estate investment in the second Istanbul project a good option for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The project itself is an excellent choice for real estate investment. Due to the various properties, it includes, like apartments and villas.
also 60% of the area of ​​the second Istanbul project is green areas.
In addition, it contains gardens for children to play and for picnics, which makes it a psychologically comfortable place.

The project includes More than 2,280 apartments that are suitable for small and large families,
plus villas that are preferred by investors, celebrities, and those looking for a life of independence and luxury.
In addition to many, many other features in the area, as they are serviced in all respects.

Tersane Istanbul project

Tersane Istanbul project is located in the “Beyoglu” area,
which is an important tourist and commercial center in Istanbul for shopping.

Most of all, the future of real estate investment in this region seems really bright.
One of the areas highly demanded by tourists.
By the way, rent investment in the region is considered one of the most successful investments.

What are the specifications of Tersane Istanbul project?

The project is one of the most important investment projects in Turkey. It is considered a national project distinguished by the Turkish government.
Because of its location near Golden Horn Bay. It also owns five-star hotels in addition to commercial real estate. Also, it’s located near the most important tourist and archaeological attractions in Istanbul,
enjoys a stunning view of Golden Horn Bay. Of course, the project includes several other features, including the presence of an earthquake-resistant system.
Moreover, it is about 40 km from the new Istanbul Airport.

The River project

The River project is located in the “Beylikduzu” area, which is classified as an important tourist destination.
Due to its possession of many famous tourist places in Istanbul. It is connected to the E5 highway.

In addition, it overlooks the tourist Sea of Marmara,
and the metro bus line extends along the borders of the Beylikduzu region,
which own investment projects you should not miss.

The area contains the most luxurious restaurants and green spaces
that give residents in the city a life full of luxury. There are also several large and medium malls in the area.

In addition to a good number of international, private, and governmental hospitals. plus several universities.

Description of The River investment project

The project consists of 8 buildings with 709 apartments distributed, suitable for different families.
Indoor and outdoor car parkings, swimming pools, sports clubs, and shopping centers
such as Vista and Mikros Mall. in addition to the famous Marmara Park Mall in Istanbul,
which is about 4 km away.
So the Reference project must be considered one of the most powerful investments in Istanbul.

Second – Buying the right property for Turkish citizenship and applying for residency

Do not worry, everything we have talked about is a simple matter.
A real estate company with extensive experience in the field of real estate

such  as “Hana Real-estate” can easly handle it.

And can be with you step by step during your journey of obtaining Turkish citizenship
through real estate investment, and you can also get a free consultation
to know which real estate suits you more than others.

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