Real estate investment in Turkey is a guaranteed future for sure profit

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Many strategies developed by the Turkish government and legislated within its laws in order to attract foreign investors and capital owners. Indeed, it was able to achieve huge numbers in real estate sales and excelled during the past year 2021 AD by selling more than one and a half million properties, and this is what the Turkish Statistics Authority has stated.
Real estate investment in Turkey is a golden opportunity. Through the following article, we will show you the most prominent reasons that motivate the investor to decide that Turkey should be his destination without other countries in the world, such as the European Union, for example.

What if you choose to invest in real estate in Turkey?

Through the following paragraphs, we will explain to you everything related to buying real estate in Turkey and highlight the extent of the success of real estate investment in it.

–Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport:

– By purchasing a property in Turkey worth two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, which is one of the most important nationalities in the world.
– After you get it, you will be able to apply for a Turkish passport.
– You will obtain citizenship within a short period that does not take more than three months.
– The Turkish passport allows you to enter many countries of the world with easy procedures without the requirement of obtaining a visa.
– Many countries have granted Turkish citizens the right to travel to them by means of an – electronic visa.

– Real estate appraisal document:

– This document gave the investor a sense of security and reassurance because it accurately determines the value of the property.
– One of its main advantages is that it prevents the buyer from falling victim to real estate fraud.
– It also worked to control real estate prices in the country and prevented the seller from manipulating prices.
– It can be extracted within three days.
– It is valid for a period of three months only from the date of its issuance.

How do you ensure that real estate investment is profitable?

There are certain foundations and fixed rules that must be adhered to in order for your real estate investment to be successful and distinct, and this is what we will explain through this paragraph:
1 – It is preferable to buy a property in an area with great urban growth.
2 – It is desirable that the property be new, as the region should record a continuous increase in its prices.
3 – If you choose to invest your property by reselling it, you must choose the appropriate time (in the tourist seasons, for example).
4 – If you do not have enough financial budget, you can choose to buy a property under construction as it is cheaper than ready-made properties.
5 – Be sure to see the future of the region. Is it expected that important projects will be built near or in it?
(Always look for factors that help raise the value of real estate investment in the area in which you intend to buy a property).
6 – Do not forget that the strategic location of the property is one of the first signs that help you distinguish your investment, so are there service facilities near it? Such as schools – hospitals – health centers – tourist places – recreational facilities.

The role of the Turkish government in the success of real estate investment:

The Turkish government has worked to support the real estate sector and motivate investors to turn to it through a set of measures that it has taken, as follows:
– Tax reduction (in contrast to the taxes you would have to pay in Europe which are very expensive).
– It became easily possible to obtain Turkish citizenship (the Turkish government worked to reduce the value that must be provided for the value of the property from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only).
– Granted the buyer who owns a residential property the right to apply for a real estate residency.
– The value-added tax is canceled if this is the first time that a foreigner buys a property in Turkey.
– It abolished the reciprocity law in 2012 and all foreigners can own property in Turkey (only five nationalities are excluded from this).
– It supervises the construction of real estate projects to ensure that high quality construction and international standards are adhered to.

The real estate market in Turkey is characterized by great diversity:

When you want to buy real estate in Turkey, trust that you will find what suits your taste because the Turkish real estate market is witnessing great diversity, and according to statistics, apartments in residential complexes are the most in demand as a result of the many advantages you can get, including:
– You will get a different and new style of life which is also classy and suitable for everyone.
– These complexes contain a lot of service and recreational facilities that residents need, such as (swimming pools – gardens – large green spaces – shops – sports fields – special walking paths – places to sit and relax – sauna – steam rooms).
Villas are also among the options preferred by foreigners and investors, especially for tourism investment.
In the context of talking about real estate investment in Turkey, it should be noted that you can invest in commercial real estate and residential real estate, and if you are looking for the best, we can tell you that the demand for the two options is great, but especially for residential real estate because the need for it is urgent and uninterrupted.
We also mention that if you want to sell the property in the future, residential properties can be sold more easily than commercial properties.
It is recommended to choose an apartment with a small or medium area, and it is preferable to stay away from large-sized properties because the demand for them is low.
You are also in front of many investment options such as agricultural, industrial and tourist real estate.
We have provided you with a lot of important information about the aspect of real estate investment in Turkey through this article. We hope that the matter has become clear to you completely. We must point out that we at Hana Real Estate have good relations with the most important construction companies in the real estate market in Turkey to help you get the best opportunities and options. .

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