For These Reasons, Foreigners Seek to get Turkish Citizenship

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The West and foreigners are rushing to get Turkish citizenship, which has become a dream for them due to its prestigious position among the rest of the nationalities. And before we start talking about Turkish citizenship, we must point out its importance, which prompted foreign investors to own real estate in Turkey, in the hope of obtaining it. Let us continue our discussion in more detail about it through this article… Wishing you a useful reading.

Why get Turkish citizenship in particular?

This nationality provides its holders with exceptional advantages, both near and far-reaching. Of course, all those huge numbers that seek it did not come randomly, but there are reasons that encourage them to do so. They are grouped under the heading of the advantages of Turkish citizenship, which are:

First – Possession of a Turkish passport:

Getting Turkish citizenship enables you to get a Turkish passport, which is ranked among the strongest and best passports in the world as it ranks 39th in the ranking of countries with the best passports, thanks to its various characteristics and multiple advantages, as the holder of the Turkish passport can enter 72 countries in the world without a visa. The most prominent of these foreign countries are Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Malaysia, in addition to Morocco and Qatar.

In addition to this, the possibility of getting an entry visa to 42 countries directly upon your arrival at one of its border points or any of the airports located on its land. Among these countries, we remind you of Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE. The advantages of the Turkish passport did not stop there, but rather extended to include seven countries. The holder can request his/her visa electronically, meaning through the Internet, without the need to make any effort to go and submit the file through the embassy, and among them is Australia. 

Second – Granting Turkish citizenship to the wife and children:

The advantages enjoyed by the holder of Turkish citizenship expand to his ability to grant it to his wife and children who are under the age of eighteen years, provided that three years have passed since obtaining it, and in this context, we must refer to the children over the age of eighteen who can get citizenship by applying for it through one of the ways available to them, and this social advantage has had a remarkable role in attracting huge numbers of foreign investors.

Third-Enjoying the Rights of Citizenship and Voting:

The benefits of getting Turkish citizenship do not end here and only, but extend to enjoying the rights of citizenship, nomination and voting in various elections, which means the ability to influence the decisions of the country in which the foreigner deposited money and dreams of ensuring a better economic and social future in it. Also, when he gets it, he will notice a change in the transactions and procedures related to his affairs, as they will be implemented and completed very easily and quickly. By the end; when he gets Turkish citizenship, he will become like a Turkish citizen who is treated like him.

Fourth – The possibility of not giving up the native nationality:

The Turkish state provides the opportunity to retain the original nationality, whatever it is, without forcing the foreigner to give it up. In addition, it gives the foreigner who obtained its nationality a card that allows him to exit and enter Turkey freely and smoothly if he gets another foreign nationality, forcing him to give up his Turkish nationality.

Fifth- Applying for an entry visa for relatives:

Also, a person with Turkish citizenship can invite his relatives to visit Turkey and guarantee them to get a visa in order to travel to this country, to which millions of foreign and Arab visitors flock, wishing to spend holidays there and enjoy the beauty of Turkey, or to explore the situation and exploring the living conditions in it.

Sixth- Exemptions of Military Service:

People who have reached the age of 22 and above enjoy a special feature of Turkish citizenship, which is their exemption from performing military service, as well as with people who have already performed the service in their country of origin or have a paper proving their exemption from it. Turkish law also provides for the possibility of postponing the military service for a period of two years from the date of their obtaining Turkish citizenship, so the foreigner can organize his affairs and set his goals in complete comfort within two years, and then he will be called directly to the military service like any Turkish citizen.

Seventh- free treatment:

The Turkish state bears all the costs of treating a person who has obtained Turkish citizenship in all government hospitals, in addition to providing medicine at low prices in private hospitals and clinics, except for the discounts he/she benefits from, many of them wish to get citizenship for treatment in Turkish hospitals and for free as well.

Eighth – Providing job opportunities:

One of the most important advantages of Turkish citizenship is providing job opportunities in government sectors, as well as facilitating the ability for private investment in all fields and in all economic sectors freely, but as Turkey is a leading country in the tourism sector, it has more job opportunities, in addition to the fields of trade, manufacturing and various services which means that a foreigner who has obtained Turkish citizenship has countless options to double his capital while ensuring successful investment in a country that is active in all sectors and fields in all seasons of the year.

In this context, we must point out an important information that the Turkish state allows those who were able to get Turkish citizenship to practice several professions that were prohibited before, such as law, pharmacy, customs and maritime jobs, and medicine as well, as most foreign students in Turkey are studying medicine and after completing their studies, they can open their own project as a hospital or clinic after obtaining approval from the Turkish state.

Foreign investors who own companies in Turkey must employ a certain number of Turkish employees, but once they get Turkish citizenship, they can employ whomever they want in their institutions.

Ninth – Ease of owning real estate:

If the holder of Turkish citizenship wishes to invest in real estate in Turkey, all his transactions and procedures will be facilitated very easily without any complications or strictness such as those to which a non-Turkish is subject.

Tenth – Benefiting from the retirement system:

Getting citizenship means that you have become a Turkish citizen, granting the same rights as their rights, including benefiting from the retirement law if he/she has reached 60 years or more or completed 25 years of work, and people who have Turkish citizenship and reached this age can enjoy public transportation services, whether Land, sea or even rail travel.

Ways to get Turkish citizenship:

We have done our best to prepare a comprehensive list of ways for you to obtain Turkish citizenship with the most important documents for each method, and we will present them to you through the following paragraph:

First – Having of a real estate or group of real estate:

According to the recent amendments approved by the Turkish state on the Turkish citizenship law, a foreign citizen can get it through real estate investment, as he must buy a group of real estate or one property, provided that the total financial value amounted to 400 thousand US dollars instead of the previous value which was 250 thousand US dollars.

This is done with a little wait until some conditions are met that stipulate the obligation not to sell the property for at least three years, that the foreign buyer be of nationalities that have the right to own property in Turkey, register the property in Turkey regularly in one of the real estate departments, it is not required to purchase from certain parties, but the condition is that the seller is Turkish, and the price of the property must be paid through a bank transfer, and no specific bank is required, but all Turkish banks are available to you, and do not forget the real estate evaluation that must be present and extracted from a company licensed by the Turkish government within a certain period ranging between three days or a week after submitting the application from the company, and it is valid for a period of three years from the date of issuance.

Documents required to complete this method:

This method is very effective and is the easiest way to get Turkish citizenship. To complete it, you need to prepare some papers and documents. We mention the most important of them as follows:

-The application form for getting Turkish citizenship, filled with the required information, and must be signed by the person wishing to do so or by a person legally acting on his behalf.

-Bring receipts of the amount paid of the financial value of the property or group of properties submitted on it to obtain Turkish citizenship, and they must be sealed by the bank through which the amount was sent.

-Also, receipts must be brought by the seller of the property or the construction company that owned the property, and they must be sealed by the addressee bank.

-Having a copy of the title deed document or what is known as the “Tapu” of the property is extremely important.

-Bringing the real estate appraisal document.

– A copy of the passport of the person who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship and his family, his wife and children who are under the age of eighteen, and it is required that it be translated into the Turkish language and certified by a certain authority called the Noter.

– You must also have the family booklet or the family statement document, provided that it is also translated into Turkish and certified by the notary, which is called the Noter.

– Bring a clearance document to ensure that the record of the person applying for Turkish citizenship is clean and does not pose any danger to government agencies in Turkey.

-Bring two personal photos, provided that they are recent and no more than six months old, and they must be with a white background.

Second – through investment in Turkey:

This method is very preferred and more desirable by foreign businessmen, as Turkish law gave them the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing with a capital of no less than 500 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of the Turkish lira, then documents that prove this value are extracted. As for the papers and documents required for this, they are as follows:

-Bring a birth certificate for each family member, i.e. the wife and children, especially those under the age of eighteen.

-Do not forget to bring a copy of the passport, as its necessary in any legal transaction in Turkey, and most importantly, its translation into the Turkish language and going to any notary close to you in one of the states of Turkey and attesting it there.

– Bring four biometric personal photos, taken recently, with a white background that is not decorated or colored.

-A certificate of conformity on the investment issued by the Directorate of Land Registry in the Turkish state.

-It is necessary to have a copy of the investor’s residency in Turkey.

Third – through marriage:

The Turkish state allows the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage, whether a foreigner married a Turkish citizen (man or woman). He acts related to the integrity of the intention that the marriage is based on sound foundations and aims to form a family and is not based on an interest and desire to obtain Turkish citizenship only, and to ensure this through the absence of any work that proves the contrary, the continuation of the marriage for a period of at least three years, only then can citizenship be granted it through this method, the party applying for citizenship must also be free from any action that may endanger public security and national security in Turkey, and the papers necessary to complete this method include the following:

-A Turkish citizenship application form filled out with all the information.

-A certified copy of the Turkish translation of the foreign party’s birth certificate and it must also be attested by a notary public.

-Bring a copy of the marriage certificate.

I-t is also necessary to bring a copy of the latest residency for the foreign party, whether the husband or wife.

-A reliable Turkish translation of the passport, and do not forget to go to the notary and attest it there.

-Four biometric photos with a white background taken in the last six months of the wife or husband

– A document showing that the amount of the application for Turkish citizenship has been paid in full.

Do not forget that the speed of the process in applying for Turkish citizenship through marriage is up to you. The information and documents contained in the application must not contradict the truth, otherwise your papers will be rejected and it will take a long time to repeat the processing and submit the correct papers.

Fourth – Bank Deposit:

According to the amendments and facilities issued by the Turkish state, a foreign person can get Turkish citizenship by placing an amount of 500 thousand US dollars in a bank in Turkey and bringing these papers:

-Signing a statement of seizure of the amount for a period of three years.

-Obtaining a report from the Regulatory Authority in Turkey in order to ascertain the amount.

-Getting investor residency.

-Open an account in Turkish official banks.

Getting Turkish citizenship has become one of the most important goals that investors, businessmen and foreigners seek to achieve, who flock to Turkey to enjoy its multiple advantages, which is the first factor in attracting this huge number.


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