Important terms in the Turkish real estate market

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Buying or renting a property in Turkey is a matter that requires a lot of research in several areas, and the need to see the real estate patterns and conditions that exist within the huge real estate markets, so we must all know the real estate map in Turkey

And what it contains of real estate of various kinds, and what it includes of foundations and laws that must be adhered to.

Through the following article, you can learn about the most important common terms within the real estate market in Turkey in detail.

Terminology of the real estate market in Turkey:

When you make a decision, whether it is about buying a house or renting one, among the most important of these terms that you should know are, These are the general terms on the basis of which the specifications of your new property are determined, and because of our belief in the importance of this topic, we decided to talk to you about it, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive details, so be in constant contact with us.

Terms to know when buying a property

There are several terms related to the property itself, which everyone who wants to buy a building or property should see.

First: The nature of heating Isıtma Tipi

Here we are talking about central heating, which can provide hot water and get heating during the winter due to low temperatures.

(This central heating is available in some buildings, and it may be shared, 

That is, it includes all apartment owners residing in the same property, and it may be an individual heating system, which means that each apartment is responsible for its own heating system only).

Second: the interface

The term facade expresses the direction to which the windows are directed, in terms of the place in which your house is located, and in order to know how far the sun enters your home, and where it can reach.

Third: the floor covering

From this term, you can ask the question about the nature of the materials that were used to make and form the floor of the house, and parquet and marble materials are often used in it.

Fourth: Furnished term

It is a term used to identify the condition of the house that you will buy or rent, whether it is a furnished house or not.

Fifthly: the term zero

It means newly built house or apartment, and the term is used specifically for some types of modern real estate, which no one else has inhabited before.

Sixth floor ownership term

This term refers to the ability of the most number of people to own several different parts of one of the specified buildings, provided that this is during the process of buying an apartment, and it is also possible to obtain land ownership for that apartment, i.e. you have a part of the land.

Seventh: Dues

This term is used if the person lives in a house or one of the apartments, here it represents the monthly fees, monthly rent or monthly installment, which the property owner has to pay for services such as maintenance, repair and elevators.

Terms when buying a house in Turkey:

In the event that you want to buy a house, here you should review some of the documents that have been prepared by the competent institutions, in order for the purchase process to take place in a good and correct manner, and there are some of these terms that interest you on this topic:

Tapu Senedi private title deeds

It is a contrast document and is given to everyone who owns the property.

İskan Raporu Housing Reports

It is a report that confirms to the buyer that this property, which he wants to own, has its own title deed.

Evaluation Reports Ekspertiz Raporu

One of the most important terms that must be relied upon directly when buying a property, as it expresses the most accurate price for the house or apartment, through experts specialized in that.

Compulsory insurance against earthquakes and natural phenomena

It is a type of insurance that internationally accredited insurance companies must provide, as it works to protect the home from earthquakes, volcanoes, and many others, especially in the case of buying a house that has been used previously, and you must also check all insurance records Meticulously and very carefully.

Ada Island

It is a large group of sectors that the reconstruction and organization plan has included, and the establishment of several great housing projects in them.

Parcel sectors

A sector is a small portion of an island that has been designated for a purpose, or for the construction of a planned property.

Kroki  Diagram

It is an engineering drawing of an area or a plot of land, through which all buildings and facilities can be clearly shown.

By looking at this schematic diagram made by one of the architects, you can get a good idea of ​​life in this area.

Recognizable terms when renting a home:

If you want to rent a place (house or real estate) for a specific period of time, here you must first sign the lease contract, this is in order to guarantee your full rights, so we decided to talk to you about, the nature of the lease agreement, and the terms that must be written in the contract, during the following lines. Follow us.


It is a contract in which the rights related to both the lessor and the lessee are clearly defined. There are also some important terms and basic points that you must look at:

 rent allowance

It is the financial fee that you have to pay in order to get the house that you can rent, and in most cases it is paid monthly.

rent increase rate

It is an important rate intended for the huge increase in rental prices, which can be specified within the terms of the contract.

acknowledgment of assets

This acknowledgment is used after you confirm for yourself that all the assets in the house you want to rent are working, and it is also necessary that you mention these assets in this contract.


The deposit is additional amounts that the tenant requests to obtain, as a result of the damages that occurred in the house, and they are specified in writing in the contract.

At the end of the article, we are pleased that you have benefited from all the information that we have mentioned and explained to you, through our article in which we told you about important terms in the Turkish real estate market, our desire to save you a lot of time, money and effort with safety and guarantee when you search for the apartment that you dream of.

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