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Number of investors who obtained Turkish citizenship 2022

Posted by Faiyza on 12 June، 2022

Today, Turkey continues to attract more Arab and foreign investors wishing to invest and buy various real estate, which affected the movement of the activity of the Turkish real estate market. Buying real estate in Turkey has become today the greatest opportunity for success and the best chance of obtaining an investment project from which to reap sufficient profits and achieve success, this happened as a result of the indulgences offered by the Turkish government in buying real estate in Turkey, encouraging it to invest in real estate, and putting in place laws and regulations that reduce investment burdens and support the investor in all sectors.

Turkish Nationality

Today, Turkish citizenship is one of the most important international nationalities and the most requested and desired by many people around the world to obtain it and enjoy its powers, and this is what the reality has witnessed in the past few years to this day, Turkey today has become one of the world’s first and major countries due to the development it witnessed in various fields. The Turkish economy today proves its strength and solidity in facing all internal and external challenges, as well as the governmental policy followed by the Turkish authorities, whether in external or internal relations. The development in the service field was not more fortunate, as Turkey today has become more similar to European cities, as it has developed and modern infrastructure, both from public facilities and rapid and advanced means of transportation, to road networks, tunnels and bridges that connect Turkish cities, in addition to many future plans announced by the Turkish government which would put Turkey at the forefront of countries and keep pace with developments.

Hence, it becomes clear that there is no doubt that the development and continuous development movement that the Turkish government seeks will give strength to this country and confidence to the holder of Turkish citizenship that he has the strongest international nationalities, which pushes many people from different parts of the world to implement all the necessary government instructions in order to obtain and enjoy its features.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship gives its owner many advantages. Once a foreign or Arab investor obtains it, he enjoys most of the citizenship rights of a Turkish citizen. It is possible to review free government hospitals and obtain government health insurance provided by the Turkish government, free government education opportunities can be obtained for the investor with Turkish citizenship and all his family members, as well as learning opportunities in Turkish public universities.

Also, obtaining Turkish citizenship for a foreign investor allows him to reside, which means that all laws apply to him and he has all the rights that guarantee what he has and the consequences of it, as he lives in a country that is considered one of the best in the world with security and the most powerful of them in all economic, political and service aspects.

One of the most important advantages for a foreign investor when obtaining citizenship is what is stipulated by Turkish laws and government instructions, as it is allowed to buy many countless properties, which means ease of movement for the investor in the Turkish real estate market.

The holder of Turkish citizenship can obtain the Turkish passport, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world, and thus obtain entry visas to most countries of the world with it.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment

A non-Turkish citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship in accordance with the provisions of Turkish instructions and laws if one of the following three conditions is met:

First: When buying a property in Turkey with a value of more than 400 thousand US dollars and not selling it for more than three years, he will obtain Turkish citizenship.

Second: Cash deposit in a Turkish bank with a value of more than 500 thousand US dollars and a period of more than three years, where the amount is transferred to the Central Bank of Turkey over the period of time.

Third: Investing a fixed amount of 500 thousand US dollars in Turkey or more.

If one of the previous three conditions is met, then the investor is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship after a period not exceeding three months from the date of submitting the papers required to obtain it.

The number of holders of Turkish citizenship by numbers

According to the figures registered with the General Directorate of Registration and Turkish Citizenship Affairs, the number of foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship until mid-2022 reached nearly 20 thousand foreign investors.

Hence, it becomes clear to us that the numbers are still increasing day by day, which indicates the great demand in the Turkish real estate market for investment by Arabs on one hand and Europeans on the other.

The investment was not limited to Europeans and Arabs. The report issued by the Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey indicated that the nationalities most obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, as Iranians were in the first place among foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey. Iraqi citizens ranked second, while Russian citizens ranked third, Saudis ranked fourth, Chinese ranked fifth, and Afghan citizens ranked sixth. Kuwaiti citizens were in seventh place, and the Lebanese were in eighth place. The Egyptians were in ninth rank, according to the statement’s statistics, and the Pakistanis ranked tenth.

According to the statistics, naturalization was not limited to these previous nationalities, but citizenship was obtained from various nationalities of the world, but the mentioned nationalities occupied the first ten ranks in the classification issued by the General Directorate of Registration and Turkish Nationality Affairs.

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