Turkey’s real-estate diversity

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Do you have an idea of ​​the advantages that attract the attention of foreigners to the real estate market in Turkey?

In fact, when we talk about the advantages of owning real estate in Turkey, we are referring to a group of privileges that have combined with each other and made it a common goal among all those interested in real estate markets around the world and in the real estate investment sector.
In this article, we chose to talk about the most important types of real estate in Turkey, and Turkey’s real-estate diversity.

The most important real estate options in Turkey:

If you are a real estate investor in Turkey, do not choose before you read the following paragraphs.
First, we will talk about the most important types of residential real estate in Turkey. because it is the main and most sought-after type among investors.

1 – Apartments for residential complexes:

The general body of these complexes is that they are huge architectural edifices surrounded by an external wall. that made it like a small, independent, and separate city from the outside world.

And add to your information, that these complexes provide the residents with an integrated lifestyle that is different from what was accustomed to.

Add to your information that it has many important recreational facilities such as:
– Various fields such as football, basketball, handball, and others.
– Sauna, Turkish bath, and steam rooms.
– Restaurants – cafes – children’s playgrounds.
– Walking paths – Places for family gatherings.
As for the prices of this type of apartment, they are considered rather high compared to the prices of other types of real estate.

2 – Detached/Standalone Apartments:

One of the most important options that those looking for real estate for sale choose is detached apartments. that are located within independent buildings, which are completely unlike residential complexes.
Many people prefer these apartments since their prices are lower than the prices of real estate and apartments that are located within the complexes, and therefore they fit most budgets.

3 – Penthouse apartments:

Penthouses are one of the types of luxury apartments in Turkey. and it is one of the modern terms that have spread widely in recent times, but first appeared in New York City, America.

4 – Duplexes/Triplexes:

when we talk about Turkey’s real-estate diversity, we must point to these two types of apartments, which are very typical and suitable for families of eight or seven people, due to the large areas that provide them with an adequate amount of comfort and privacy.

5 – Studio apartments:

Turkey is a destination for many foreigners and expatriates, and many of them want to live in it alone, and therefore they are looking for an apartment that is suitable for them, small and with a distinctive design, and studio apartments are considered a good option, as their small area does not make them suitable for housing more than one person or two people at most.

2 – Commercial real estate in Turkey:

Away from the residential apartments, a wide category of investors prefers to buy commercial real estate, as it provides them with high and rewarding returns, especially in the tourist seasons, where there is a large influx of tourists, in addition to the high population density in Turkey.

1 – Shops:

This a distinctive idea for those who wish to buy and own commercial real estate in Turkey, where the investor is faced with many investment ideas that he can implement, the most important of which are:
– Renting out real estate for a fixed monthly return.
– Reselling the property and benefiting from the price difference between the sale and purchase.
– It can be opened as a standalone project and here the ideas cannot be counted.

2 – Office apartments:

This type of real estate is used as a law office, a real estate office, an engineering office, and others. It is often located within a large complex or a building designated to be offices only. It’s an example of turkey’s real-estate diversity

3 – Restaurants/cafes:

It is possible to obtain profitable profits and returns by investing in restaurants or cafes. by following many means, either by turning it into a modern and eye-catching place, or into a traditional, heritage place, and this is what many people prefer.

4 – Use of entire buildings for commercial purposes:

You can also buy an entire building and use it for commercial purposes, such as an educational institution, a medical center, a restaurant, a kindergarten, and vice versa.

In conclusion, Turkey’s real-estate diversity witnessed by the real estate market in Turkey is one of the most important reasons that made it a first destination for real estate investors around the world.
If you have more questions about this topic, you can ask our consultants to provide you with the help you need.

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