The many ways to buy an apartment in Turkey 2022 AD

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 Have you thought about how to buy an apartment in Turkey? This has become a popular topic in recent times. Due to the advantages of apartment that can be obtained in return for the matter. And the benefits that will accrue to the owner of these properties.

With the increasing demand for buying real estate in Turkey, Many questions have been raised about this issue. We have chosen at Hana Real Estate to answer one of the most prominent of these inquiries. Through the following article. Which is (What ways can be followed to buy apartment in Turkey)?

We wish you interest and knowledge.

Take a look at the ways to buy an apartment in Turkey:

If you decide to own real estate in Turkey, There are many ways to follow. And here are the full details.

1 – Through real estate companies:

Due to the great demand for apartment and real estate for sale in Turkey. The number of real estate companies available in the Turkish market. has increased in order to provide the services that foreigners need. Especially those who consider this their first experience. Because they lack a lot of information and details related to this topic.

Did you know that these companies save you a lot of effort, fatigue and time. And also provide you with the best available and suitable properties for you. Thanks to their close relationships with the most important construction companies, they will offer you great offers and high discounts.

The question is, are all companies the same? Certainly not, and there are specific bases on which to choose, which are as follows:

– To have a good reputation and wide fame.

– You have to see the buying and selling transactions that are made through it.

– Communicate with its advisors in person to ensure their response to you.

– It is recommended that you visit the company’s headquarters. In person to inquire about the services that are provided to clients.

– Don’t forget to visit the company’s website.

– Ask people who have worked with it.

2 – Via websites:

Recently, the purchase of real estate in Turkey From a distance has become one of the most popular ways at all, and the Turkish government has made this matter available to foreigners among the many facilities and privileges it offers to own apartment, through which it aims to attract foreign investments.

It is a completely safe method, but the following set of tips must be followed when choosing a website:

– It must be a reputable and popular website.

– Ask to see real estate photos and videos.

– Stay away from submerged sites.

– Don’t just see a few offers and options.

How to buy apartment in Turkey?

The apartment market in Turkey contains many wonderful. Distinctive options, and this is precisely what made it suitable for everyone without exception. Through the following paragraphs we will talk about in detail.

1 – Buying real estate under construction:

A wide category of investors chooses real estate under construction. As for many people it is an important investment opportunity for several reasons, the most important of which are:

– Their prices are much lower than ready-made properties.

– Their prices increase after the completion of the construction stages by a large percentage, ranging between 35% and 70%.

– There is an abundance of real estate offers and options of this type.

– Construction companies offer a lot of discounts.

– The higher the down payment, the higher the discount.

– Safe and secured, many of which are guaranteed by the Turkish government.

2 – Owning ready-made apartment:

Many people do not prefer to buy properties under construction and choose ready-to-move-in properties. Which are also available in abundance. And you may choose them for one of the following reasons:

– Having to live on the spot and no time to wait for construction to be completed.

– Safer since the title deed will be transferred directly to the buyer.

– He will not have to concern himself with installments and how to pay.

– You can get a big discount between 20-30%.

In this context, it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that if you do not have the full price of the property, it does not mean that you should cancel the purchase in Turkey. There is an alternative solution (installment offers), which is one of the common ideas that many people accept, as it allows them to own a property or an apartment in a prestigious place like Turkey, without facing financial pressures.

The most important steps for buying apartment in Turkey:

There are a set of steps that must be followed when buying apartment in Turkey. Briefly, we have collected for you the following:

1 – Determine the goal that you hope to achieve from real estate. Is it a real estate investment? Residence? Obtaining Turkish citizenship?

2 – You should monitor the financial budget available to you. Is it sufficient to cover the costs of ownership, or will you need to borrow?

3 – You should take field tours and visit the most important real estate projects available to see the most prominent and important offers available.

4 – Hiring a real estate agent, makes you get an extensive study of the real estate market in Turkey to see its future.


You should be interested in seeing the future of the Turkish real estate market if you want to invest in real estate).

5 – After finding the appropriate property, you must start preparing the required papers and documents.

6 – Issuance of the real estate appraisal document that determines the value of the property and is obtained through a company approved by the Turkish government.

7 – Finally, the sales contract must be signed within the title deed department,

as any document or paper issued by others is considered unofficial.


 – If you wish to obtain Turkish citizenship and the apartment you purchased meets all the required conditions, you can start the necessary procedures for applying for it, from preparing the papers and preparing your file with the help of one of the experts and specialists.

Now you have a complete vision of how you can follow to buy apartment and real estate in Turkey. If there are more inquiries, you can contact our consultants to provide you with the information that interests you.

We offer our clients at Hana Real Estate the best offers. Investment opportunities available in the Turkish real estate market according to their goals and desires..

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