Many encouraging factors for real estate investment in Turkey 2022 AD

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as a matter of fact, when we talk about factors for real estate investment in Turkey 2022 AD, we refer to a set of reasons and motives that are available in that country, which led to an increase in the demand for foreign investments.

If you do not have enough knowledge about the advantages of investing in Turkey real estate, we advise you to follow this article, in which the editorial team of Hana Real Estate will accompany you to shed light on all the aspects you want to know about it.

We wish you a useful reading.

 factors for real estate investment in Turkey 2022 AD:

generally, Turkey is an ideal and fertile environment for all types of investment, but real estate investment is a completely different matter, as it records success and high and abundant profits. Add to your information that it is a safe investment.

During the past ten years, the real estate market in Turkey has witnessed a stark renaissance and a great development that has never happened before. The number of real estate companies, residential, and investment projects has increased.

additionally, real estate in Turkey is characterized by high quality and high-end specifications that compete with the most developed countries in the world, especially European and American countries.

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

There are many reasons that encourage the investor to buy and own real estate in Turkey and not other countries around the world, and through the following paragraph, we will work to clarify all these details.

1 – Turkey’s strategic and distinctive location:

First, you must know that Turkey occupies a unique geographical position, and it is difficult to find something similar in any other place in the world, as it:

– Mediates three continents (Asia – Europe – Africa).

– Very close to the Arab world.

– Close to Africa.

– It overlooks four seas (Aegean Sea – Marmara Sea – Black Sea – Mediterranean Sea).

– Add to this, it spans two continents at the same time (Asian and European).

All these specifications that we mentioned about the geographical location occupied by Turkey, contributed to giving it a high investment value, as it is the link between many countries of the world.

What you do not know is that Turkey’s unique location has contributed to making it distinct for investment, because the investor will have an opportunity to link his business and projects with other countries. which will enhance his chances of profit and obtain a rewarding return.

2 – Accelerated economic growth:

The accelerating growth of the Turkish economy is one of the most important reasons, that encourage investors to choose Turkey over other developed countries around the world. and according to a European study, the Turkish economy by 2030 is expected to be in fifth place in the world.

In your opinion, what are the reasons that make the Turkish economy ahead of the world’s most important economies?

In fact, there are two main reasons:

firstly, the young demographics

secondly, the strategic plans set by the Turkish government, which aims to advance the country through it.

while many European countries suffer from demographic aging and the decline in the management of the economy.

3 – The Support of the Turkish government:

The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities and incentives that encourage foreigners and owners of capital to invest in real estate in Turkey, and the most prominent of what it provided:

– Exemption from the value-added tax for those who buy real estate for the first time.

– Constantly offering tax deductions.

– Abolish the principle of reciprocity.

– Ease of procedures for buying and owning real estate in Turkey.

4 – Obtaining real estate residency:

in fact, Among the most important advantages that a foreign investor seeks to obtain when investing in real estate in Turkey is (real estate residence), as it is considered one of the most important and best types of residence in Turkey, due to its ease of obtaining and the possibility of renewal, in addition to its many advantages.

To obtain it, certain conditions must be met, which are as follows:

–  at least 75,000 US dollars.

– The property must be intended for housing.

– It should not be within a security or residential area.

– Foreigners are not prohibited from owning property in Turkey.

5 – Applying for Turkish citizenship:

Real estate buyers in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship if the value of their property reaches four hundred thousand US dollars or more, and thus benefit from all the privileges that a Turkish citizen can usually obtain.

In the context of talking about the importance of real estate investment in Turkey, it must be noted that real estate prices in Turkey are cheaper than real estate in Europe or in other countries such as America and many Arab countries.

As has been noted, real estate and investment opportunities in the real estate market in Turkey are important and distinctive. You can get the best of them. by communicating with our real estate consultant to take you on a tour. between the most important neighborhoods of Istanbul, and to inform you about the most prominent available projects, that are suitable for you and your goals.

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